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Chain reaction

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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Ours is a small family. Father is a manager in a pvt co whereas mother is a teacher in my sister’s school. I am rohit and my younger sister. The incident happens about 40 yrs ago when I was only 15yrs a high school student. One day due to death of a teacher school was declared closed and I returned home at around mid day. Our maid rinku was supposed to be alone at home. She was a slim girl younger to me. Her mother also worked at our house. Rinku used to come in morning and her mother in afternoon. Her mother was rekha a woman of 35 yrs little plum not more than 5’ tall. She had a very long hair. Though she was dark her face cut was attractive. For last two years I was attracted towards her .when I was 13 she one day unhooked blouse in front of me and offered me to suck her big and spongy melons. Thereafter very often I tasted her boobs regularly. But we ensured that no one sees us. Recently many time I requested her to undress fully but she refused and warned me that if I continue to insist she will even not allow me to suck her boobs. U can understand how difficult it was for me. Though in afternoon we used to stay alone but I could see her choot only after I fucked three cunts.

Any way that day when I returned home I saw father’s bike in portico and front door closed. I wanted to press door bell then I heard a voice,

“aap bahut jor se chhati dabate hai!” It was rinku’s voice.

I put my eyes closed to key hole but I could not see any thing.

“ranee ab apni choot ka darshan karado. Lund choot ke andar jaane ko tarap raha hai.”

“lekin meree choot abhee bahut chhoti hai…aur apka lund itna mota….”

“kuchh nahi hoga, chalo bedroom me aaj chodne do…”

Then I saw father totally nude lifted maid and moved to bed room. She was also nude. I was shocked to see this. A man of 40 yrs and father of a two children going to fuck a girl of his daughter’s age. They went out of my sight. I wanted to see their action. So I moved to backyard. Then I peeped through corner of window of parent’s room. Her legs were facing window .she was nude and lying on her back with legs wide apart. I could see her choot and even small clit clearly. In one hand she was holding father’s erect lund which was of normal size may be about 5” long.

“window bund kar do koi aa jayega.”

I sat on ground. “nahee ranee koi nahi ayega. Hawa aanedo chodne me mazaa ayega…”

“pahle batao kitna doge…” she enquired. Father was caressing her choot and said “ek hazaar rupya…” She pushed his hands away.

“wo dukaan wala paanch hazaar dega. Kam se kam dus hazaar do to lund choot me lunge.”

“theek hai…dungaaa ab chodne dooo. Mujhe office bhee jana hai” father sat between her legs and holding her thin waist he jerked her lund in her virgin choot. She must have felt pain.

“ohh maaa mar gayee…. Nahi chudwaungi…. Bahut dard kar raha hai…. Lund nikalo…”

She cried loudly. Father covered her mouth “kutia chilaa mut …. Abhee mazaa ayega..”

He pushed harder. I could see blood oozing out of her choot. She was sobbing but father continued fucking her and after about five minutes she moaned with pleasure…

“aaaahhhh……dhire…dhire …ahhh….raja…..chodo….choot…kooo…phar….do……”

She moved her hips and father discharged and lay still on her body…. She pushed her hips up and pushed father away from her body. White fluid mixed with blood oozed out of choot. Then I saw. She had no hair in pubic area or in arm pits. Her breasts were small not even handful. I cursed father’s luck .he plugged cherry of a small virgin girl. after few minutes she sat and wiped her choot with towel.

She stroked father’s limp lund “mazzaa aaya…” She enquired.

“bahut mazaa ayaa…”

“give my money…” she demanded.

“what’s hurry, now we will fuck every day and I will give you more …”

“first give me what u promised other wise I will tell everyone. and u will go to jail.”

She was professional. Father got up and from cupboard took out money and gave her. It was one wad of rs. 100. smile came on her face “be sure I will not tell any one.”

She continued, “now onward I will take only 500/- for each chudai from you…”

Father squeezed her breast and enquired how much she will take from others.

“kam se kam do hazaar.” She pulled father’s lund. “it is growing again”

Father pushed down her on bed and said “ek baar aur chodunga”.

She lifted her legs. “chood lo… aaj ….jitna baar chaho… lund choot me pel do…..’

