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Aunty gave me sex lessons

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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello friends, I am Virender and I belong to Haryana. We all know that there not much exposure for girl there and it is mainly driven by men. But, no one think about females who don’t satisfied where and how can they satisfy or how can they satisfy their sexual urge. No man bother about these. and these negligence and ignorance leads some not expected relationships. I was smallest in my family and very loveable to my mom, aunties and bhabhis. My father, uncle and brothers do work in farms and other business trades. Most of the time, they don’t be at home and sometime in nights, they don’t come. I was very close to my aunty Roopa. Roopa aunty got married to youngest uncle. Uncle is working on a job outside the city.

He wanted to take aunty along but my father and elder women not allowed him. Years passed on and he or aunty was habitable to live alone. Now, uncle and aunty don’t want to spend time to each other. If uncle come to home. Either he spend time in farms or with my mother or his elder bhabhi. He spend very less time with his wife. Thats why they have not become the parents till time. Roopa aunty used to teach me as she is the highest educated in my family. I and some other from neighbour used to come and teach. She loves all this. My mother and elder aunty always busy in household work and never allowed Roopa aunty to work with them as she is the youngest.

When i had been 18 and started understanding human relationship. My aunty gave me my first sex lesson. It was not planned but happened. I never expected that I will fuck my aunty or she will seduce me to invite to have sex with her. It was Diwali time. I was on leave and most of time, I used to sleep. Day time was not so cold but nights were very cold and we used take blanket. I had my room on roof. We had lots of guest on Diwali and my room was given to guests. All other room were already occupied. I could not sleep in hall as it was very cold there. Aunty asked mummy – I could sleep in her room. She will be ok. Mummy thought little bit and then said – ok. I only wear underwear during sleep.

I went to her room and she made a separate bed for me next to her double bed. I asked to switched off lights and removed my clothes. I felt thirsty. As i tried to take glass, due to darkness it slipped from my hand and my bed been wet. Aunty switched on the light and saw me. She had seen me in that before also. But, it was day or in public. My dick was little hard and anyone could see its hardness. Aunty sad, if you still sleep on this bed. You will be ill. Come and sleep with me. She had double blanket. We were on two opposite side of bed but due to coldness, we both were pulling blanket. In sometime, it had been closer and my butts was touching to her butts. Friends, believe me… My body feel electric shock and my dick was running like a mad horse. It was pumping so fast. My heartbeat was fast and I could hear it sound.

I turned around and saw aunty also turned around same time. We were quite and seeing in each other eyes. We both were breathing fast and i could hear the breath and feel the warmness of her breath. Her boobs were going up and down and my dick was pumping and touching her body. She was feeling the pumping of my dick on her pussy. She was wearing a nighty. She was not wear bra and panty inside. I was seeing in her eyes and suddenly our lips been so close and then we were kissing each other. We both were kissing and licking. She had take my head in her hands and was playing with my hairs. She turned so horny. I took lead and started sucking her lips. She had taken my dick in her hands and started moaning ahahah ahahah ahahah… ahahahah…

Viru, fuck me today… I am very thirsty… Your uncle don’t fuck me… and your father always want to fuck me. But, I never allowed him to come closer to me. I was listening to her. Her talks was making crazy. She was saying. I was dreaming about you dick. You are a strong boy. I always wanted to fuck you, ride you. It was my first sex. I was new and not know much. I said – i don’t know how to do? She smiled and took lead. She removed her night. Wow… What were big boobs… her brown tits were wonderful. She asked me to press her nipple and suck her tits as baby do. I was doing same. My dick was pumping so hard. I was feeling pain. She was also so thirsty.

She came over me and started rubbing her clit on my dick tip. As she was doing, i was feeling pleasure and she was moaning… hmmm… hmmm.. ahahahah…. aaaaaa… then she suddenly sat on my dick and her pussy went taken my entire dick. I was about to shout with pain. But she bent and took my mouth in her lips. She was sucking my lips so well… In 5 minutes, I started pushing my dick up and down. It was so pleasure. When she felt, i am ok. She started jumping on my dick.. yes… she was fucking me hard…. I was pressing her boobs and she was jumping…. Then, she came down and asked me to bent on knees and opened her legs. She crossed her legs on my back and asked me to fuck her.

It was so awesome. I was feeling so sexy… It was so wonderful. I was about to cum. She said nothing and I released my all cum inside her. She was sounding so wonderful and biting her lips too.. ammmmm.,,,, mmmmm,,,, mmmmm…. Her eyes were closed. In 5 minutes, my dick became small. She hugged me tight and we slept naked. She charged me 2 more times and I fucked her as she taught me.. It was so pleasure. Then, we had sex as much as we could. One day, she said – she came to know about one baba ji. She wanted to go him with me. We went in a hotel and i fucked her for 2 days. She had become pregnant. All were happy and she is now mother of 2 my kids…

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