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Dance teacher ka 9 inch lamba lund liya

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Added : 2015-12-14 21:14:42
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Friends, My name is Neelam and I am a married woman. I husband works in a private company on a good post. He is work alcoholic and spend most of the time at work only. I have two kids and they are grown up now. But, it is a secret that my both the kids are not really children of my husband. One child is from my driver and one is from dance teacher. I used to call my dance teacher “Master ji”.

I used to learn dance before my marriage. Ater my marriage, my in – law didn’t liked to dance coaching. So, i had quit. But after sometime, my in-laws went to village house and my husband also didn’t had time due to work. I had lots of time and there was nothing much to do. My husband was most of time be in stress. Due to this, he was not able to sustained long in sex. He used to do sex only for the sake of having sex.

For him sex is just part of married life. He never did sex for enjoyment. After 2 years, when did’t have kids after having sex. I went to doctor for my check up. I got to know that i was ok but my husband didn’t had strong spams. But, he was not ready for medicine. He was not ready to accept this. He was already stressed and this thing made him frustrated. So, to keep him cool and calm. I started taking fake treatment.

I was also got irritated with all this. So, I started leaning dance again from Master ji. I was thirsty and not sexually satisfied yet. I was waiting for someone who could made me sexually satisfied. I was leaning dancing to kill my time but most of the time, i used to thing about sex. You must be knowing, when you learn dance from someone. To teach you, he or she had to touch you alot. Before marriage, when master ji used to touch me or caught me, I never felt anything. But, now if he touched me by mistake, i was feeling horny.

He noticed me and my actions and understood that i am looking for sexual desire. Now, he was taking advantage and was trying to touch me more and more. Now, i liked his touch and wanted to have sex with him but he was not taking first step. Then, i thought in my mind that. It is my desire and want to be satisfied. So, i have to take initiative. Next day, I was well dressed and was waiting for master ji. Master was little opened with me now. He used to pull me now and hugged me. He now used to press my boobs with his tight hug.

That day, he did same. He pulled me and pressed my boobs. It was the right time to take initiative. I hugged him tight and kissed him. Master ji used to teach dance only girls. So, he was little girly. But, still his hug was so tight. He started music and was dancing with me. He was doing some close dance with me. He was hugging me and pressing my boobs. He was kissing me on my lips. We both were really horny now.

He then started removing my clothes and in few minutes there are only bra and panty left on my body. He was completely naked. His dick was very fair and red. It’s tip was pointed and pink. He had almost 9 inch dick and looked like a monster. It was really huge. i didn’t expect such a huge dick in a girly body. He finally pulled bra and panty from my body. I was fully nude now. Master ji was seeing me with greedy eyes.

Master ji dick was very hard and pumping like train. My pussy was really wet now and i was not able to control anymore. Master ji pulled me in his arms and pushed me on sofa. She was kissing me all over. He then started smooching me. We both were moaning in pleasure ahahah ahah ahaha.. ahahah… Our breaths were warm and fast. Entire room was full of our sexy sounds. Then, master ji started pressing my boobs with his hand and then took my nipples in his mouth. His was sucking my boobs like a lollipop.

It was really good. Master ji knew how to make a woman sexual satisfied. He was really superb sucker. I was moaning in pleasure hmmm.. hmmm… yes.. suck it… bite it…. yes…. I had taken his dick in my hands and started pressing it hard. Then, master ji came in 69 position and was licking my pussy. I had shaved my pussy for him. He was biting and licking hard my pussy. His dick was rubbing on my body and i could felt the wetness of his dick. I was not able to handle anymore. Then, I sat and opened my legs.

I asked him – master ji. I can’t control any more. Please fuck me now. Pushed your dick now in my pussy. Master ji did same. He kept his dick on my pussy and stroked hard. My pussy as wet enough. It took his entire dick inside in his very first stroke. He was pushing it hard inside my pussy and i was also shaking my butts really well. My moaning was filling josh in him and he was pushing his dick inside faster.

I had cum three times in 15 minutes of hard fucking. I was satisfied and my body was relaxed now. Master ji had increased his speed and dropped his entire cum inside my pussy. I hugged him tight and kissed on his chest. I was happy and fully satisfied. We both were tired and we slept nude for an hour. Master ji fucked me almost everyday since when he taught me dance. Then, i got pregnant and gave brith to my master ji son. Second time, I had fucking with my driver and i had daughter from him. That story some othertime. Till tilme friends, Ok TATA bye – bye.

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