But I had another idea. I wanted to fuck her before father fucks her second time. I ran to front and pressed door bell. Father came and opened door. He was wearing only lungi. Girl was not in sight. I told him reason why I am home early and enquired what happened to him. He said he wanted some paper. He went inside room and I came to kitchen. She faced me boldly and smiled. “you want anything” she enquired. Give me water and I will have lunch afterwards. There was no pain on her face. Her thick long hairs were spread on her back and she had worn a frock up to knee. I came out saw father fully dressed going to kitchen. He came out after few minutes. He must have kissed and fondled her. Rinku came with glass of water. After father left she bolted door from inside and sat on ground little away from me.

“rinku, come here.”

She got up and came near me. I held her right hand.

“rinku sit near me.” She remained still. I again asked her to sit on sofa. I pulled her and she sat beside me. She looked in my eyes. She must have guessed what is coming. I had so far had sucked her mother’s chuchi but she had taken a matured man inside her.

“rinku, sit on my lap.” I did not want to force any thing.

“chhiiii….. Mai ab badi ho gayee hun.” She covered her face with her hand.

“so what, you have seen binu so often hugs to me and she sometimes sleep with me in night.”

I again held her hand “come on, no one is home… sat on my lap…” She hesitated but got up and sat on my lap with her back on my chest. I pushed my legs between hers and widens. Her frock slips up above her thighs. I encircled her waist and tightened her.

“what u wears in night when you sleep with binu (my younger sister of her age)?”

I pulled frock little up and her shining thighs were getting exposed.

“mostly in shorts and sandow but when it is very hot I sleep totally nude.”

“she knows that you are nude” she was curious.

“I don’t know but she never told any thing about this… u can ask her, she is your friend…” I pulled frock little up…

“whether she sleeps away from you or on same bed.” Her voice became husky. Though she had her virginity broken half an hour before she was curious what I do with my sister.

“though we have large double bed but we sleep very close to each other. In fact she gets good sleep only when I hold her in my arms.”

Her thighs were now almost exposed. Frock was covering only her choot portion.

“you must be getting hard on while you sleep with so close with your sister like you are having now.” My lund under shorts was tight and she was feeling tightness.

“oh… Rinku once or twice in a week it becomes very difficult for me. Whatever I do, my lund continues to remain hard then I rub with binu’s exposed parts then only it gets cooled down.” I continued “some time I rub my lund on her small chuchi and lips…”

“you have not made her nude.” She whispered and I felt that she widened her thighs. I moved my hands on her chuchi.

“yours is little bigger than her.” I squeezed,” I thought of making her nude and even fuck her. But I did not get courage. You are so good… can you tell her to sleep without panty on then I will break her virginity.”

“I will tell her…” And she got up.

“why got up…”

“it is poking “she pressed my crotch. “don’t trouble it…make it free…” she stammered…

“why don’t you help me…?”

She bends to unbutton shorts. While she unbuttoned shorts I pulled her frock out of her body. She was nude. For once she looked deeply in my eyes and pulled down my pant. She pulled off my t-shirt. We were nude. She lies on her back on carpet and spread her hand.

“think me as your binu and fuck me hard. Just push lund deep in choot and fuck hard….. And tonight your own sister will take your lund in her choot also only if you satisfy me.”

“but I don’t know how to fuck… I never did before…”

“you fool just push your lund in this hole.” She spread cunt petals and directed me to entry gate to heaven. I followed her instructions. While fucking I kissed her lips, her chuchi and pump hard. she kept on moaning… I don’t know how long. It was most pleasant experience of my life. And then she exposed…”ahh… Rohit … u are much better than your father…you go deeper…my choot liked your lund… you will fuck me for free… ahhhh….you are very good we had just finished fucking when you came. Thank your father that he opened heaven gate for you….. You are darling…..fuck me bastard…. U behanchod…. Aaj raat behan ko chodna…. Pheer apni maa ko chodna…. Saali ko tumhare jaisa lund chahiye….hamesha…. Baigan se bur ki pyass bhujhati hai….. Ahhh raja…. Tumhari maa bahut chudasi hai…..ek din ek kutte ko ghar ke andar laakar apna choot kholke uske saamne bhaithi thee kutia… lekin…..kutta ko choot ki pahchan nahee thee saala bahar chala gaya… teri maa kutte se bhee chudwaeygi…. Kya pata…. Chudwa… chukee ho….saali ko dhandhe par bhaitha do….. Bahut paisa kamayegi…. Kya chuchi hai… mera bhee mun karta hai uski chuchi chus ne kaa. Ahhhh…. Kai baar maine usey nanga dekha hai… kis din usey ghar mey akele mauka dekh kar apna tana tun lund dikha do…. Saali bhul jayegi ki wohh tumhari maa hai….khud hi tumhara lund apne bur me legi…. Ahh raja dhakka mar te rahooo…… ahhhh ….. Tum meree maa ki chuchi do saal se chus rahe ho….. Mujhe sab maalum hai…. Tum…usko bhee ragad dalo…. Usko bhee mast lund chahiye…. Har aurat ko achha chodne bala chahiye…“

