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my virgin neighbour Mansi

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Added : 2017-02-02 02:02:58
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi this is Arav (25) ,sharing my 1st true sex experience with my neighbour
Mansi(24) whom I banged many times in every fantasy situation plz read
whole story will enjoy alot. I am an engineer and preparing for govt
jobs,My family and Mansi family are nighbours for 8 years so its understood
that I and Mansi were friends for 7 years but suddenly things changed last year.
when Mansi completed her post graduation and I left job for govt job
preparation,Till then we were out of our hometown Gwalior. But since last year we
both r preparing for job in same coaching,but the main reason behind our
closeness was our breakups with our college partner. This brought a huge
depression in our life so we both need a soft corner.By and by we become closer
and closer and one day on her birthday I propose her that I want to take our
friendship to the different level. She also feels the same and accepted. That
day I kissed her on her forehead because neither we had time nor place . As a
friend I never saw Mansi like that but when we came in
relationship I observed her as a boy who needs lot of love from her gf.
she is really a nymph, she has fair skin with a curvy little bit chubby
figure like vidya balan. she has straight hair and round beautiful face and you people don't
believe that we she wear saree no one can more sexy more gorgeous than her in
that look.As a couple we regularly talk in night some time
romantic some time very hot.But we got bored bcoz of our past experience with
our ex so we need real fun real satisfaction.The moment came when
my parents went to Badrinath kedarnath haridwar trip with my uncle family. I
stayed home because of my exam.She also stay at home alone because her parents
are working in banks. so told her about my parents tour. and we are eagerly waiting
for the day when we have time to spent alone.That day after dropping parents to
station .I bought 2 packets of condom one chocolate flavor and there rose flavour
and 2 cadbury chocolate for her.on the way to home I
called her to come to my home as we have
full privacy becoz in her home tenants were
as I reached home I
wave her and signal
her to come .As I
entered the house she
came after she
entered I immediately
close and locked the
door now the two love
birds in the room .we
first hug eachother
this was the first
body touch between
us, them she sat on
couch talking about
my family studies etc
but neither she nor I
was in a mood to
discuss all these I
sat beside her put my
hands on her shoulder
she also hug me put
her head on my chest
the fragnance of her
body arouse me slowly I hugged her slowly
and put my lips on her lips.
guys that was awesome moment we kissed eachother madly
deeply licking lips exchanging saliva
I started pressing her body and slowly I
laid her on couch and laid on her she was
closing her eyes and I was feeling her
breath her fragnance her love her beauty,
kissing her neck blowing hot air on
her earlobes face lower neck
she wasenjoying aaàaaa Arav she also
hug me and rotate her hands on my hairs
back .our body heat was exchanging like
madness in love.I continuously kissing her neck lips and slowly reached
her waist,as she was in top and lower I slowly put her top up and put her Lowr down
so that I can see her navel. guys I was stunned her navel was the best I have ever
seen round deep and brown.I complement her for her navel,she blused and said its
for me. I kissed her navel and blow hot air from my mouth. as I did this she put
her body up in the air in excitement and then I put my tongue inside her navel
licking every bit of her navel ,then slowly I raised her hand to remove her
top she obliged me and I removed top with ease what a beauty man her
nice shaped big curvy boobs were then front
of me . I touched her boobs and slowly
massaged them rotating my hands on soft so juicy she was a moaning
like hell and breathing fastly. I
sucked her nipples aerola and took both
her boobs in my mouth licked bite and
sucked completely she caressing fer hands
on my hairs like she was feeding her baby.
then I licked her body from forehead to
navel ,each and every part of her body were
sucked and my saliva was there.
Then I slowly stripped her lower
down this time she resist in shy but she
also want to u know...
I removed my remaining clothes and
also her lower. Now she was only in panty
rest I removed.Guys she was looking like
nymph her whole bare body were shinning .
I put my hands on her vagina she folded her
leg in shyness but I managed to put my
hands on vagina,her pussy were hot and
wet due to the foreplay. I slowly
insert my palm in to her vagina..
their it is my love hole my point of
concern,Her vagina had hairs not much
but ya liked them too.I removed her
panty and started massaging her
vagina..janu bas na aaaa
oooooooo pagal ho rhi hu- were her words
I then kissed her vagina the taste was
salty sticky but I were like madhosh guy
who wanted to fulfill his desire with his
gorgeous gf. I licked her vagina
sssssuuuuuuuuppppp the more I licked the
more she scream aaaaaaaaaa jaaaanu
and more her vagina got wet.
Then I put out condom packet from my pocket
and unwrapped one she was watching me with
a smile.I wear condom first I kissed her
vigrously and then put my penis tip on
her vagina lips as we both were virgin so
both were nervous but the pleasurable pain
was driving us crazy.I insert my
penis slowly as I insert more I pushed
it forcely she scream loudly aaaa aaaaa no
nikalo janu s paining ...aaaa and
she hold me tightly I pushed more and blood
came out little bit from my penis and
more from her pussy seal.
finally we broke our virginity ,I inserted
my penis full and locked her lips and
body with my lips and
my hands respectively
and started giving her stroke.Guys u
won't believe how much I enjoyed that
moment as all enjoyed during breaking
virginity.I stroking her and she was
pushing her nails inside my back
breathing heavily moaning loudly aaaa
aaaa baby acha lag lag rha aaaaa aram se
pain ho rha h ..ouch these were her words
and after stroking 3-4 minutes I loosed my
sperm and got a orgasm at the same time she
also got loosed and a smile came on both
faces.I then laid on her next 5 min feeling body heat she
also kisses me on my neck earlobes. we both were satisfied then we dressed up as
its already around 1and a half hour spent she had to go so we hugged kissed again
and I bade her gud byee with a luv u note she respond the same..

so guy this was my
1st experience with
my neighbour Mansi .
there were more
sessions which I will
post later but first
I need ur
plz like comment so
that I can write

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