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Added : 2015-12-18 18:16:09
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello friends, I am Harsh and I and 24 years old. I reside in Delhi. I can proudly says that whom so ever i fucked i mean aunties, bhabhies or girl; they all had been so satisfied that they loved to be fucked again and again from me. I am sharing my first sex story. This sex encounter was with my friend Soham’s sister Priya. She was 6 years elder than me. She taught me wild fucking. I was 18 years that time. We all friend used to do group study. Among all friends, only Soham has the separate room in his house. Thats why we all used to go to Soham’s house for study. I and Soham used to study till late in night. So most of the time, I used to stay at Soham home. Soham sister Priya was an engineering student and she used to teach us maths. Priya was 24 that time. She was very fair and well shaped girl. Her boobs were must 36 big and rounded. Her butts awesome sexy. I was not much aware about sex or lady figure that time.

One night, when we had been over from studies. It was late night. Soham asked to stay with him. His parent slept in master bedroom and I was sleeping with Soham and his sister Priya on same double bed. In mid night, i urged for pee and went to bathroom. As i entered in bathroom, I was amazed seeing the scene in front of my eyes. My sleep was no more in my eyes. Priya didi was laying on floor. She was all naked and she was fingering inside her pussy. She was moaning and sounding slowing. She was enjoying this. She saw me and stopped and scared. I pretended that I was in mid sleep and said sorry to her came back to bed. After seeing me, she also came out from bathroom, worn her clothes and came back on bed. Then only, i went for pee again. I awaked next morning and came back to my home. I was think about her only. What was she doing? I was not aware about this. But, i had crazy feeling when was thinking about her nude body. My dick was hard and I was not know, when my hand approached my dick and I started pulling it. It was superb feeling. and after few minutes, i got cum. Some white liquid came out. I felt pain when it came out but i also enjoyed.

I did my lunch and slept in my room. That evening, I again went to Soham hone and was starring Priya didi. She had noticed that i was seeing her with different eyes. It happened for some days. One day, Priya didi was alone at home. She called me up and asked me to come down. When i reached there, she took me inside and shut down the door. She said – do you wish to eat something? I said – no didi. I am full, had lunch just before sometime. Then, she asked – why do you Starr me now a days? I said – no no, it is not like that didi. She said – oh ohh.. You always say truth. I know everything. She smiled and then asked again. She said – when you came to bathroom that night and saw me. Have you told about that to anyone? I said – no. She smiled and said – do you know what was i doing? I nobbed my head in no. She smiled and came close to me and sat next to me. She said – if you promise, i can teach you and tell you what was i doing? It will give you fun. We both will do something hot and crazy. We both will have fun. But you have to promise me that you will tell about this to any one. I was also excited now and said – my promise. I will not tell about all this to anyone.

Then, she said – remove your clothes. I said – oh.. no no…. I feel shy. My face was blushing that time. She said – don’t worry. Don’t feel shy and in few second, she had removed her clothes and was completely naked. Now, she saw me and asked – remove na baba. I started feeling hot and horny by now and i had removed my all clothes. My dick was hard. She saw me dick and said – you dick is little but cuite. She caught it and started pulling it. I was enjoying this. Then she sat on her knees and pressing my dick and instantly taken in her mouth. As she had taken my dick in her mouth. I felt amazed and been mad. She was sucking my dick hard. I was so horny that i started my butt and started fucking her mouth. Friends, i can’t tell you. How sexy i was feeling. When my dick was going deep in her mouth and was touching her tongue.. hmm.. I was feeling, electric current was giving shock to my body. I was feeling sweet pain on my dick tip. I believe, everyone had during first fuck.

Now, she brought oil and massaged my dick. She took some time and then asked – do you want to suck? I said yes. She pulled me over her and asked me to take her boobs in my mouth. I was enjoying. Hmmm… beautiful… I was enjoying. Her boobs were so soft. i had taken her pointed tits between my teeth and was biting and sucking hard. She started moaning in pleasure hhahahah.. ahahah.. ahahah… ahahaha.. aaaaa.. Her voice was surrounding in entire room. She asked me – press it hard.. I started pressing her boobs with my full force. Her boobs were been red. Then, she asked – leave and lick my bottom. I said – where? She opened her legs and indicated to her pussy. What beautiful pussy it was? beautiful… pink and reddish. She forced me – lick it. I started licking it. I touched my tongue on her pussy and was licking. She was pressing my head inside her pussy. But, i didn’t like it initially but when i got its sour taste, I liked it. I was licking it hard… She was moving her ass and butts. She was moaning with crazy voice ahaa ahaha ahah ahah ahah… Hmmm.. I was enjoying. She was sounding… suck me.. suck… hard.. suck hard… hmmm… yes yes… you are good. I am been crazy… yes… oooohh… yes… We both were tired. Then she pulled me over and licked my lips for 5 minutes. Then she took my dick in her hand and said – it is your dick and kept my dick on her pussy. She said – now, you have to push it inside. Her pussy very wet. As i stroked, my dick was inside her pussy. Hmmm… it was so sexy. I felt like i was in heaven. I was pushing my dick and pulling my dick out. I was stroking hard inside her pussy. I was feeling so warm. She was also pushing her ass back and moaning ahah ahah ahaha ahah ahaha… it is so good…

We both were enjoying. After sometime, She said – now lay on floor and let me come over you. She came over me and took my dick in her hand and sat on my dick. Then, she sat with force on it. She pushed me on my chest and started jumping on my dick. Wow, what was the sexy feeling? Friend, i can’t explain in words. Entire room was full of our moaning sound and sound which our body was doing thap thap thap thap thap… She was jumping hard. Suddenly i cum and my cum dropped inside her pussy. I felt pee and i started peeing in her pussy. She felt some warm water in her pussy. She asked – what are you doing? I said – i felt pee. She asked – you cum? I said – yes. She annoyed and said – you must told me. Then she said – you don’t masturbate? I said – no. She went to bathroom and came after sometime. Then, she said – you enjoyed? I said – yes. She again asked – hmmm, you don’t know, how to masturbate? I nobbed my head in no. She smiled and said – thats why your dick is small. Now, you don’t worry. I will make it big. Then we had fucking scene after 2 days. We had sex so many times and now my dick had been like gaint monster and when it started fucking, it make hell experience for female.

All females love to get fucked with my huge monster dick. If you love to take big men tool inside you pussy and love experiments in sex. Then, you will regret to have sex with me. I am waiting letters from sexy and hot females. Please write me back. I am waiting here.

So friends, Please give you love to me mentioning how you like my story or my real sex encounter with my friend’s sister Priya didi in you comments. I always love to read your comments.

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