She was moving her hips fast. She continued…”U are only second lund in my choot but choot liked it. I may take many lund in my choot but my choot loves your lund…ahh…rohit fuck me, binu and your mother together on one bed… I want… those bitch to suck my choot….even I will make my own mother to suck me…..raja soon I will bring my brother’s wife to take your lund in her choot. She is too young…her breasts are small but very tight… I will arrange any cunt for you but you have to fuck me daily. ..your father will come tomorrow again to fuck me…, don’t disturb us…after you come from school I will be yours….what is happening….ahhh… blood is boiling…”

She lifted her hip high kept it in air for some time and then fell down. She kissed me deep. “rohit finish fast. I am fully satisfied.” I increased speed and soon I filled her choot and breathed heavily. After we parted I said, “you remembered what you uttered during chudai”.

“yes dear each and every word and what I said was all correct. I saw your mother masturbating many time, saw her spreading her choot in front of old dog, my mother is fond of you and she want you to rape her… my bhabhi is really cute I will bring her for you and your sister, today I will make her ready to sleep with you… she told me that she will be a randi and charge my father 500/- every time and from others she will charge 2000/-. She is available free for me. she told me that she will make my sister a randi like her. After half an hour we had another session and then we had lunch. As soon we finished lunch doorbell rang and her mother rekha came in. After some time rinku left but before leaving she advised me to undress her mother and that I must not give any attention to her resistance. Rekha closed the door. She wanted to clean utensils but I held her and said that I am very hungry and she should feed me first. Rohit, I am on period so for next four days no sucking but I will let you see my chuchi. She put off her blouse and sat beside me. I caressed her thighs and moved my hand over her cunt area. She really had a pad over cunt.

“you did not believe me”

“rekha, you are feeding me for last two years. Now I am big. I want to push my lund in your bur.”

“you should not talk so cheap. And you are still a kid.”

At this I got up and undressed. She tried to move her face away but I took her hand and put it on my lund.

“see rekha, it is ready to enter you.”

“oh, rohit, you really have become a man. Did not you fuck any one so far?” She held my lund tightly and moved her hand over it. I thought of telling her that today itself I fucked her daughter but I thought of keeping it secret.

“not yet, you are only one who touched my lund.”

She caressed lund and stroked.

“I think I will have to take it inside but you have to wait for few days.

There was no way to fuck her. She let me fondle and suck her and she made me discharge in her hand.

She suddenly said, “why don’t you fuck maalkin (mother), she is a very good maal and she is very hungry also.” She sat on my lap and continued, “your father is after other girls he likes young girls and one day I saw him kissing and fondling my daughter rinku. He might have fucked her also. (she was right). He visits to prostitutes also and he has an eye on her own daughter.” She kissed me and continued, “I think he is either not able to satisfy your mother’s desires or he does not like matured woman. You know, so far he never tried any thing with me.”

“you will not mind, if he fucks your daughter or daughter in law?”

“why should I as long as he does not rape them. And pay them well”.

“you also get paid for chudai.”

“yes, but only with person whom I like. I lost my virginity before I had my first period.

“rekha, can I do chudai with your daughter and daughter in law.”

“off course” it depends whether they like you also.

“can you bring your daughter in law tomorrow here I will try to seduce her.”

“ok, from tomorrow till I am in period I will let manju (her daughter in law) to come in afternoon. Let me see whether you are able to satisfy her.”

She again held my lund but you try to first seduce maalkin and fuck her.”

Like this we talked and doorbell rang. Mother and sister binu came. After serving tea and snacks to all rekha left.

For first time I watched my mother. She was quite tall about 5’5” wide shoulder and thin waist. She had a well shaped and not so big breast. She was fair and long and dense hair. I saw her putting off saree. She took towel and went to bathroom. Here binu changed to a frock and went out.

“bhaiya, I am going to see reema, she is sick. I will be back soon.” And she went out.

