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Wo love tha yar fir chudai ka zanoon!

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Added : 2015-11-07 00:46:06
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Hello friends, I am kartik. I am not any writer or any columnist but I am regular reader of sex websites. One day, I was just reading a story which was quite similar the incident happened with me. So thought off to share the same with you. My purpose of writing is not only to share the experience with all of you; in fact, I love to clear my doubt asking this question to you. Do I love my girlfriend or it was just a lust who forced me to be closer to her and now I react in really non-sense way?

I am in an engineering college. It is a big university. I am in 3rd years and she is in 2nd year. Her name is Sara. I can’t explain how beautiful she is! Very fair, big eyes, red lips and she has reddish cheeks. Whom so ever see her, can’t resist to see more. And when she smile, oye hoye… It is like angel is smiling and everyone feel so happy. She use to wear tight clothes and anyone can measure her figure. I knew there were so many who wanted to make her girlfriend and wanted to have sex with her. But, she was not so keen and interested.

I was a popular personality in college due to my studies and active participation in extra activities. She do wonderful acting and she was my heroine in play which we did in a competition. We got prize of best couple. After that, we used to meet in college and later after college too. She used to come to my room and used to spend good time. One day, I proposed her. She was not ready and started weeping. I said sorry and tried to make her comfortable but she went without saying even a single word. Next day, She didn’t come to college, even she didn’t picked my phone. After a week, when she came to college, her face was like she was ill.

I took her hand in my hands and said – sorry. She again started weeping and said – I also love you but my parent already fixed up my marriage with someone else. So, I can’t do anything. I got up and pulled her up. I asked her to sit on my bike and we came to my room. I said – if you and I in love. Let’s live this moment. Later, we will see what will happen? She smiled seeing my courage and hugged me very tight. Her big and rounded boob was pinching in my chest. I felt like 440 volt flown in my body. My dick instantly reached and become so hard and started pumping on her pussy.

She felt this and left me. Her eyes were down. But friend, I was so horny by now and can’t wait for anything. I took her face in my hands and been closer to her lips. Our lips were only few inch far. We could listen the heartbeat of each other. We were feeling the warmness of each other breath. Her boobs were going up and down with fast breath and my dick was doing dance inside my jeans. She suddenly realized this and pushed me back. But, I didn’t want to lose this moment. I pulled her again and hugged her tight. This time, she lost her control and hidden her face in my chest. My dick was pushing hard on her pussy. She was also feeling this but now, she was ready for it.

I started rubbing hands on her back and started kissing her neck. She started moaning ummm ummm hmmm uffff hmmm… entire room was sounding like it. Friends believe me. I couldn’t resist and she too. We was kissing each other. We were now licking each other lips. I kept her hand on my dick. She took it now and was feeling it by pressing it. I started pressing her butts and was making closer. After 10 minutes of kissing, we separated. She was feeling relaxed now.

I removed my clothes and been only in underwear. My dick was making tent and was in full strength. She surprised and said – it is too big. I can’t take it. I said – I will do with love my dear. And removed her clothes too. She was in bra and panty. Seeing her fair and well shaped body, my dick become longer. She was so beautiful. I just took her in my arms and started kissing her body. She was shaking her butt madly and her breath was so fast. She was moaning in pleasure hmmm ummm offff.. fuck me now.. I am mad.. Show me your man… yes yes… I love you… Please fuck me now.

I pulled her bra and removed her panty too. Wow… her boobs were so good… I instantly took in my hands and started pressing it and kept my lips on her tits. Wow.. beautiful… Her pussy was very wet. It was looking so beautiful in red color. She removed my underwear too. My dick was all black and started pressing it. I was licking her boobs and she started rubbing my cock on her clit. Opps.. what’s horny moment was? I was enjoying. Suddenly she started pushing her ass. I got that she wanted my dick now. I made her on bed and opened her legs and started rubbing my dick on her cunt and pushed.

My dick went completely inside. I got to know that she is not virgin and she is a player. She was biting her lips and pressing her boobs madly. She was sounding so great and was making me crazy for her hmmm.. yes… ummmm… fuck me bastard… fuck me hard… tear my pussy.. mmmm hmmmm…

I was pushing my butts and after 10 minutes of hard fuck, her body been calm. I was feeling lots of cum was flowing on my dick. I was also about to cum. So, I pulled my dick our and started doing my masturbation. I released my all cum on her pussy door. She was so humble and feeling good. Her eyes were closed. We both were done and the she put her arms around my neck and pulled me. She kissed me and said – I was thirsty since long. You made me satisfied. Thank you. She stood and wore her clothes. She again kissed me and went. I was still thinking, do I love sara?

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