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Mom in affair with dad’s friend

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Added : 2015-12-19 00:30:27
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Hello friend, this is Sunil and I stay in Jaipur. M dad work in Indian railways. So, most of the time he is our from home. This is story is about my mom aftair with my dad’d friend. So, there is no point to tell about my height or dick size but surely, I will share about my mother’s beauty. She is 40 now and even after being this age. She never look like 40. She has maintained herself so well. I knew that there many dad’s friend who used to come to our house in my dad absence. We reside in railway colony and everyone works in railways. So, all know about duties and all.

My mom is open hearted woman and she never been shy to speak to anyone. This nature helped my father, not to worry about house and kids. But, he never knew that. This nature of mom will lead her to extra – material affair and it will go to bed also. Amit uncle was dad’s friend and colleague. They both joined Indian railways at same time but Amit uncle had soon shifted himself to ground duties. So, he never been out of home and have fixed duty hours. He used to visit to our house since long and even he used to in father absence and when my mom used to offer him coffee. He always sit and accepted the offer.

I also take it a casual thing but never thought that something was cooking between two since i had not seen them in obscene situation. One day, I went for my tuition but unfortunately, He got some urgent work in between and he called off the day. I came back to home. I heard that my mom was laughing with someone. I was little surprised as this mom used to sleep and if anyone disturb her. She always been very annoyed. i approached the side window and was trying to see inside. I was really amazed seeing inside. Amit uncle was there and my mom was also sitting. When i see more closely. They were all naked. my mother was all naked and Amit uncle was in underwear. My mother was sitting on his lap. He was kissing her neck and shoulder and pressing her boobs.

My mother was laughing and sounding straight ahah ahah aah… hmmm… hmmm… fast… please… press hard… hmmm… She was biting her lips… hmmm…. Amit… please… I am hungry… Please hard… harder…. ooo… It was so awesome scene. By this time, I was known about sex. I was seeing that my mother was having sex with my father’s friends. I got angry but then think. “Every person has their own need. and if one can’t satisfy his or her partner. They will look outside after his or her controllable limit. My mother asked my father to shift from field duties to ground duties. But, he always find a reason, not stay at home. He always want to avoid household duties and my mother’s attention.

My mother found a friend and a caring person in Amit’s friends. I was deep in thoughts, then i came out from that when i heard a shout from my mother. She was laying of sofa and Amit uncle had given his dick inside her pussy. He was stroking really fast. After 15 minutes of fuck, my mother was been calm and said – i had cum. Amit uncle smiled and took out his dick out. His dick really big and i could understood – why a woman be in love with him? more than 8 inch penis can satisfy any woman sexual urge. Then, he took her legs up and put her mouth inside her cunt. He was licking her cum and sucking hard. They were in such a place, I could see how he was licking my mom’s pussy. His tongue was long and when he touched its tip my mom pussy, She was moaning hmmm… hmmmmm… ymmmm and was shaking her butts…. I was been horny by now. My dick was hard and it wanted to come out.

I had taken my dick out from panty. Its tip was so hot and i was feeling something was coming out. It was my pre – cum. I had been very excited seeing my mother fucking. Amit uncle made mom all on sofa and came over her. They were in 69 position. Mom had take Amit uncle’s dick in her hands and started licking her tongue and he was still on her pussy. Amit uncle was moving her butts. My mother understood what he wanted? She had taken his dick in her mouth and started sucking well. She was taking it completely inside and then out. Amit uncle was pushing her butts and was fucking her mouth. Mom had crossed her hands on her back and scratching his back. I could see mom was very desperate for wild fucking now.

Uncle now sat of sofe and mom came on her lap. She took his dick in her hands and make it straight. She sat on his dick and as his dick went inside. She started shouting ooooo…. i am dying…. You dick is really big and hard. I feel, it been big every time. What you do? Are your doing something to make it big. Amit uncle was smiling and said – you are so hot and it like your pussy. So, everytime, it been in your punssy. It had been bigger, longer and thicker… Mom was jumping on his dick hard and uncle was also pushing up.. i could lister they were moaning hard ahaha ahaha ahahah ahahha ahahah… Suddenly, Uncle started pushing it hard fuck… fuck… he took mom’s butts in hand and started pushing fast up..down…up… down… ooo… I cummed tow times by now and my dick was still hard.

Mom had cum again and her speed was low but Amit uncle was making him fast jumping and in a minute, his butts was going up… and then he bent down… He released his all cum. I could see that his cum was coming out from mom’s pussy. Mom hugged her and kissed her. Uncle hugged her tight and they smooched really long. Then, they went bathroom and cleaned and came out. When Amit uncle went. I came back to home and went to my room. I had been naked and again masturbate on mom’s name… It was awesome… Now, I always love to see the live bluefilm of my mom and Amit uncle and do sexy and hot masturbate.

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