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Virginal Indian housewife comes to the US part 3

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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

When I pulled out, Jamal moved up, pushed Priya's body forward, and pulled her legs apart. He tried to slip his cock into her pussy, but he was surprised to find out that it wouldn't go in, and he didn't want to hurt Priya by forcing it.

Priya let me slip out from under her, then she turned her head back toward Jamal and said, "Go ahead. Push harder. I'm not going to let a tight fit ruin my day with all these delicious big cocks."

Jamal said, "I don't want to hurt you. I'll let you control things. You push, and I'll hold my ground."

So Jamal stood his ground, and Priya pushed back against him. After a couple of bent-cock failures, Priya succeeded in taking in his cock a few inches. But it still wasn't sunk in all the way, so Jamal and Priya succeeded in working out a rhythm that succeeded in gaining ground.

When Priya turned her head forward, her cheek bumped into Kareem's big cock. "Here, let my help you," he said. "See how far you can take this big cock into your mouth."

Silently, Priya took Kareem's cock into her mouth and began a back and forth motion that matched her rhythm with Jamal. To Kareem's surprise, every few strokes, she would deep-throat a little farther down, eventually taking in the whole thing without letting go. Her forward strokes were accentuated by Jamal's pounding from the rear. She was deep-throating a nine-inch cock while taking an 8-inch cock in from behind. That was 12 more inches of cock than she had ever had inside her before.

But she was also wasting another two feet of cock, as Michael, Einar, and Bobby waited their turns. She remembered advice that her mother had given her many times in her life: "If you can't multi-task, you can't be a good wife."

So, OK. It was time to get creative and do some multi-tasking. She knew how to proceed, but it would mean doing something she had never done with Sanjay and didn't think she would ever do with anybody. But here she was with 5 big cocks that she may never see again, so it was time to be creative and go that one step further.

She let go of Kareem's cock and slid off Jamal. She was now completely disconnected but remedied that situation by laying Einar on his back and mounting him. Reaching down, she took his cock in her fingers and guided him into her. She started rocking up and down until she had all but two inches in her pussy. Then she spread out and pushed hard downward until she only had an inch left. Next, she motioned bobby and Michael over and grabbed a cock in each hand. Then, she called Kareem and took his cock into her mouth.

She got it thoroughly wet with saliva, then giving him a no-nonsense look, she said, "This is new for me. Be gentle, damn it." Then she nodded her head toward her ass.

She had deep-throated the biggest cock, taken the next biggest into her pussy, now she was going to reuse the biggest cock again for her first ass fuck. Kareem added saliva to the end of his cock for maximum lubrication, then started pushing. No way. It was way too tight. Then he realized that for all her bravado, Priya was still inexperienced, nervous and tense. He gently patted her bare ass, then said, "This is a bit different, Priya. You have to relax for this. Now, just relax and let me in. It's easy; just relax."

He felt her relax, then pushed slowly. At first, it was still a no-go but he kept steady pressure until he felt a little movement forward. He pushed again -- and he was in. Priya grimaced briefly, then did her part by pushing back. From that point, she succeeded in getting more depth and more rhythm, and as Kareem was gaining access, Priya took Jamal by the cock and pulled him to her mouth. A cock in each hand, a man in her mouth, a man up her ass, and a man fucking her, while sucking her tits -- all at the same time: over two feet of cock inside her all at once and both hands full; now that's multitasking! Her mom would be proud of her.

She managed to get Kareem, Einar and Jamal all the way inside her at the same time. Their old teamwork instinct then kicked in as if they were working the perfect inbounds play under their opponents' basket. Using eye and head signals, they all came together and got off simultaneously. It was great teamwork, and this was the best play of their entire lives. Priya could feel the spasms in all three parts of her, as they filled filled her up with cum, while I took videos and photos.

The members of the team always prided itself in being unselfish and sharing in the scoring, so Kareem and Jamal moved aside, while Bobby moved to Priya's mouth and Michael moved to her ass. Kareem and Jamal were far from done, so they moved to the sides, as Priya grabbed a semi-flaccid cock in each hand and began stroking them back to life. The big Swede, Einar, was already reloading, so he kept his place under Priya, without ever removing himself from her pussy. He began a new, long, slow stroking motion, while Bobby and Michael matched his lead in front and back. For once, Einar was giving the assist. Priya quickly got the two fast-shooting guards off and now had six shots of fresh cum in her pussy, ass and mouth.

When Michael and Bobby moved away, Priya sat up on Einar's cock without letting go of Jamal and Kareem. She smiled at Sanjay and motioned with her head for him to come over. She had already swallowed both loads of cum in her mouth, but her lips and chin were still sticky and the salty taste remained in her mouth, as she pulled Sanjay to her and gave him a long, sensuous, tongue-filled kiss.

She grabbed Sanjay's hard cock and stroked it a few times, then rubbed it against each nipple before saying, "Go on back over to your seat. I have a lot of fucking to do before you get your turn."

As Sanjay returned to his audience position, Priya pulled Kareem's hard-again cock to her mouth and began deep-throating him again, as the tireless workhorse, Einar continued supplying Priya with the hard cock for long, deep strokes into her pussy. By now, her vagina had adjusted to the big cocks that had been assailing it and was now fully accommodating Einar. It would soon accommodate multiple more big cocks.

As the night progressed, each of the five men came at least twice in her pussy, twice in her ass, and twice in her mouth. In addition to that, a couple of tit-lovers on the team also tittie-fucked her and left her fabulous tits shiny with cum. I came once in her pussy. I can't remember a more satisfying piece of ass. When everybody else was done, Sanjay got a chance for sloppy seconds (20ths?). He was amazed at how tight she still was even after all that fucking and cumming.

Lovely Priya let me take photos and videos of everything she did. I kept one copy for my personal use. I will never spread it across the internet. However, you internet lurkers may still luck out. I gave a copy to Sanjay, and he can do what he wants with his copy, with Priya's approval, of course. My price for the video was one more night alone -- all night -- with delightful Priya.

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