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I am going to tell you a real story which happens between me and my friend “SWEETY”. I am working as a Project Manager in a well known Software Development Centre at Pune. Now about me, I am a well mannered, handsome guy of good looking character. In my company there are lots of young talented girls are working. Among them the most “Beautiful One” is “SWEETY”. She is 5.5” tall, long black hair which falls below her buttock, small eyes, red lips, long nose, good neck, etc…….. She likes to wear sarees rather than any other modern dress. She tugs saree very below here Navel. OH! The most beautiful thing is her deep navel. I stare at her when ever she came to me for asking doubts.

We were good friends. She invited me to her house and she introduces me to her family members. They all like me. I visit her house very occasionally. One day she told me that her father and mother wants to see me because it is for a long time I visited her house. I told her that I will visit their house after two days. She agreed and went to her work.

As agreed I went to her house after the work along with her in my car. She talks to me very freely because I told her that I am a friend after the work and in times of work I am her officer. After that visit, there developed some intensions in my mind about her beauty. On the next day she came to office wearing a red coloured saree and matching blouse she looks more good in that dress. Any one who see her in that dress get a sudden erection. She came to me and I appreciate her beauty and her dress. She become very shy and shook her head and returned to her work.

After one hour I called her to my office and said that I want to talk some thing personnel to her. Later in the evening, I told her that telephoned to her house and inform them that you will at urgent work and get late and stay with your friend. As told by me she does the same. Then we went to my house in the car. I made her sit in the front seat of the car. First she refuses to sit, but later she agrees. I switched on the Air conditioner of my car and play a classical music.

Within ten minutes drive we arranged my house and for my luck my family members are not there. From the neighborhood house I know that they all went to attend a death of one of my relative who is staying far away from the town. They all returned home after three days. So I decide to have fun with my dream girl “SWEETY” in these days. I welcomed her to my house and told her that there is no one in the house and they all went to the death of my relative. She sits in the hall and I went to my room for dress changing. After changing the dress I went to kitchen and made some tea and snacks to both of us and serve it to her. She told that if I ask her she made tea to me. I said it’s OK and stared to talk to her.

While talking she said that she wants to go but I told her don’t worry you said this to your family and she agrees to stay with me. We chat for a long time and at seven I ask her to prepare some food for both of us. At this time she said that she wants to change the dress I took her to my sister’s room and said that she must use the cupboard of my sister for dress changing. She wear a rose colour nighty and it is very transparent and I could easily saw the under garments. She wears a white Brassier and a red under skirt. I am also able to see the bulge of her panty outside her underskirt and nighty.

I went to bathroom and had a nice bath and come outside wearing a Lungi and T-shirt. I told her go and have a bath before food and she do so. After food we watch the television for some time along with chatting. Suddenly there is a power failure and there is total darkness in the room, she is sitting very near to my seat I caught her by her hand and console her. OH! What a lovely hands is that, I make a move and sit very close to her first she made an attempt to pull me aside but it in vain. I planted a slow kiss on her arms. The power comes on and she is making attempt to set free from my hands. I said to her that I am very much fantasy about her in these days and waiting for a day like this. She said she is a virgin and does not want to harm her future. I told her that there is nothing to worry and I will marry you. On hearing this she become happy and smile to me.
At this time I want to see you in Saree and she go to my sister’s room for changing the dress. I sit it self, she came to me wearing the Red Coloured Saree and matching blouse. She looks gorgeous in this saree in tube light. I went near her and hug her from behind and planted a deep kiss in her lips, our tongues met each other it went on for more than ten minutes, and while doing the same my hands were circling her big boobs over the saree and blouse. I kiss her neck, nose, eyes, lips, forehead for long time. I then made a move and kneel down to the floor and kiss on her navel, she moves in rhythm.

I took her in my arms and walk to my bedroom; I made her lie on the bed and sat besides her. She looks so charming in that mood. I again started to kiss her, she also gave back the kiss to me, then I told her that I am going to make love to you and I slowly remove the Palloo of the saree from her shoulders and press the boobs over her blouse and brassier. She moans very slowly that arouse me a lot and I began to unbutton the hooks of her blouse and brassier. I took off with in seconds and there the beautiful thing in front of me in full nudity. I touch the bare boobs with my hand and take her right boob into my mouth and started to suck it and my one hand is busy squeezing the other boobs. I do it vice versa for half an hour. She is moaning in ecstasy.

She responded me very well and I remove the saree from the hip and she is now in her underskirt and panty. I remove that also and she is in front of me in full naked. I quickly remove my cloths and I am also full naked. At this time my dick is in big erection, she notice it, I told her to take it in her arms and makes it to and fro movements, first she hesitated to do so later she do it for me. At this time I busy fondling her breasts, navel, ass etc….. She is moaning. I lick her navel, stomach and boobs. After some time I again kneel in front of her and started to kiss her “PUSSY” she moaned very lovely. Her pussy is well shaven and its opening is rose in colour. I like the smell of her pussy very much. I lick and kiss her pussy for a long time and my dick is in its full erection. I think it is nice time to fuck her. I told her that I am going to fuck you.

She smilingly said sir you can do what ever you want to me I am now yours. I kiss her and I slowly widened her legs and make my dick head into her pussy entrance and I slowly push its head into her virgin pussy, she started to cry in pain but I told her to clam. But she told me no sir please not do that it is paining, I assured her that it is because of you are for the first time and after some time you will be alright. I again pushed my dick deep into her and after five minutes hard time pushing my dick fully went inside her. Her pussy is very tight. So it is difficult for me to move very fast. I made no move for some time and later started to do some slow up and down movements her pain went off and she is feeling well and enjoying the fucking. I fuck her really for thirty minutes and I ejaculated the whole deep inside her pussy. After that we lay in the bed for some time in each others hands.
After 15 minutes I again fondled her and this time with out any hesitation she came to me and we had another session of fucking. Later we both went to bathroom and had shower. During shower I once again fuck her this time in the ass hole. It is very difficult to enter in to the ass. I applied some gel over my dick and her ass and fuck her first she cry in pain and later she enjoys the same. After bath we both went to bedroom naked and sleep in the same bed as husband and wife.

I did not sleep well in the night due to the things happens just minutes. I look at her naked body once more and hug her and started to fuck her. She also enjoys the same and during the whole night I fuck for more than 10 times and fill her pussy and ass with my juice. In the next day we both telephoned to the office and said that we were not coming to office for the next two days because of not well. I took her to her place and she told her parents she is leaving with me to my house for two days and will be back after the work. I appreciated her, she ask me to come to her bedroom and I accompany her to her bedroom, on getting inside, she hug me and told me that she wants me on this time in her bedroom and I fuck her in her bedroom. She takes another Saree and went along with me for my place. We do fucking all the two days in my house. On the third day we both went to the office and have our work. Later I marry her and live happily. We have a male kid. We have sex almost daily except in her periods.

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