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Hot Indian girl Pari ke sath chudai ki

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Added : 2015-11-07 00:45:00
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello friends, my title is saying almost everything. My name is Sumit and I met Pari on one of open chat room. She was from Delhi and that time, I was working in company. My job was travelling job. I was not married. She was really hot Indian girl. I had chat with her. She had not shown me her face but shown her sexy big boobs and cunt as well. Her boobs were rounded and her tits wer pink. She was a punjabi girl who was residing in Delhi. She made me so wet. When she saw my dick, she said – it was not like her boyfriend as her boyfriend had bigger than mine. But, She was ok on cam as she was keen to have real sex with me.

She had chat sex and cam sex with many but never had phone sex. I forced her to share her phone number with me and that night We had spoken on phone at 3 AM in morning. I started kissing her on phone and she was also responding. Then I asked her to do same as I was telling her. I was seeing her on cam and she was doing as per my instruction and I was also doing masturbation here on cam too. What’s the great feeling it was. We both were enjoying very much. I asked her to feel her hand as my hand on her body. Little sexual touch made her tits hard. She started moaning in pleasure ahaha.. ahahahhaha.. hmmmm… ooooo… Wow…. She was saying… it is wonderful.

Then, I asked her press her one boobs from one hand and put a finger in her mouth and asked to lick it as she lick dick. She was doing hot. I was damm horny by now. It was beyond my control but i could not do anything as we are really far away. We both were feeling each other on cam. Then, I asked her to take down her wet finger down and started rubbing her clit. She did same. She started moaning fast and loud ahahah… what are you asking me to do? it is making me mad.. It is so hot. I am feeling crazy now.. ooohoho… yyessss.. yyyeeeeesssssss… I am getting mad…

Her ass was moving fast. Now, i asked her to put her finger inside her pussy and asked to do masturbation. She started doing the same. Wow… Her pussy was going bigger… One finger… two finger…. and then she pushed 3 fingers inside and forcing fast and very hard…. going in.. going out… going in,,, going out… wow… It was so awesome.. So hot… damm horny… It was making us mad… my hands were on my dick and it was pumping my dick fast.. fast very fast… Same time, her ass was moving so fast.. We both were moaning super hot hahaha… ahahaha… We both were about to cum and in next 5 minute we both released our cum. I cum alot and dropped all my cum on bed-sheet and my body.

We both slept like that only. Obviously We cut our phones but cam was switched on. It was 5 in morning when she pinged me again. She was going to pee. She had taken her laptop along and showed me when pee and did potty. I was enjoying the show. Then we both had shower and one more time we have cam and phone sex in shower. I never met such a hot girl. We had sex many times on phone and cam. One day, I told her that i am coming to Delhi for 2 days. Can I book hotel near to you college and can have sex with you. She said – ok. I reached there and i had text my hotel name and room no. She came at 9:00. Wow.. she was looking damm hot and as she bolted the door. I took her in my arms and started kissing. Our lips were lock. She was playing with my hairs. After 5 minutes, she pushed me back and said – ok.. ok… wait for sometime. But, I was crazy and was not able to control anymore.

I removed my all clothes and started pressing my dick infront of her. She was also seeing it with her twinkling eyes. She came closer and bend down on her knee and started licking my dick. Wow.. I had sex with many girls but as she licked or sucked my dick in superb way. Whats the wonderful feeling it was. We were damm horny and I made her nude instantly. I pulled her over and pushed her on bed and made nude. I almost torn her her bra – panty. I was getting wild. She was enjoying this but slapped me hard and said – slow. I am here for sometime. Don’t worry. My pussy is yours only today. I kept my mouth on her boobs and licked tight. Her tits were superb. I was licking hard and sucked. Then, we had been in 69 position and started sucking her pussy.

Her pussy was very hot and I was tasting her wet pussy. We both were not able to control any more. We both were moaning ahahha .. ahahahah… hmmm… She was saying.. Fuck me now.. Fuck me now… I want your dick in my pussy… Fuck me. I came over and started rubbing my dick on her clit. I was enjoying this but she had become hungry bitch. She slapped me again and said – you damm ass, fuck me now. I stroked hard and my entire dick was inside her pussy in one shot. She started shuting aaaaaaa.. hhhhhh…. ahahahahaha…. Oh… I am mad… it is not so small… it is making my pussy mad… faster… faster… fuck me hard. She started moving her ass fast and cum. I also wanted to cum now and started stroking fast. In pulled my dick out from her pussy. I was not wearing condom and I didn’t wanted any mess.

I released my cum on her pussy door. She was so mad and hugged me like that only. Our body was in each other cum. We went to bathroom and cleaned our bodies. Then we had breakfast and slept. She stayed with me till evening. I fucked her 3 times and we enjoyed alot. she is married now but whenever she get time, we have phone and cam sex but she never allowed real sex after then. I had only ones real sex with her but It was very enjoyable.

Friends I am sure you liked my encounter with this hot Indian girl. Do let me know your views on this story by commenting on it.

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