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My sexual revenge

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Added : 2015-11-14 00:52:56
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Husband ke dhoke ka badla liya
Hello friends, I am Pammi. I am 32 years old lady. I am married with 2 kids. My husband works in a MNC and most of the time, he travel. I was not like that and I never thought that i will have sex anyone else other than my husband. But, when i came to know that my husband have sex and enjoy whenever he travels, than i realised that I am a big fool who always be loyal to my husband always kill my emotions, my feelings and my hornyness in his absence. One day when he was back from his tour. I was taking out his clothes from Briefcase. I found some strange smell in his nightwear. Then, i saw few condoms may be he forgot to throw and also seen some lipstick mark. It was surprising. And, when i asked about all this bullshit to him. He annoyed and went out from house. He not came back soon and i was crying all the day.

I was thinking that what’s the point to compromise to own emotion for him. He never take care of things and didn’t had importance. That day, I decided, if anytime I will feel something for someone. I will also cheat as he was doing. He came back in night with lots of gift and flower. He said sorry and said, he had not done nothing wrong. He and his team mate went to a club. That dance came close to me and kissed. Thats why it happened but he didn’t had sex with her. Now, I was not trusting him but friends, he fucked me wild that night. He fucked me as he was hungry since years.

He had went to USA for 2 months. I had gone with him and we had left our kids with my mother as they had schools and also. Most of the time, my husband been busy in work as he was setting up a new office there. Company had provided us a temporary accommodation in a flat. I was liking it. It beautiful place, peaceful, green, clean. I was totally loving it. I used to had my tea in morning and i come out in my night dress only. There was very smart guy was residing next to our villa. He was tall, handsome and very attractive. Whenever i see him, he always smiled. He must 23 – 24. His name is Sam. Time went and his smile had been converted into waving hands and said good morning.

I was also replying. I was feeling little closeness to him. I was feeling something catchy for him. I wanted to ignore him but was not able to do so. One day, I was having tea and he called me up. He introduced him and asked my name. He told me that he was a university student and was doing part time job. He was staying alone. He requested me to come down. My husband was sleeping. I thought something and then went down without changing my clothes. I was in a night dress and it was sleeveless and till my knee “one piece dress”. He saw me from up to down and smiled. We introduced to each other. I was happy that i got a friend now.

We used to spend time together. He helped me to understand local language. He had taken me markets and some place. We were getting close day by day. He some time caught my hand and rubbed by butts and back. But, I never reacted. Whenever he did and i saw. He always smiled and I also replied with smile. He always apprised my smile and my Indian beauty. He always loved to me. One day, I baked my favrioute cake. I was alone. I went to his house with cake. It was my first time, when i was stepping in his house. When i entered, i was surprised. He had a gym in his room and he pasted my pictures on room wall. It was really romantic. He was saw me. He was almost nude that time. He was only in underwear and it was just cvering his dick, nothing else. His underwear it even small than female panty.

I was completely surprised see him and my picture. I showed him little fake anger. But, he smiled and took me in his arms. I had not reacted and Was seeing his eyes. His eyes was big and i could see love and lust for me. I had lost my senses and didn’t wanted to think. He had only one room. He had only a big sofa for sleep. He made me settle there. I was wearing a saree that time. He came over me. I was still seeing in his eyes. I could feeling his breath and could listen his breath. He was normal and I was breathing really fast. I never been so closed to any person other than my husband.

He came very closed and kissed on my lips. Friends, it was totally haven. His touch was really making me horny. I never got touched by anyone like this other than m husband. Friends, it was like heave. We all married female only have sex with our husband without even think that they have fun outside. But, believe me someone else when touch you; it feel like heaven. It is not cheating, It is like baking a cake after cooking of normal food since long. I had lost my all senses. His dick was really hard and i could feel its strength. He was also i think looking for this moment. He didn’t waste any time and took my hand and kept on his dick. I was touching it from above of his so called underwear. Hmm… friends, it was so hot.. just like an iron rod.

He made me completely naked in few seconds. My tits had been straight and hard. He kept her lips on my tits and started pulling it with her teeth. His hands were on my boobs and he was pressing hard. It was so hard and i started moaning in pain hahah ahahah .. hmm…. Please Sam… slow… I am all yours… Please…. slow… But he was not listening. he had removed her underwear now. His dick was completely pumping. It was so hard. It was double of my husband dick and much thicker. My eyes were twinkling seeing that. Amazing… Super hot dude he was. I hugged her so tight. He understood that I was so horny and hungry.

After pressed my boobs for 5 minutes and then he came down over my pussy. He started licking my pussy… ummm…. so yummy…. friends, i can’t tell that feeling in words. My husband never licked and sucked my most as mostly Indian husband never do. As he touched his tongue to my pussy.. Hummm… it was like that i was going to die. Awesome feeling… Super hot. I started throwing my legs and then crossed my legs around his neck on his shoulders. I kept my hands on her head and started pressing it inside my pussy. I was pulling his hairs… hmmm…. friends… you know. I am writing that sexual moment for you here and I am visualising that sexy moment which i had with Sam. Remembering about his tongue made me wet now… hmmm… He had hold my things with his strong hands ans was licking like a dog. hmmm… so sexy. Suddenly, he had taken his one hand down and started pressing my asshole. It was so tight.

He made his finger wet and then pressed his one finger inside my asshole. Opps… It was so painful. i was about to die… I was saying.. Please leave me Sam. Its paining me… Please leave me. But he was not listening me. He was licking my clit and pussy door. So sexy.. then he started pushing his tongue inside my pussy. I could feel his tongue was fucking me… hmmm… He was a master player with my tongue. I cummed two times, in that 10 minutes of play. So hot… I was not able to control any more. I was pulling her hair and saying… I can’t wait… i can’t control any more… Please Sam… fuck me…. ohhhahahah…. sisisisisishshshshiiii… Please fuck me now… Please give me that monster dick….

My pussy is waiting for that monster dick… He smiled and got. He kissed me and bitten on my lips. my lips started bleeding. Then, he kept his dick on my pussy and stroked directly. I thought, he will rub it but he didn’t. He just stroked. Oye…. I felt that his hot iron rod went inside. His butts was moving fast. my pussy was torn and its bleeding. I was fucking from years by my husband but his dick was not so big. Sam dick was something new for me and my pussy was tight for that huge monster dick. Friends, imagine when a big dick go inside, what you can feel. I was feeling that I was going to die. I was requesting Sam.. Please leave me.. Please leave me… Please take it out… I am dieing… its really painful. But, he was not listening… His continue strokes was tearing my body… I could feel pain in my all body…

He stroked for 15 minutes and then, He took out his dick out. He started rubbing it on my asshole. But, I said – my pussy is in pain and I know if you fuck my asshole. I will die. He smiled and said – ok.Then, he pushed his huge dick inside my mouth. Only few inches went inside as it was thick and big. I did blowjob few minutes and then he released his cum inside my mouth. I never did this. I pulled out her dick and spit all on his dick. His dick released alot and his cum was on my body and face. He was really strong. I enjoyed. I went to his bathroom and cleaned myself and came back to home. Friends, i was happy. I had taken revenge of my husband cheating and also have painful sex but enjoyable. He fucked me 2 -3 more time before we got back to India. He fucked my asshole too. I completely enjoyed with him.

Friends, it is ok if with have sex either one or two person other than your husband. Don’t believe you hubby blindly. They never leave a chance if they have to sex with a women or a girl.. So why you can’t try?

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