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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello friends, I am Vinay Ahuja. I am a teacher and i would like to share one of sex experience which happened in my school. I am 49 years old and my wife is 45. She is not no more in mood of sex whereas my urge for sex is growing day by day. I don’t have any control on my dick. Whenever it see any sexy hot ass and big boobs, It was pumping and i have to do masturbate. I am working in school which is near by to my home.

I teach computer in school. We don’t have culture to operate computer period in class. They run only in computer lab. That day, 9th class came in computer lab first time. Good and young boys and girls. I saw one babe who is very hot and sexy. That day, I had changed my eyes for young girls. She had big and well built things. Girls wear skirt in our school and it is below the knees. So, their things are easily visible to anyone. She was playing with her hairs and arranging her skirts.

I had seen many girls but the feeling came inside me after seeing her was really different. My dick was hard and i felt warmness on my dick tip. One day, I was working in computer lab and alone. She came in computer lab. I saw her and asked her name. She told me her name “Reshma”. She wanted to learn computer graphics from me. I also keen to be close with her. So that I can get a chance to fuck her. I didn’t wanted to let her this go. I asked her to come in next day afternoon.

We had sports day next day and most of the students and teacher was out from the school building. School was almost empty and it was more looking like a official holiday. I was eagerly waiting for her. She came in computer lab and sat just in front of me. She had opened the upper button of her shirt. Her shirt was so deep, i could see her cleaveg clearly. I asked her to sat on one computer and also settled myself just next to her. My body was touching to her body. Friend, it was really so smooth feeling that my dick was instant hard.

I had kept my hand on Reshma hand which was on mouse and started showing how to work. I had kept one folder open in which i had stored nude pictures and blue films. I had my other hand on her lap. Wow, her thing was so smooth. It was wonderful, so sexy. I was not able to control my dick now. Suddenly, She opened that folder and nude pictures were in front of her eyes. She was starring those pictures. I found this was right opportunity and I had given my hand inside her skirt. Her panty was wet.

I got to know that she was also horny now. I took her and taken her inside my cabin. She was just trying to understand what was happened. I was out of control now. I had removed my pant and my dick was out in open air. It was jumping like monster. I had given my dick in her hands. As she felt the warmness of dick, she started moaning ahhhh… ooooo… I had removed her school shirt and skirt. She was wearing bra and panty. I had opened them in on go.

Wow, She was virgin and was looking so beautiful. She was fair and her sexy smooth body was making me seriously mad. I took her boobs in my hand and was pressing them so hard. She was moaning in pleasure and throwing her legs on me. I caught her legs tight and then started rubbing my dick on her pussy. It made her mad and she was saying… oooo… hahahahah… ahahah… It is really good. I am feeling hot…

I was also not able to control any more. I pushed my dick hard. Her pussy was tight as i told you she was virgin. Even, her pussy was really wet but my dick went few inches. I pulled out my dick and spit on it and then spit on her pussy. I had given some massage on my dick and her pussy too. Then, I stroked again and my dick this time entered more than half of my length. Her pussy started bleeding. She wanted to shout but i had kept my hand on her mouth.

She had bitten on my hand and was scratching my hands with her nails. But, I was not able to control by matured dick. It was getting taste of young pussy really after long time. I was just stroking hard and fast. She was shouting and moaning. I was not about to cum. I pulled my dick and opened her mouth. I had dropped my cum inside my mouth. Then only she realised what happened to her. She was back in her senses.

She slapped me and tried to walked. But, my dick had torn her pussy. I went outside and got some warm water and a towel. I cleaned her pussy and help her to wear her school uniform. Till the time, she been my class, she never had spoken to me. During exams, i always gave full mark to her even she had not written anything. But soon, I was famous with the name of “fucker teacher” among student. daring girls love to come to me and seduce me by showing their boobs and things. They make me aggressive to fuck them.

Inspite of all this, I had fucked more than 10 girls in my cabin. I am lucky that i had opened the seal of those girl and helped them to lost their virginity. But, for me Reshma has special corner as she was one whom changed my eyes for young girl and shown me the way of fucking them. Now, I am a satisfied owner of a satisfied mature dick.

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