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Senior citizen’s junior affair – [Part 1]

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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Uncle ne Chris ki gaand mari
I am retired Banker of 60 years. I lost my wife some years back and have since then been staying alone in my flat at South Kolkata. Post-Retirement I was now a consultant with a private firm in North Kolkata.

I was around 6 ft tall with a slim atheletic body and kept myself fit with regular yoga and exercisew.

It was a cold, wintry and rainy evening in Kolkata. Surprisingly at this time of the year, there were heavy black clouds on a Friday evening and was incessantly raining with a cold breeze. I was waiting at the Bus stand for any Bus which will take me to South Kolkata. When the Bus came it was heavily packed with no space and people standing. I somehow managed to squeeze myself inside and stood behind a young boy of around 20 years. I held on to the upper railing to balance myself. The Bus was shaking and swirling and with each jerk I was being pushed forward and my crotch was pressing against the back side of this young boy. It was also dark inside the Bus.

The feeling was great as it was a first time experience for me. I introduced myself to this young boy. He was Chris Lyong from Manipur, quite fair and a student doing computer training. He was staying at a Hostel in South Kolkata. I told Chris that I was Shekhar and a retired Banker. He asked me my age and I said I was 60 years. Introductions done, after sometime, I felt Chris pushing his back towards my crotch and holding it there.

This feeling was awesome and I gradually felt my cock rising. Presumably Chris too felt the same and he felt free to push himself onto the bulge in my pants. I took some courage and encircled my free left hand around his waist and pulled him towards me and said” So that we do not fall in this jerking Bus” . He turned and smiled. My left palm was planted on his lower belly. Chris was also holding onto the upper railing with his left hand and suddenly he brought his right hand towards my crotch and gave it a slight brush and said “ Naughty Uncle”. I smiled back. Chris started to press my bulging cock with his right palm and feeling it. I reciprocated by bringing my left hand down to his crotch and found him also to be rock hard.

The Bus was nearing the stop where I had to get off and I told Chris…” I will be getting down at the next stop. Why don’t you also get down with me and we have some golden moments together.” Chris gleefully replied, “ Oh Sure Uncle….the pleasure is mine….rather ours”. And we both got down. It was still raining and dark. I told Chris…” My flat is just round the corner and you are also staying in a lodge alone….you may spend the night with me if you so like” He said “ I am okay if you are inviting me over…as it is this is a weekend and I have Saturdays and Sundays off.” We walked down to my flat.

It was over three years since my wife padded away and I wanted something to happen, something to release my fluid…something to make my heart beats faster.

Once inside my flat, we both were sheepishly smiling and eyeing each other. I went inside, came out with a lungi and T-shirt and gave it to Chris…” The washroom is there. You may want to freshen yourself and change into something which is more free. I will use the other washroom and then we start to relax..??” He nodded and went to the wash room. I also refreshened and changed into my boxer shorts and T-shirt. Chris also had a bath and was feeling fresh and radiant. I poured myself a whiskey and offered Chris some beer as he asked and sat on the sofa. We exchanged some more introductions and were onto our second round of drinks. Chris was now seated more closer to me and said, “ Uncle…the first time I saw you in the Bus I felt drawn to you . And when you put your left hand around me, I was so comforted with your masculine personality and your broad chest”. Saying so he put his hand on my thighs. I kept my whiskey down, pulled Chris onto my lap and started to kiss him. He reciprocated and pushed his tongue . Both our tongues were interwined. My cock started to get rigid and hard and was pushing his ass over the lungi. I slowly removed his T-shirt and as all Manipuri boys he had a hairless chest. I rotated my tongue over his nipples and started to pinch them. Slowly I was rotating my palm over his naked belly, kissing him and biting his ear lobes. Chris was now getting frantically hot and wanting. He suddenly got up from my lap and pulled my boxer shorts down. My 7 inch long and 3 inch thick cock sprung out. The veins were all sticking out. Chris widened his eyes, “ My God, Uncle…It is so huge and strong… It is my first experience and I hope it does not tear me? “

I said..” Don’t you worry…Chris…I will be most gentle, caring and loving until you ask me to be rough and hard.” He held onto my cock and started to size it up and down and gradually brought his face down on its mushroom sized head and began to lick it around. Chris tasted the pre-cum and liked it. He held out his hand and pulled his glass of beer and gulped it all down and resumed to lick and suck my huge cock. I caught his head and pressed it down so that the entire length of my cock was choking his throat. My cock was wet with his saliva and Chris started to suck it up and down its full length. After 5 minutes of ardent sucking I got up and lifted Chris in my arms and went inside my bedroom.

I got some glycerince gel and Vaseline from the bathroom.

I flung Chris onto the bed and removed his lungi. He started to hide his cock with his palms. It was around 4 inches long, but was erect. I reassured him…” It is alright Chris…It is a good cock…I think with a little bit of sexercise it will grow longer and thicker… do nt worry.” I slept besides him and started to stroke his rounded bum-cheeks and pushed my finger towards his ass-hole. He had soft rounded ass-cheeks and I started to knead them.

I asked Chris to get down and suck my cock more. He went down and buried his wet mouth onto my cock. I pulled him on top of me. His ass and ass-hole were now directly in front of my eyes. He had a lovely puckered ass-hole with no hair on his ass. I started kneading his ass-cheeks with both my hands and started to tickle his ass-hole with my thumb. Chris started to give3 soft moans, “ummmm…ooohhh”

I asked, “ Chris …are you liking this?” He replied “hmmm..yes…hmmm” and continued sucking on my cock and balls. I pressed my nose towards his glory hole…. The smell around his ass-hole was intoxicating and I started to lick it. First around the ass-hole and then on the ass-hole. Since it was his first time I was being gentle. I used a lot of saliva to make it soft. I gradually spread his puckered ass-hole with both my thumbs and pushed my wet tongue inside his hole. Chris was moaning and groaning with pleasure. I put more saliva with my tongue inside his ass and pushed my tongue. His ass hole seemed to have been lubricated and I pushed my finger inside.

My finger was barely one inch inside and Chris lifted his head and screamed, “ No uncle it is paining “…I said “ Chris….you just have to bear with it for the first three minutes or so…. After that you will change your mind. This will give you so much pleasure that you will keep wanting it more and more… OK….please bear with the pain for one minute”

This gay story continues in next part.

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