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My maid’s daughter took my dick

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Added : 2015-12-21 00:13:49
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Hello friend, I am Sahil and 29 now. I am unmarried guy and working in a IT company in Mumbai. I came here 6 years back. I was totally new to city. But, when i joined office, my boss helped me to get a flat near by to my office. My landlord was staying next door. They are old couple and live alone there. They had lost their only son in an accident and now spending time with each other of some social activity. When i came, they were happy. Her wife offered me that I could eat food with them but I didn’t want to bother them but i requested to help me to find a lady who could cook my food.

they had a lady who used to cook food for them. She used to come early in morning and used to go back to her home late in night. In the mean while she also started cooking food for me. She had one girl Meena. Meena is beautiful Maharashtrian girl and must be around 23 – 24 that time. Meena was divorcee. She got married very early and her husband was heavy drunker and he used to beat her. One day, he made her threaten to made sex relationship to a person whom he gambled and lost money. That person wanted her against the money.

My cooking maid and her husband filed a police complaint and brought back her daughter to home. She was doing household work with her mother. When i see Meena, I got attracted to her. She was beautiful. Best part was her eyes but they always be sad. She wanted to learnt english and my cooking maid requested me to teach her some english. I told her, I could give only in night. She said – it ok. She will come in night and ones class done; she will stay my landlord house. She was a bright girl.

She started learning and it has been more than 10 days now. She used to either nighty or some night dress and sometime, her dresses were short. She never wear bra inside. I always used to see her boobs which were come out. Whenever she bent down, her boobs tried to come out and those were completely visible to me. I always got excited and hard whenever saw her milky boobs. it always be difficult for me to control. She knew that I was horny and always try to adjust my dick. One day, it had become 12 in night. I said – lets close it. She said – tomorrow is Sunday. Lets spend some more time. I am not feeling sleepy. I said – ok. I also wanted to be with her. She was looking sex goddess that day. I was really horny and wanted to fuck her.

I understood my problem and came close to me. She put her hand pn my lap and my dick has been risen like a tent. She said – Would you like drink coffee? I was said – yes. She sent to kitchen and was making coffee. I was seeing her from outside and stood on kitchen door. Her ass was so tight and wonderful. My dick was pumping seeing her rounded butts. Suddenly, I felt so hot and then reached to her. I caught her from back and started rubbing my dick on her ass. She saw me back and before she could say anything, I put my lips on her lips. She was I think prepare for this. She had not said anything to me. She out her hands in my hairs and started pulling it.

I was licking her boobs line and kissing her all over. She was pressing my head inside her. I was so horny, i made her naked instantly and removed my clothes too. We both nude on kitchen. I pulled her up and settled on kitchen platform and the started kissing her again. We both were hugging tight and kissing hard. She had taken my dick in her hand and was pressing sooo tight… I was moaning in pleasure hmmm… hmmm. ymmmm… ahahah…. her breath was fast and warm. I could feel the warmth ness on my face. I think, she had not done sex since long. She was more excited than me. She started rubbing my dick on her pussy door. and trying to get it inside.

I was not done any delay and laid her on platform and opened her legs. I started rubbing my dick top in her clit. She had caught my shoulder tight and I could feel her nails inside my body. We both were burning in sex urge. I stroked hard and my dick tip went inside. Due to not done sex since long, her pussy had been tight and for me, it was like a new seal. She started shouting but she shut down her mouth putting kitchen cloth inside her mouth. She asked for more strokes. In second stroked, my dick went almost half and in third stroke, my dick was entirely in her pussy. She was feeling great pain but I had not stopped myself. I was pushing faster.. more faster. She was also responding back by shaking her butts.

After some time, he had taken cloth out and started moaning loudly ahahha ahaha.. ahahah.. hmmm…. fuck me… fuck me…. fuck me like bithc… you dog…. fuck me… I had changed the position and started fucking in doggy style. After 15 minutes of fucking, I was about to cum. I asked where to cum. She said – please cum inside. I want cum inside, want to feel it. I will take pill tomorrow morning. I had released all cum and we both fallen on floor. We laid naked in kitchen for some time and slept. Then, we went to bedroom and had another round of sex. We enjoyed alot. Now, it was our practise. First i taught her and then fuck her. One day, my maid told me that Meena got a job in Dubai. Thats why she was leaning English. She came that night and we had done our last fucking. That day, she allowed me to fuck her asshole too.

This how, I had my sex encounter my maid daughter. Meena had not come back and my maid still cook food in my home.

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