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Lesbian with sister-in-law

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Added : 2015-12-14 21:16:08
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Hello friends, how are you? I am Babita and I am 35 years old now. I am a bi woman. I love sex with guys but since I had lesbian sex with my sister – in – law, I love to have sex with girls too. Even more with girl, I love to have sex. She was my husband elder brother’s wife. We never had such good relationship since my marriage. We were residing in same house as both brothers have equal portion on property. My husband and his elder brother own family business in which both have % share in profit and it comes like salary to them. Rest is run by a trust.

Both of brother thought that their parent did unfair to them as they given all rights to trust and bound bothers with them. They can’t get separate and have to work together. I don’t know about my sister – in -law but my sex life was not so good. Most of time, my husband be in anger and always rule in home too due to his man ego. I believed that his elder brother also do same. But, his wife never complaint about him or his behaviour. It was a fair and both brothers always go for 15 days to take part in that.

This time, when they went. I came opportunity to come close to my sister – in – law. I was in bathroom and i slipped. I was shouting in pain. She heard me and came. She saw me that I was only in towel and was lying on floor. My leg was in my hand and i was crying with pain. She came closer and helped me to get to my bed. I laid and she did little dressing. I am crying. But he helped me alot. When she was massaging my legs, I notices that her hands was going up to my things. She was pressing it and trying to touch my pussy. I felt good but not said anything.

Its been night now. I slept for entire day. She came with milk. I drunk and she said – let me do massage again. You will feel good. I could see, there was something different in her eyes. This time, she was only in a transparent nighty and wearing bra and panty inside. I could see her entire body. She must be 40 or 42 but she maintained herself. She is fair and little fat. But, she is attractive and pretty. She was doing massage and i was feeling so good. I closed my eyes and feeling relaxed. Suddenly, I realised that her hands was going up and she was trying to touch my pussy. She also removed my towel. I was still in towel. She was starring my pussy. I had cleaned my pussy few days before, so it had little bushes.

Then, She touched my clit. Wow… It was so awesome. So sexy. Beautiful and wonderful. I was feeling so happy. I really didn’t knew what was she doing? But, it was so relaxing and giving me some strange pleasure. My pussy was wet. She was pressing my pussy and she came over me. She bent herself on me. She kissed my lips. I was feeling awesome. Wow… So wonderful… She was seeing me and now she got that I am completely in her control. I have been so horny and hot now. She removed her clothes too and asked me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes slowly and saw. She was total naked and was over me. Her big boobs were touching my boobs. Her tits was touching my tits. My tits were so hard. My things was touching her pussy and could feel pussy wetness.

I was lost control and said – you are awesome. What you have done? I am feeling so good and blessed. She smiled and said – its nothing dear. Let me show you some more. Something which you never felt. She kissed on my lips and started licking my lips. She was licking my uppar lip, then lower and then uppar again. Hmmm… my breath was running like bullet train. She had caught my hands and was smooching so long. So wonderful it was. I was that, i was about to release my cum. But, I hold it. She then came down and taken my boobs in her hands and pointed up. Then she licked my tits and started pressing my boobs.

She started sucking my boobs hard as any kid do. and was pressing also. It was paining but i loved it. After 15 – 20 minutes of this play, I said – i will cum soon. I was shaking my butts hard and throw my legs on her body. She smiled and said – let me show you my final shot. She bent back and caught my things. Then, she touched my clit with her tongue. Opps… What hot feeling it was? I felt that something was burning inside my wife. Something was going burst. I started shaking my ass now. But, she caught me tight and now she was licking my clit. I was enjoying and moaning hard hmmm.. ummmm… ummmm… entire room was full of my sexy sound.

I was about to cum now. I crossed my legs on her back. She understood that i was cumming. I was pushing up my butts and get her tongue deeper and suddenly i released my all cum and my body was relaxed. She was still sucking my pussy. She was licking my pussy like a bitch. I really enjoyed that night. She fallen on me and we slept that night as naked we were. I was happy in morning and she too. It was my first lesbian lesson. Next night we did same but this time, we had reversed the role. I licked her lips and then her pussy so well. She had released her all cum inside my mouth. I sucked her cum. It was sour in taste. But i love having sex with her.

Now, our husband be at home or not. We spend time together and made sexually satisfied to each other..

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