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Unsatisfied sister took my penis

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Added : 2015-12-21 13:40:10
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Hello friends, my name is Sumit and I am 34 now. I have a story which is basically secret of my life. This secret is between me, my sister but my mother also was aware about this. As she was witnessed of all conciseness. I loved my sister Simi very much. She was so beautiful and very pretty. We are a punjabi family. You must be known that Punjabi females are very pretty and beautiful. My sister was like that also. I am 2 years younger to my sister and we had good love. When she got married, I was very upset but soon i was good as she was happy. She comes every year to home for few days. It was more than 4 years now but she had no kids.

I was 24 that time. She had no kids even after 4 years of her marriage. When she came to home. She was not happy and crying. One day, she was talking mummy. I was hide myself behind the curtains and trying to hear them. She was crying and saying to mother.

Simi – You have spoiled my life mother.

Mother – why? What happened?

Simi – it is been 4 years now. I am not been mother. My mother – in – law made me crazy. She comment anywhere, anytime. I am been mad now. I want to get over this all bullshit now.

Mother – Why? What is the problem?

Simi – How can i give birth to child? We had not sex since our marriage. He has not touched me even a single times.

Mother (with surprise) – means?

Simi – His penis is only 2 inch. It is not get hard enough. He is a gay and he loved to get fucked by his friend. His friend fucked his asshole. They also want to fuck me infront of my husband but I had threaten my husband. if they do any nonsense, I will open her secret to her mother.

Mother said – are you insane. You must told his mother and us long time back.

Simi – He had given me wasta of Sumit. how could in do? I love him so much?

When she was saying this. Suddenly, she stopped and was thinking something. I think, she had seen me and she came to me and caught me and said – You heard everything?

I said – yes.

She said – Now, i know. Why i am sad? I love you very much. Thats why I am keeping quit.

I said – yes. What do yo want?

She said – I will tell you in night. She was blushing and slapped me slowly on my cheeks.

She said to mother after dinner that she will sleep with me that night.

We went to room and chatted till 12 o’clock. I asked her – you wanted to tell me something. She smiled and took her mobile phone. Then she started a movie clip and gave mobile phone to me. I saw and surprised. It was a blue film. I was seeing her face and then was seeing the film. It was so hot and sexy. My dick started pumping. My sister was seeing me and seeing my penis. I was seeing the clip and she had taken initiative. She took my penis and started pressing it. It was superb feeling. She had removed my lower. I don’t wear underwear in night. As she removed my lower, i was naked from bottom. She had taken my dick in her hands started pressing it.

I was moaning ahahah ahahah… hmmmm… My breath was fast and i was breathing heavily. She came closer to me and said – please, fuck me tonight. My pussy is thirsty since 4 years. It need a big penis. I knew, you have big dick. My dick had been more than 7 inch and It was uncontrollable. Her face was blushing and then she pushed me back on bed and pulled my foreskin back. It was paining me but i was enjoying too. She had taken my dick in her mouth. I still had mobile phone in my hands and was seeing. She was sucking me penis very tight. I was feeling that i had been into heaven. Suddenly, I felt something was coming out.

Suddenly, I felt something was coming out from my penis. I started moving my ass up and was fucking her mouth. She understood and took out my dick from her mouth and then my dick released all cum. My cum made her face wet all over. She cleaned it and started pressing it again. My penis had become very small. Believe me friend, it was my first discharge of life. But, It was so sexy, so awesome and gave me ultimate pleasure.

She made my penis hard in 10 minute again and this time, it seemed that its length and thinkness had been more. By that time, I was completely horny and kept her mobile phone on side stool. I asked her to come over my face. She came over me and put her wet pussy on my lips. I started licking her clit. As i had touched my tongue, she moaned haahaahahah… ahahahaha…. slow… slow…. It was making her crazy. She was moving her rounded ass. I was not able lick. I caught her sexy butts and fucked her pussy with my tongue.

She said – now, please fuck me.. I can’t control any more. I was feeling same. She laid on bed and I opened her legs and kept on my shoulders. I started rubbing my penis over her pussy. I was doing same as I saw in that blue film clip. Than i stroked. She wanted to shouted but she kept a pillow on her face and her shout was inside her thought. I was stroking madly. Her pussy was really tight. My penis foreskin also been removed. Her skin and my penis was bleeding but we both was doing hard fucking. She was supporting me and moving her ass fast. Then, I was about to cum again. I said – where to release? She said – inside. I am also cumming. I released my all cum inside and she also fired her gun. We both wer tired and then fall on bed. We slept for time naked and then we went to bathroom.

She cleaned me and herself and then we had one more round of fucking. She stayed for 7 more days. I fucked her pussy and asshole every night. When she had been back to her home. We had received good news that she was going to be mother after 4 years. Everyone was happy and me too… “as I was going to be father of my own sister”.

So friends, please share your feeling after reading my this secret. I am waiting for your responses.

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