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Aunty fucked on terrace

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Hello friends, my name is Raja and i am from punjab. My age is 24 years and my height is 5 feet 9 inches. I am very fair and my built is athletic. I have 6.5 inch long dick with good thickness. I am sharing one my sex encounter which i had with my aunty who is 36 years old. She is 5.3 feet tall and very fair in colour. She had typical punjabi body. She had very big boobs and her ass is round and little out structured. Her husband works in Dubai and stay there only. My aunty has three kids – 2 sons and 1 daughter.

It was almost 1 years old story when she called me to her house. Her kids are small and contraction work was going in her house. She wanted to help me in her renovation. I was monitoring her construction work and was doing needful buying for raw material. It was summer time. One day, aunty’s kid went to her grand father house. Only aunty and i was at home. One evening, rain started heavily. All the labour went to their home. I had feed the animals and tied them inside the house. My aunty’s house is farm and out of city area. There was hardly traffic seen. It was really raining very heavily. Everything was wet. My aunty ran to pick up the clothes which was on hanger in courtyard. She was wearing very thin clothes suit. She was all went on rain and her suit was completely transparent to me. Her fair and sexy body, all parts were visible to me. I noticed that she was wearing black coloured bra and black coloured panty.

She was busying in arranging clothes. Suddenly, She noticed me. I was starring her. She had given me smile. I think, she got to know that what i was watching. We both came inside and changed our clothes. I had worn a shirt and nikar. and aunty wore some other suit. Aunty made tea and i was enjoying tea. I was sitting in balcony, watching rain and sipping tea. Rain was stilling going on. Aunty asked for dinner. I said no to her. Due to heavy rain, electricity was off in entire city. Rain was stopped in night. Very sunny and cool environment was outside. So i said aunty that I am going to roof for sleep. Aunty said – i am also coming with you.

She locked the main door and we went to roof. I settled my bed on charpai. She also layed with me. Her face was in front of me. We were talking. It was really dark night. Suddenly, my aunty asked – what were you seeing? I said – hmm.. when? Aunty said – don’t be so poor and innocent. I know everything. I was shy and said – you were looking beautiful in wet clothes. You were looking very sexy and so hot. Aunty started laughing. I asked for my girlfriend. She was talking to me in Punjabi. She asked – whether i had sex with her or not? I said – no but i was surprised that my aunty was very open. My aunty said – if you didn’t had sex with her yet; what’s the use to have girlfriend.

Then, i asked aunty – you stay alone here and separate with your husband. When you feel excited and horny. What you do? She said – i will tell you. But promise me, you will keep is secret. She said – i do masturbation with vegetable but never had sex with another man. I said – why? She said – she had one daughter. And if anyone will be aware her secret affair, it will be bad for her daughter future. Aunty face was blushing during these talks. I was feeling horny. My dick was hard and erected by now. I had taken aunty hand in my hand. She said nothing. I was encouraged and kept her hand on my dick. Aunty was thirsty, she caught my dick instantly. I put my lips on her lips and was smooching her. I had removed her shirt after 3 – 4 minutes kiss. I also removed her lower. I became naked removing my all clothes. I was kissing her nude body from head to her toe.

I came in 69 position and started licking her pussy. Aunty had taken my dick in her mouth. She was doing awesome sucking. I was also licking so hard. Aunty was moving her butts fast and she got cum soon. I had taken her all cum in my mouth and clean her pussy by licking. Then, I slept aunty on bed and came between her legs. I put my dick on her pussy and stroked hard. My push was really fast and my half dick went inside her pussy. She started shouting.

I in 2 – 3 another strokes, my entire dick was inside her pussy. I stopped and taken her boobs in my mouth. I was sucking her boobs now and started shaking my butts. She was moaning in pleasure. She got up her legs in air and moaning aha ahah ahah ahah ahah ahah.. ahaha… I was stroking fast now and in 3 – 4 strokes, she was cum. When i felt her cum was coming out with my dick movement. I had also increased my speed and dropped my entire cum inside her pussy in few fast and hard shots. Then, I had layed next to aunty.

My started playing again with my dick. She had kept my dick again inside her mouth. My dick was hard again. Now, i asked aunty to lick my balls. She did same. She took my one ball in her mouth and then second one. Again first one, then second one… Then, she came over me. She took my dick in her hand and kept it straight. She kept her pussy on my dick tip and then sat. Oooooohhhh… what’s the fuck she was doing… I was feel awesome. My dick was entirely in her pussy. She was jumping on my dick hard. She sat complete down and then pull my entire dick out. Then she sat again and then again out… ooohhh… It was amazing. Then, she sat on my dick and started sucking my nipples. I really enjoyed her act. She got tired after sometime. Then, i asked her to get down. Now, I made her bitch. She was in doggy style and i had given my dick in her pussy from back. I was pushing my dick hard. She was cumming now and was moving her butts very fast. I also increased my speed of stroking and we cum together and i had dropped entire cun inside her pussy.

Then, We were stood nude on roof. It was dark everywhere. I came behind her and started rubbing my dick on her asshole. She was also pushing her butts back to get my dick inside her asshole. Her asshole was tight and my dick was not going inside. Then, she bent on her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She made my dick wet with her nice sucking. My dick was erected again. Then, I kept her hairs in my hands and started her mouth fucking. She caught me tight by keeping her hands my butts and was sucking my dick fast. I said – i am cumming. I wanted to took my dick out. But, she didn’t allowed and put her teeth on my dick. I cummed inside her mouth and she had drunk my all cum. She also made my dick clean by licking my all cum.

Then, we sat on bed and was talking. I kept my hand on her lap and was pressing it. She said – what you want? I said – no. I had not fucked your final hole. She laughed and said – you want tear that hole too? She smiled and said – you can do anything with me. I never said no to you. She had taken my dick in her hand and was sucking it Hard. She made my dick erected in few minutes of sex sucking. I was pressing her boobs. I had slept on bed on her stomach. I put pillow down her pussy and opened her legs. Now, her asshole pink asshole was in front of my eyes. OMG! what a sexy ass she had… my tongue was juicy and i kept my tongue on her asshole and licked. I made it really wet and then pushed my one finger inside her asshole. She felt pain but i ignored her shout and was fucking her asshole with my finger. I was pushing my finger in and then puling out. Then, i pushed two and then three… i fucked her asshole with my three fingers for sometime.

When, i felt her asshole was ready for dick fuck. I kept my dick on her asshole and pushed fast. Her asshole was really tight. My dick went inside only little. She was shouting a lot. I also felt pain but i had pulled out my dick. There was not one to hear our painful shouts. I was keep stroking my dick on her asshole. I was not cumming so easy now. I had fucked her asshole for 30 minutes. after sometime, she started supporting me and started moving her butts back. She was also enjoying and abusing me in punjabi – fuck me… fuck me.. fuck my ass.. tear my ass now… I had filled her asshole with cum. I was really tired and then fallen on bed. My aunty also enjoyed whole night. Now, i fuck her whenever we have time. She also helped me to fuck her sister. Do you, punjabi women are really awesome for fucking.

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