Now I was alone. After about 15 minutes mother came out and I saw she came out only in a white towel wrapped around her waist.

“where is binu and you will not go to play?” She enquired without looking at me.

I thanked my luck that I did not go to so I could see her in such a dress. Towel could not cover even her half thighs and top portion of her breast and cleavage were visible. She must be changing like this every evening but I always remained out to play this time.

“binu went to reema’s house and I am having headache.”

After all she was a mother. Hearing of my headache she came to me and touched my forehead.

“oh, you body is so hot, it seems you have fever.” She hold me and asked me to lie down on my bed.

“no mummy, it is nothing. I am ok.”

“ok, I will put some oil, let me change.” She moved to her room.

But, I could not resist my self. I pulled her by hand, “mummy, remain like this, you are looking like an angel.” I was not wrong. After bath she was really looking extraordinary beautiful.

“oh, at last my son had a time to look at his mother.”

“really mom, I never knew you are so beautiful.” I hesitantly put my hand on her knee and continued, “foolishly I wasted my time in searching beauty outside whereas most beautiful thing is at home only.” I moved hand up on her thighs. “such a smooth skin it is even smoother than butter and so silky.”

She put her hand on mine on her thighs, “my son has become big now. You need a girl and not mother. ” she got up and moved again to her room. This time I again tried to hold her hand instead one end of towel came in my hand but she kept holding towel.

“please mom remain like this till binu comes. Let me enjoy your beauty.” I caressed her lower thighs and tried to push my hand under towel. But she moved away.

“not even your father tries to push hand under towel.” And she went inside room.

I shuffle through the pages of magazine she brought and thought whether I annoyed and made her angry. After about 15 minutes she returned wearing a dark brown gown with front opening.

She came near me and stood in front of me.

“am I not looking nice in this dress?”

I stared her for some time and except her face and neck every thing else was covered.

“what is there to see and enjoy it is just clothes all over.”

“oh my son is angry.”

And she unbuttoned her gown and spread apart gown flaps. Now there she was only in panty and a bra, I kept staring. She pulled gown off her body and turned her back to me.

Except bra straps and thin strap of panty she was bare from top to bottom. She has a very fair skin and no wrinkles any where. Panty strap had vanished inside ass cheeks and two hemispheres were fully exposed. It was round and looked firm. Again she turned towards me. Her eyes were wide open looking at me. Her two lips were quivering and two gloves on her chest were standing erect under cups of bra. She has a perfect v shaped belly. Her panty top was almost eight inch down the belly button and panty cloth has hardly covered her cunt. Sides of cunt were visible and I could not see a trace of hair on pubic area.

“mummy, you are simply most beautiful and sexy lady. Every one would like to put a hand on your body.”

“can I?”

She kept quite. She spread her feet apart. “you have not seen everything yet”!

This was the best invitation to undress her fully. I got up and rubbed her lips with my fingers. In morning itself I learnt how to arouse a woman. Then I moved hand over her cheeks.

“mummy, I will chew these cheeks one day soon.”

Bit by bit I moved my fingers on her neck down to her breast and caressed them softly without putting any pressure. While I was caressing breast she lifted her hand took it back and suddenly cups became loose. I pulled bra out of her body. I fondled those breasts for some time. It was not more 34” size but spongy and tight as well. Binu was likely to come any time so I did not want to waste my time. I wanted to make her nude and hold my lund in her choot at least for sometime even in standing condition. So I let her breast go free and I caressed her body down to belly and pubic area. I rubbed her choot over panty and with a jerk I pulled elastic of panty and elastic given away. Panty fell down on ground. I sat on knee and looked at choot of mother. It was clean shaven.

“mummy it looks as if she is hungry for years.” And I kissed choot.

I stood up and kissed her lips. While kissing with one hand I pulled knot of pajama and it also fell down. I was now nude down the waist. I pulled my sandow out my body and I took mummy in my arms and loved her. I pushed her down on carpet exactly on place where I fucked rinku maid in morning. Without waiting I pushed lund inside mother’s tight wet and waiting choot. I fucked and fucked. She took me in her arms and caressed my back.

“is it ok mummy?”

“don’t’ talk while fucking… “

She was just making humming sound and not uttering filthy like rinku. I fucked my mother. Her hip movement increased so mine thrust and speed. And we both became quite together. Her cunt was filled with my cum.

“mummy, had not I seen you in towel I would not have such a fantastic pleasure and satisfaction. what we call in school you are a mast maal.”

