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Sonu fucked me at his farmhouse

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Added : 2015-11-07 00:46:40
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Hey friends, take my best wishes before I start my sex incident! This is your friend Neena. I have read plenty of Indian sex stories on this site and today narrating one of my own incidents. My age is 19 years and I am fair colored girl with tight body, big boobs and thin waist.

I always wanted to get a sex experience like this which happened in my life. I was very young when I lost my virginity. I had sex with my schoolmates at various places viz that park on way to school, and also in hotel rooms.

For my colleging I came to my mama’s place in city. My mami was pregnant so my mom thought I will also be helpful to her while studying. I came here and started living with mama mami only. My mama is a horny man which I realized only in few days. Mami’s moans in night woke me up and I started watching them having sex in their bedroom. Mama was fucking her in cautious position due to her pregnancy. But mami was enjoying it a lot; at least her moans said so.

As the days passed mami did not allow mama to penetrate his dick. Instead she would give blowjob or handjob and make mama cum. I thought this to be a golden chance to seduce my mama and got banged by him.

During those days my affair with Sonu also started. He started fucking me when we used to bunk the classes. He would often take me to his farm house and bang me full day. And this incident took place in mid may. It was hot like fucking hell and I was really not going out in afternoons. We had holidays in our college but mami asked me to stay with her only. And I stayed back here only.

It was tough for me to meet Sonu so frequently as lullaby of college was not there. Sonu used to send me lots of nude photos of his dick and asked me to meet him. He said me he was tired of jerking off aloe and needed me to have some fun. But mama was here at home most of the times and it was tough for me to go out for long time.

But one day I managed somehow. I told my best friend Shruti to give a call on home landline and ask for me. I did not tell her my full plan. Around 2 pm she called and mami picked the phone. She said me your friend is there. I spoke with Shruti for a minute just normal things.

But after disconnecting the call I went to mami in her room. And I said her that my friends are going out for a movie and they want me with them. Mami said, no problem go with them. I will ask your mama to pick you. I said, I will manage and ask my friends to drop me at home in the evening. Mami said fine. As I came out of house I gave a call to Sonu that he can pick me in 5 minutes from main road.

I was on main road and next minute only Sonu came in his car. We drove to his farm house. While driving he asked me to give him handjob. I took out his dick and started shaking it. His dick was harder than normal. I asked him about the reason and he said me he had shilajit for last three days.

Wow, I was excited to touch that hard dick now. I kept on shaking it till we saw farm house’s main gate. Sonu put his manhood back in his pant and parked the car in front of the gate. As usual he gave100 rupees note to watchman uncle and we went in. Sonu started smooching me in the corridor itself. I was wearing a blue shirt and black jeans. He quickly undid the shirt and removed the bra as well. My big boobs started to get touches of his hands and lips. He was kissing my nipples and pressing my vagina area with his fingers. This made me horny and I grabbed his dick again. This time I was pressing it tightly. We both were moaning due to pleasure. Now Sonu removed my pant as well. Then he sat down on the ground and placed one of my leg on his shoulder. My vagina was in front of her and he started to kiss it. He then inserted full tongue inside and made me feel so special with his oral sex. I grabbed his head and pressed it tightly on my vagina.

At that time Sonu pulled his head and told me darling your vagina tastes so great.

That was a great compliment and it aroused me more. I pulled his head back on my vagina and let him lick it for one more minute. I was now aroused like a horse and Sonu was also hot like fire. He stood up and gave me his dick in my mouth. I licked it front and back and gave him a really nice blowjob.

After 2 minutes we both were in bed and he fucked me there only. We did sex in three different positions and his cum came out in my pussy while we were doing it in doggy style. Sonu emptied all him cum deep inside my vagina before he took out his dick from it.

We laid idle on bed for 5 minutes and again he fucked me for 5 more minutes. In those 3 hours he fucked me thrice and also we had anal sex together. After making me tired he dropped me on the same main road!

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