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Indian sex story of swapping

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Added : 2015-12-21 13:46:36
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello friend, I am is Anshul and I am 54 years old married guy. Today I am narrating one hot Indian sex story which took place in my life.

My wife is also over 50. Our marriage was done at smaller age and we had kid too. By 45, our kids had been settled in their life and they marriage was done. So, they were staying separately and we also decided not to interfere their life. I had taken volunteer retirement. I had deposited good money. So, Household expenses were never be problem. But, our life has been monotonous now and we really wanted to do something extra – ordinary. But, we were not able to understand what we were missing. We had decided to go for world – tour but still we were not happy that much.

One day, I was surfing internet and i was really not aware what was i exploring? but I found a website which was specially made for people who were getting order and was spending monotonous life. I made a profile and describe ourselves and our wishes. I was lucky enough and got a message from a person. She was single lady but had a friend. Her name was Amita and her friend name was Ashok. They were also met here on this website and then been into relationship since last 1 years. Now, they wish to explore more and that’s why they contacted us.

Amita was from our city and Ashok was from nearby city. They used to meet over weekend. I had not told about them to my wife as I wanted that she will not be ready for some experiment in life. But, I thought if she will meet them and speak with them. She can understand the new point to live life. They came to our house and my wife was seeing me with surprise. I had introduced them with wife. She is a good host and gave them good hospitality. She was very happy to meet them. We had dinner and then went for icecream. We had a walk. We all were watching TV. Suddenly, Ashok and Amita started kissing each other. I was seeing my wife, she was seeing them with surprised eyes.

I also been close to her and started kissing her. Suddenly, Ashok came close to us and started pressing my wife boobs. She was going to reach but I went to Amita and started kissing her. Amita had started playing with my hairs and we were doing hard smooch. My wife was thinking but Ashok was not giving any chance. He was best in foreplay. He came over her and started kissing her hard. He started opening her clothes and made her nude. Amita also removed her clothes and was making me completely naked. Now, My wife was all naked and Ashok had removed his clothes too. I must say, Ashok penis was bigger and thicker than mine. My wife was starring her penis. Ashok asked her take his penis in her hands.

She had taken but was feeling shy. Ashok had taken her hand and put on her dick. Her dick was big and my wife was twinkling her eyes. I thought, she was ok now. I started playing with Amita. Amita sat on sofa and pulled my wife also. She started pressing her boobs and started kissing her. Ashok and I bent on our knees and was licking two women well. Those were moaning in pleasure ahahah ahahah ahah… ooooo… my wife kept her hands on Amita boobs and started pressing and Amita was doing same with my wife. i could see that my wife was enjoying this. We both were happy and enjoying with little different step of sex. Amita is longer capacity than my wife but my wife said to Ashok, I am cumming please fuck me now. Please fuck me your big dick. It is really huge.

Ashok smiled and made her sleep onr floor. He opened her legs and then put his dick on her pussy. he started rubbing his dick over her pussy and then he stroked. My wife started moaning ahahaha ahahahah ahahahha… my pussy is not ready for his big monster. It is huge. Ashok was stroking hard and fucking her hard. My wife was moving her ass fast and suddenly her body was moving fast and then suddenly got calm. I got to know that she had cum. Ashok also increased her speed and then released his all cum inside her pussy. I also had been over Amita and opened her legs too. Amita took my dick in her hands and started rubbing on her clit. She was shaking her as and moaning ahaha ahahah ahahah.. lovely… lovely…

When, she was doing this. I stroked and given my dick inside her pussy. her pussy door welcomed my dick and my dick went completely inside. She was moving her ass round – round and enjoying the hard fucking. I was also enjoying as my dick was feeling a different pussy. I was about to cum. I said Amita, I am cumming… She started pushing her ass fast and caught sofa handle tight and i also increased my stroking speed. We both released our cum same time with loud voice ahaha ahaha ahahaha… and then our bodies been calmed and relaxed. I slept on floor and Amita came over me. Ashok was laying on my wife naked body. She enjoyed alot and me too. We had not got out entire weekend. We all four was completely naked and not worn any clothes and enjoyed the fucking whenever anyone want.

My dick was in pain as I had fucked my wife asshole first time and fucked Amita’s all holes so many times. Ashok fucked my wife all over and made her so satisfied that she had been in love with him. It was our fast couple swap which was very romantic and then we had good relationship with them. They also introduced us with a club whose members were swap couple. We had parties on weekends and anyone can have their choice or partner.. large number to swap… What do think, is this life good after 50?

Friends, I will wait for your valuable comments on this Indian sex story. Did you like my Indian sex story or not?

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