“son, you fucked me now because u wanted. Now on ward when ever I need you will do chdai with me?”

“yes madam” I kissed her choot.

And then there was knocking at the door. She took gown and other clothes and went to her room. I pulled on pajama and opened the door. There were three binu, rinku and dad together. Dad went to mummy’s room and rinku with binu on terrace. After about half an hour rinku left and when binu came down I saw her blushing. Mummy changed to another gown and finding an opportunity I lifted her gown and squeezed cunt. She had no panty or bra underneath.

After dinner we all went to our respective rooms.

After some time passed I asked binu, “why you were so embarrassed in evening.”

“nothing” she replied curtly.

“please tell me sister”. I pleaded.

“it is girlish only.”

“please tell me.” I pleaded again.

“you will not tell any one.” She whispered.

“no, I promise.”

“rinku told me to sleep without panty and take your long thing inside me.” She kept her head down. I came very close to her. Put one hand around her shoulder and pulled her to me.

“what long thing and where inside you”

She slowly put her hand on my crotch and said that rinku want me to take your ‘this’ in my pussy. I also put my hand on her panty and pressed her choot. “you mean this “

“yes” she replied meekly. I thanked rinku and told loudly to binu “when a lund goes inside a girl’s choot then what it is called.”

“chudai” she replied softly. I squeezed her choot over panty and enquired whether she has done chudai before.

“no” she tried to move my hand away from her panty. Instead I pulled away her legs and tried to push my middle finger in her choot over the panty.

“how you know about chudai”? I enquired.

“two girls in my class are doing chudai regularly and they describe it to us.”

“you also feel to get chdai”


I pushed my hand under her panty and rubbed choot. It was wet and one finger slipped inside choot. “sister you are ready for chudai.”

I pushed her down and pulled away panty. Her choot was much fairer than mummy’s bur or even rinku’s choot. I caressed her choot.

“I don’t think any choot can be better than this.” I planted a kiss on choot. She untied my pajama and I pulled it off.

“baap re…. Bhaiya your lund is big..!”

“you have seen any lund before”?

Now she was free. I was rubbing cunt petals and with other hand squeezing her lemon size beast.

“once or twice in a week one teacher make me hold and suck his lund and he let me drink his cum and every time he gives in one hundred. Today also I drank his cum.”

“but he must be doing your chudai also.”

“no, he does not even touch my breast or choot he just want me to drink him.”

“how long you are doing this?”

“around three months but his at least 2-3 inch short than you.”

Now I was unable to control she already sucking a cock for three months and I was thinking that she is a pure. I sat between her legs. Put ‘supara’ (upper portion of lund) on cunt hole and gave few slow thrust. About half of lund went in. There was tears in her eyes. I held her shoulder firmly and pushed lund in again. She bit her lips …”aaahhhhh…”

I kept pressing and entire length went in her virgin choot. I felt hot fluid passing over my thighs. It was blood oozing out of her choot. I lay still and caressed her cheeks and small breast. Her body loosened and face relaxed. I moved hip up and down in slow rhythm. After some time I increased speed and could see pleasure on her face. She crossed her hands over my back… And held me tight. We fucked and fucked. She was also trying to respond. She many time lifted her hips and placed in down. Then I could not control and ejaculated in choot. We remain still. I remembered that she sucked some one for last three months and I felt anger. I pulled out lund which was wet with cunt juice and pushed in her mouth. She wanted it throw it out but I kept it pressed…

“saali kutia, dusre ka lund choosti hai aur mera lund choos ne mey gaand phut rahi hai. Choosti rah… maatherchood….” She was getting choked but I was merciless. Then she became normal and gave me an expert like suck. She sucked balls, ran tongue along length of lund and it again became tight. She pushed lund out of mouth and spoke loudly “behachod…. Dum hai to pheer se chodo…. Saala… Tere jaisa… dud dus lund ko khaa sakti hun…”

And again I fucked her. This time we enjoyed more kissed each other and again I ejaculated in her choot… we were tired. She put on panty but I remained nude. We held each other and slept… I awoke with a feel of mouth over my lund. I looked around. Binu was sleeping beside me and down mother was giving me blowjob. She saw me awoke and turned to 69 position over me and I ran tongue over… cunt petals…

More how I fucked mother and daughter and together and father fucked his daughter in presence of maid and I witnessed…in next part…till then give your feed back to

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