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Friends mom – My first sex teacher

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Added : 2015-11-10 23:27:52
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Dost ki ma ne apni chut me mera lund liya
Hello friends, I am Sameer. I belong to a lower middle class family and my abbu Bashir is a rickshaw driver. I am 20 now but I had some dark days in my life when i had become 18. I had not discussed these things with anyone but would like to share the same with you. For sometime, it was nightmares for me but later on, I also started enjoy the same.

It is about the sexual relationship between my friend’s mother Sakina and me. He was my classmate Abdul and they also used to reside not very far from my house. Her mother was separated from her father. They were not legally divorced but case was going on. Her mother used to take tuition for her livelihood. She was 35 or nearby. A beautiful lady who was damm hot. I had infatuation with her and used to be very frank with her.

She used to teach Abdul and me too. But, i was not aware that my little silly mistakes turned her on. She started taking me seriously and showed me her closeness towards me. She gave me some money to buy new clothes, new books and also offer some movie tickets. When my parent got to know this, they told me; not to go anymore in her house. But, her closeness and money was always tempting me to go to her house.

It was Saturday night. Sakeena aunty, Abdul and I was at her home. I had told my parent that I will stay at some friend’s home for study. Sakeena started drinking, so Abdul and so I. I was drinking first time. After 2 pegs, I was feeling so drunk that I was not able to stand on my feet. Abdul was also heavily drunk and Sakeena made him sleep in his room. Then, Sakeena came near to me. I was in half conscious. I was seeing that Sakeena was doing something with me. But, I didn’t had much courage to revolt.

Sakeena started removing my clothes and made me naked. Then, she got nude too. She came over me and started kissing on my chest. Ummm…. I could smell her body smell. She was very sweet. Her pink lips was moving on my chest and then all over body. I was feeling so horny and excited. My dick was hard. She had taken my dick in her hand and started pressing it hard. Ummm…. i was sounding hmmmm.. I am getting mad. She came over and kissed on my lips. Her boobs was big and was in my chest. Her tits were touching my chest tits.

I was feeling something burning on my dick and something going on inside my body. I was not able to handle anymore. Then, she started rubbing her body on my body. Her boobs were giving me body to body massage.. hmm… It was so sexy and so hot. I was getting mad. She was really super sexy woman. She was taking me on a hot sexual ride. Then, she bent on her knees and started pressing my dick. Then, she kept her hand on my dick. Pulled my skin back till end. My huge dick came out. She touched her tongue on my dick tips.

I was not able to resist myself anymore and i was shaking my butts hard. I was so horny now. I was feeling that something was coming out from my dick. It was so hot and like i am getting mad now. Suddenly, I felt, alot of liquid is coming out. She was licking my dick hmmmm… ummm… She had licked my entire cum. I was enjoying this. My dick had become very small. She smiled and said – hmm… You are strong. You come after long time in your first cum.

She went to kitchen and came with a glass of juice. We both had juice and then She dropped juice on my dick. Then she started sucking my dick and made it strong again. I was seen that my dick had become huge now. Then, she made me lay on bed and came over me. She started rubbing her pussy on my dick. Hmmm… what was wonderful feeling it was… so sexy… so awesome… my dick was pumping hard… so sexy… i had closed my eyes. I was enjoying when she was rubbing her cunt on my penis. Suddenly, I felt that my dick was stuck in something.

When, i opened my eyes. She was on me and my dick was inside her pussy. I was feeling pain. My skin was torn and it was bleeding. She was jumping on my dick hard. Ummm… She made me completely mad. She was so hot. I kept my hand on her boobs and was pressing them hard. I was pushing my dick more and more inside. I was pushing my butts hard and moving it hard. She was also jumping on me. Her hands wan on my chest and pushing her hands on my chest. My heart beat was fast and i was pushing my dick was hard and fast.

She was keeping saying.. Fuck me… fuck me hard… deeper… more… deeper… I love your young dick… So hot… hmmm… It was so intense, so sexy.. so hot. I was feeling that i was cumming again. I said – Something coming out again. She smiled and started pushing her butts faster. In next 5 minutes, entire room was full of strange sound of thap.. thap… thappp… and then, I cum and she too. She had fallen on me.

We both were very wet and was kissing each other madly. She was happy and said – I love you Sameer. You made me so satisfied. I will never let you go far from me. She then showed the video clip which she made of our sex. I was scared but then, i realised what the harm. She had not asked me to get married. I fucked her since that time. We both enjoy our sexual moment whenever wo wish.

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