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Lesbian sex of my mother and aunty

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Added : 2015-12-18 18:25:20
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Hello friends, I am Amit (not my real name, I am changing due to safety reasons) and i am a middle aged man now. I had few secrets which are still closed in my heart. I am reading sex stories since quite long and found this is good platform to share our thoughts or deep intimate secrets which you can not share openly or publicly. It happened when i was 20 and was not much aware about sex. I belong to village area and people in young age are not much aware about sex than people who stay in urban areas. I was also like normal young guy who just love to enjoy life.

In village, mostly men stay out of house either on jobs, fields or place where pets lives. I had my father and my uncle, my father’s younger brother in house and two of my elder brother. I was youngest one. Thats why i was free kind of sin. My father and uncle used to stay in field and stay at home ones in a week in night. My bothers was working in city. So that also come ones in a month. I was the only male member, who was staying maximum time in house. My mother and my aunty used to sleep in same room on same bed. I also slept there but on different single bed.

Sometime, i used to noticed that, the bed used to be shaken. I tried to see but due to darkness, it never was possible. But, One day, I opened upper window and i could see what was happening in moon light. My aunty and my mother was playing with each other body. They were passionately kissing and they were sounding like hmmmm… ummmm.. ammmm…. It was making me horny and my dick became hard. I was not much aware about this feeling but I was feeling so hot from inside and my body temperature gone up. I had taken sheet over my head and covered myself. I was seeing all this from a small hole.

Suddenly I saw, my aunty came near me and saw whether I am sleeping or not. When she believed that I am sleeping. She went back to bed started removing my mother’s blouse. She removed my aunty’s too. Now, both were only in petticoat. no one was worn bra inside. I was so horny by now and removed my clothes from bottom and i was naked from legs. My dick was pumping like anything. So awesome feeling, it was. I was seeing that sexy act. My mother took my aunty’s face in her hands and was kissing on her lips. Wow, my lips was dry and i was biting on my lips. They are kissing eachother and pressing and pulling each other boobs and tits. My mother had big boobs than my aunty but aunty boobs were much fairer and have pink tits. Her boobs were rounded and small.

Then, both ladies were damm hot and they passionately removed the balance clothes from each other body. Now, they both were naked. My mother had lots of bushes where as my aunty had clean shaved pussy. Her pussy was fairer and a pink door was attracting me most. My mother made my aunty against bed side and opened her legs. Then She sucked her finger and kept it on her clit. As my mother touched her finger there, my aunty moaned siiiiiiii… shshshiiiiiii… opps…. Didi, what you always do? It is so awesome when you touch me…. sisisisisis…. shshshshshiiii…. My mother was smiling and said – I learnt it my mother – in – law. She always made me horny and we used to have sex till long time.

I was amazed listening that but later came to know why most of village female are lesbian. But, very less people know this truth as it always happen in closed walls. Then, my aunty started pressing my mother’s boobs and was pressing very hard. It was like that she was pressing gear of any car. As fast she was pressing, my mother was increasing the speed of rubbing her finger on her clit. Now, my aunty also started moving her butts. She was shaking her ass fast. See this, my mother put her mouth on her pussy and as she touched her pussy with her tongue, my aunty started shouting aahahahah ahahah didi… no… please…. my mother caught her tight with her things and was sucking her really fast… My aunty had kept her hands in my mother’s hair and was pulling like a wild tigress. My dick was wet and it was leaking seeing so hot scene happening in front of me. I had taken my dick in my hand and was pressing it hard.

My aunty was pulling my mother’s hair like a bull is pulling cart and my mother was sucking as fast as she could. Suddenly, she said – didi, I am cumming. My mother started licking her normally. and pulled her over her. My mother laid on bed and my aunty sat on her mouth in opposite direction. My mother caught her butts and started licking her pussy again. MMmmmm… friends, i can not tell you what i was feeling. I was thinking, i must come out and fuck both ladies but I was scared. I was seeing her two ladies having super sex. Then, my aunty started shaking her ass fast and also pulling my mother bushes and was fingering in her pussy. In 5 minutes, my aunty got relaxed. She cummed alot. My mother’s mouth was full of her cum and it was flowing out over her face. She was licking it with her tongue and sounding hmmmm.. mmmm… where as my aunty was doing fingering in my mother’s pussy..

She was doing it really and my mother was shaking her heavy butts. and in another 10 minutes, she also released her juice. I could see her wet bushes. She smiled and asked aunty to lick. She said no and came down from her. Then my mother cleaned herself and aunty too. They worn her clothes and slept. I was so horny and after 15 minutes, i got up and went to bathroom. I was already leaked two times but my dick was not been satisfied. I again masturbate on my mother name and my aunty name and then came back. I think, they were aware that I was watching them. That why got sex with my aunty but not with my mother. I fucked my aunty when my mother went to my father that night.

We had awesome sex and i always remember that night. So friend, this is my sex secret which i wanted to share with you. I believe, you will love my story. Please share your thoughts in comments.

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