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Wife or prostitute – Who gives better sex?

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Added : 2015-12-26 13:23:44
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Hello friends, My name is Mayank and I am 34 now. I don’t know about others but my urge for sex is huge. If I been lucky, I love to have sex with as many as women in same time. I love to have sex with mostly elder females and love fairer females. I love to fuck every women, every race, from every Indian states and from more countries. I also love to have sex with couples. I am a married person but my wife has opposite urge of sex desire. She do sex only to sake have sex with me. I tired many experiments with her. But, she was not so keen and when she objected to support me. I quit the idea to get ready her as per my sexual desire.

I know there are many men at least in India who has same problem. Their wife only do sex to give birth kid and when men wish to enjoy the sex, they either stop him or denied to support. There are also few lucky men whose wife sexual urge is more then their handling and those women if not satisfied love to have sex with other men. It is a real fact which every man can talk about this for hours. But, I am not here to discuss about this but I wish to share a small incident which happened to me when I was alone at home. My wife went to her parent home. She had taken kids along. I was alone in house.

It was December 2014 last year. She went to her home in kid’s winter vacations. I was alone. It was i think 24th Dec. Next day, it was christmas holiday. One of my colleague said – Boss, you should give us party. He was Amit, my team mate. I was heading 5 members team. 2 were married person and 3 was bachelor. Married guy said no to join the party. Amit and other 2 guys went to party spot. They sms me the party venue address. I went to home first. Freshen up and then reached there. It was a beer bar. We went there and had some hard drinks. Amit was a jolly fellow and he know how to live life full. He went to dance floor and pulled others two also. He was requested me too but I said no to him. Those 3 were enjoying dancing and I went to bar counter and asked for some more pegs.

Suddenly, I heard a beautiful voice from behind. She was asking – “can you a drink for me?” It was so beautiful voice, i could not resist myself to lock back. As I saw her, my eyes were just stayed on her. What a hot babe she was? She was tall must be 5.6 fit. She was I think Russian girl. She had worn a sleeveless top and a mini skirt. She was smelling superb. She had blue eyes and was seeing me only. She came to me and again asked – “will you buy a drink for me?” I said – off course. She sat next to me and put her hand on my lap. I felt 440 volt current in my body. I never felt such hot feeling with my wife. She had taken vodka and I asked some rum for myself. I asked for her name? Her name was Nancy. She said – I am free for tonight.

I understood what she was saying. She was a call girl. When I on dance floor. Amit and other two were also busy with some girl. I called Amit and said – i am taking this girl to home. You wish to come? He also had spoken to some other girl. I asked Amit to see off those two guys and then we should leave. Nancy said – for your home, I charged 10000. I said – ok. I was so horny buy now. Suddenly, I realised that it is not good to take her home. I asked bartender to book two room. He handed over us two keys. One key I had given to Amit and then asked Nancy to come with me. I kissed on Nancy lips. We both went to room. Nancy entered first and sat on bed. I went to bathroom and removed my all clothes and put on towel and came out side. By the time, Nancy was also removed her all clothes and taken blanket above her.

She smiled seeing me and I had been inside blanket. I wanted to see body. So, i pulled blanket and saw her. She was so hot. Her boobs were big, rounded and very fair. I was getting mad and started pressing those hard. She was moaning in pleasure ahahah… ahahaha… ahah… yes… fuck me first… I am very horny. She removed my towel and taken my dick in her hand. She was saying – Indian big dick… hmmm… I am loving it… So huge… She was getting crazy. I put my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it. She hugged me tight and her nails were scratching my back. It was painful but i was enjoying. She started shaking her butts indicating to fuck her now. I stroked hard and my dick was entirely in her pussy. She hugged me tight and her nails were in my body. She was shouting hhhhhh… its huge……. fuck me… fuck me….

I was stroking very hard. She was also moving her ass. She started moving her ass fast and saying – I am coming love. I am cumming.. Fast.. fast… move your ass… fast…. I had increased my speed and she cum instantly. I was not cum yet and continued fucking for 15 minutes. Then, I cum alot inside her pussy. We was moaning in pleasure hhhh… hh…. ahahahah… hmmm… She said – you are good. You dick is wonderful. I love you fucking speed and style. I slept for sometime abd then I felt she was sucking my dick. We be in 69 position. I licked her for 45 minutes and made her cum again. Then I fucked her doggy style. She also allowed me to fuck her asshole and believe me she made me completely satisfied. I had paid more than she asked. She was also happy. She said – if i wish to have sex with her again. I said – will you celebrate new year with me? She said ok. She shared her phone number to me and then have sex 31st night with her. She was superb and wonderful.

I found the solution to satisfied my sexual urge with her and many more other call girls. Please make sure you must have safe sex with prostitute. Always wear condom for safe sex. If you are not happy with wife. Don’t look for any other person wife, bhabhi or your padosan… get a call girl and satisfied your sexual desire…

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