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First dick as callgirl

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Added : 2015-12-14 21:19:06
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello friends, I am Amrit and I am 34 years old. I am sex addict and i love to experiment and try new things. I had sex with almost sex every age female from 18 to 49, with males and with shemales too. I had awesome stories of my sexual encounters or my sex experience. I am in love to read sex stories and watching blue films. One day i was reading some stories and a thought came in my mind that i must share some of sexual stories with all of my friends here.

This sex experience I had with a callgirl whom i met in a pub. I was in college that time. We had 6 friends who used to stay along in a flat. One Saturday night, i and one of my friend went to pub. We had drunken alot and started dancing. I was dancing alone in one side. I didn’t aware that one girl was watching us. After sometime, I felt thirsty and went to bar counter and asked for some water. Bar-tender was taking time, so i sat there and was waiting for him.

Suddenly, I listened a beautiful slow voice “can you buy a drink for me”? I turned and saw her. My mouth was opened. hmmm… What a beautiful was sitting next to me and seeing me. I was not able to ignore her. She smiled asked again -“Will you”? I said – No no… I meant yes. We had little chat and i order a drink for her and myself too. We had little chat. I got to know that her name was Neelima. She was a married female. She married to small earning person and not able to complete all wishes of her. One day, his husband boss came for dinner. He liked her. He understood that Neelima is like diamond and she love to enjoy her life but due to her married life, she feel foundation with her hubby.

He tried to approached her and made her realised that she can do alot if she be with him. In next couple of days, his husband boss made her happy by visiting her house and gave some expensive gift. One day, he had sent her husband out of station for 3 days and went to her house. He had taken Neelima for a movie and dinner. She was happy. Then, they came back. In entire movie, he tried to touch her and showed his intentions. Neelima didn’t respond and When they got back to home. Neelima asked to sat in drawing room and went to bedroom for changing clothes. His boss went inside room and caught her. Neelima showed little resistance but not fully. She was thinking that if she comprise little, she can get whatever she want from him.

She had given herself to him. He was smiling and pushed her on bed. He had removed her all clothes and made her nude. Neelima wanted to switched off light but he said, he love to have sex in light. He wanted to see her beautiful body. Her beautiful curves. Her beautiful boobs, Her beautiful things, Her pink, little, cuite beautiful pussy. He was apprising her beauty. He wanted to see her facial expression when he will stroke in her pussy. His was so hard now and was making a tent in her pant. He didn’t wait too much and removed all clothes. Both were completely naked. Neelima was on bed and boss was standing at one side. He was smiling and shaking her dick.

Neelima was seeing her dick with big eyes as his dick was almost double of her husband in length and thickness. She said – hmm.. It is huge like giant. It will be painful. Boss was smiling and said – don’t worry. I am player. I will do slowly and calmly. So that you will not feel pain but you will enjoy it. He came nearby and started pressing his dick on her lips. She said no as she never did this before. Boss didn’t wanted to make any mistake. So, he smiled said – ok. No problem. Please allow me to lick you pussy aleast. I love it. He bent on her knees and opened Neelima’s legs. He was seeing her beautiful clean shaved pussy. It was very wet.

He touched her clit slowly. Neelima sounded in pleasure hmmmm… uhhhhhh…. Boss understood that she had lost her control now and very horny. He pushed his head in her pussy. He touched her tongue on her clit and started making circle. He was touching and licking it slowly. It was so awesome that Neelima was not able to hold. She put her hands on her hairs and started pulling her hairs. He was licking her pussy very passionately. She was pushing his head inside her pussy. Neelima started shaking her butts fast and released her cum. He licked her entire cum. Then he got up and pushed her down. Then he put her huge monster dick on her cunt and started rubbing it on her pussy. She was enjoying and moaning in pleasure hmmm… ummmm… yes….. ahahah… ahahahha…

Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying. Suddenly, Boss stroked and Neelima started shouting. His dick was so huge, it went little in his first stroke. Neelima wanted to shout but he pushed a sock in her mouth and stroked one more time without any delay. Dick went some more deep inside. Neelima wanted to shout but was not able to shout. She was crying with pain. In mean time, boss stroked third time. This time, pressure was more and fast. His almost entire dick went inside and her pussy was torn. She was scratching boss’s body with his nails. Boss started stroking hard and was fucking her pussy badly.

He sometime, Neelima’s pain got less and she started enjoying. She was also shaking her pussy. Boss had removed sock from her mouth. She was enjoying his strokes now and was enjoy. She was moaning in pleasure hmmm… yes… fuck me hard…. i love you… You are so hot… awesome sexy. You are real man… you are my hero. This thing motivating boss and he was stroking hard. Neelima had cum 4 times and was completely satisfied. I was first time satisfied that much after her marriage. Now, boss was almost cum, he pulled his dick out as he was not carrying condoms. He released his all cum on Neelima’s body. They slept naked and boss fucked her for 3 days since her husband not came back.

Boss had completely Neelima’s all wishes since 3 years by the time, he had not transferred to some other place. Neelima was alone one more time and now she wanted her desires badly. One day she was visiting some place. A man approached her and said – if she will have sex with him. He will pay her 10000. It was easy money. Now, she was known how to make easy money and this been her into a call girl. I was listening her very calmly and Her eyes were twinkling. I kept 10000 in her hand and asked to come with me. We went to a hotel and i fucked her all night. Believe me friends, I was completely agree that any man can be her mouse. She was so beautiful and awesome sexy.

I become so hard instantly. She smiled and said – you made me remember that boss. He used to become instant hard whenever see me nude. I said – you are so beautiful and very hot girl. Your body is so well curves, it is like that someone made you with passion. She said thanks and showed me her pussy door. I wanted to lick it but i never tried licking. She asked me to ley down on bed and she came over me. She put her pussy on my lips… I started touching her pussy. Hmmm…. It was sour and smelling good. She was making so hot… After 5 minutes, she pulled her butts from my mouth and then, sat her pussy on my dick.

She sat on my dick and my dick skin bent down. Her was not much opened after so much fucking. She was jumping on my dick and i was also pushing my butts above to fuck her more deeper. She had kept her hands on my chest and was pressing my boobs. She was enjoying shaking her butts hard. I am sounding hard ahaha ahahah ahaha… hmmm…. She was also breathing fast but was not doing much sound. Entire room was sounding with my moaning sound and her fast breathing sound. She was not cum yet and i asked her pull her butts out. I cummed alot. She seen it and licked my entire cum. Then, she fallen on me and we slept nude. She made my dick hard after sometime and this time, i took lead and fucked her hard. I fucked her butts too. We had sex entire night and enjoy alot. She went in morning and even not bothered me to wake up. I still go to that pub but i never seen her again there.

Do you ever met such kind of call girl? if yes, please share her story with us…

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