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Savita – sexy neighbor aunty

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Padosan Savita aunty ke sath sex ka maza liya
Savita aunty was 43 and residing next door to my flat in a good society in Mumbai. I was 24 and staying with my parent. I am the only son. Savita aunty and my mother was almost same age. My mother was a homely lady and Savita aunty was a super hot and sexy lady. She used work in an advertising agency. Due to her work culture, she always wear super sexy and fit clothes. My mother and Savita aunty both were two different personalities but still they were good friends. Savita aunty used to stay alone. Most of time, she don’t cook at home and eat mostly outside home. On Saturdays and Sundays, my mom used to some home cook food for her since years. In early days, She either didn’t accept it or returned something in plates but she has become friend She took it as her right. She loved to mom’s cook food.

Sometime, she spent at our home in kitchen and cook food with mom. She also helped me got thru competitive exams. I was the only son, so i took college which was in our city only. I didn’t wanted to leave them alone. I had a project related to advertising. It was really not understandable for me. I went to her in night. She used to listen music that time. I said sorry to her and was just about to leave. She said – sit for sometime and i will come back. She went inside and worn her gown. I saw it was just wearing a one piece night dress. Every thing was visible to me. I could see that she was wearing sexy baby pink colour bra and panty. I was just starring her. She saw me and smiled and said – So, tell me? I just said – uhhhh… and was seeing her. She tapped on my forehead and i got back to my senses.

I said – sorry. and said – you are rarely beautiful. She saw me and smiled. I said agin sorry and said – I meant to say. I wish if you can help for my project. I just need you guidance. She asked couple of things about my project and then went inside. She was saying – I am working of two projects right now. One is condom and second is lingeries. Which one you like, you can start working with me. I was shy that time, so i said – lingeries. I had 15 days leave and i wanted to finish it before that. She asked me to collect all kind of lingeries which i will see in two days. I need not to buy it from any shop. She was ok cuttings in magazine, news paper and even asked me to search public dustbin. These exercise made to understand the size of Indian female butts and their taste. We worked hard. Obviously her work was much high quality than my project but my initial data research was useful.

After that, we had selected few product of brand to showcase our advertising. Now, she wanted some one who she could see whether it will be focus product of not. That night, she said – i can wear that and you can tell me. Just observe me all points and note your thoughts. I was ok and by the time, i didn’t have anything wrong for her. But. When she started wearing those and was coming out. I started losing my control. My dick was very hard and it was leaking. My juice was seen from outside and we had very bright light that time, so she could see that. She was looking so yummy. Her butts were rounded and very fair. Her skin was smooth like milk. Her boobs were so tight as they never allowed anyone to play.

She tried 5 pairs and I was so hard and horny. Then she came in extremely sexy pair. I could see her sexy pink tits and 90% of her pussy. I realised that it was not in our selection. I got to know that we both are hungry for each other touch. I gathered courage and went to her. I tried to touch her showing that i was trying to see the product. She was smiling and she put her hand on my jumping dick. As she touched there, i felt that it will come out tearing my pant. It was pumping like anything. I started pressing her boobs and touching her body. I was so hot and horny and feeling wild. She opened my pant and taken my dick in her hand from above the underwear.

I never saw her before in such hurry. She removed my unddies and made me naked. Her eyes were twinkling seeing my black dick. She started pressing it tip and started doing masturbation. She pushed me back of sofe and started rubbing her pussy with panties over my mouth. I had seen lots of blue film but never had sex before. I had removed her panty and started licking her pussy. She was moaning in pleasure hmmmm… yes…. yes…. you made me horny after so many year…. my pussy is wet after so many years…. yes…

We both were in same boat and wanted fuck now. She came over me and sat on my dick. She was rubbing my dick on her pussy with her hand and then suddenly, she sat on my dick. My dick foreskin went back. I wanted to shout with pain. She was aware that I am virgin. So she shut my mouth with hands. I had bitten her hand when she was jumping on my dick. She was 43 – 44 but her pussy was like a virgin pussy. I believed, she was not fucked by anyone since years. But, That night she was riding me like a mad lioness. My dick was leaking but still she was jumping. She had cummed alot.

When she realised that my dick had been small. She took my dick out and came over me. She rubbed her pussy on my lips and i fucked her pussy with my tongue. We had sex whole night. She had ridden my dick 3 times in different sex positions. Till that day, I am still fucking her. She is director of an advertising company and I work with her. She use me for anything, anywhere and made me satisfied and herself too.

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