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Milkman delivers a baby

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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi dear readers this is Isha again. I am going to contribute regularly to ISS now since after Das there has been a few other interesting sex episodes in my life. But today I am writing to tell you a story of a couple of my friends. His name is Ranjit and he is married to a beautiful small town girl called Sharmishtha. Ranjit narrated this story to me that I am going to narrate now in his own words.

“After being married for close to 2 years I and Sharmishtha were getting pretty despondent for a child. But unfortunately I was not man enough for threat. I have an extremely thin penis and I have a problem with potency. During sex too Sharmishtha was often unsatisfied since I could not last long enough. We both loved each other a lot but we both wanted a child. We discussed adoption for a while but none of us would have really been happy with having a child that was neither one of ours. Finally on the anniversary dinner of 2nd year I reached the conclusion that Sharmishtha can on longer suffer on account of my impotency. So I suggested that she start having sex with other men. Sharmishtha was at first shocked and she started crying but I talked to her at lengths and explained that if she gets pregnant with other man the child will be at least one of ours. Sharmishtha was silent on our way home and while going to bed after another unsatisfactory round of sex she told me that she would think about it. The next day at breakfast we were a little awkward with each other Finally Sharmishtha said,” ok Ranjit, I won’t deny that I am often unsatisfied and I want to thank you for being so considerate. But I have a condition. The man to bed me must have no social status. I do not want to have affair with him. I just want to have sex and get pregnant with his semen,”

I kissed and hugged her and told her we will do just that. Then the next 2 days we started to shortlist the people that could do the job. The second night Sharmishtha had a mischievous smile on her face while going to bed. I knew something was up. But she would not confide in me then.

Next morning it was Sunday so I planned on sleeping late. However at around 6 in the morning I noticed that Sharmishtha was not lying next to me. I peeped out of the covers and saw her emerging out of bathroom. She was dressed in a dark red saree. Her hair was cascading to her waist and she was walking in her most seductive gait. When she turned I saw that Shara as I used to call her was not wearing her blouse or brassiere. Her smooth white back was on display. From side too her voluptuous breasts were visible through the thin palla of her saree. I did not know what the hell she up to was. Just then the doorbell rang and I knew at once. Shara wanted to seduce the young milkman named Fareed was a village man in his for tied who was built like wrestler. I felt goose bumps thinking that my slim and fair wife was planning to offer her pussy to this village dick and thought wildly. Raju was dark so if Shara became pregnant then the child can very well be dark. This could be interesting since both of us are fair.

Shara went to answer the door and I too followed her on tiptoe. I dared to leave the bedroom door I pushed it open an inch and observed out of it the action in the hallway.

Shara was bent at waist to take the milk vessel and I could see the priceless expression in Fareed’s face as he too must have realized that my wife was wearing nothing beneath her pallu. I took one step more and strained to hear. Shara took the milk and like so many women made as if to collect her pallu but in reality let it fell. Her firm milky breasts and her pink nipples were exposed to Fareed who stood up grape mouthed.

“Mem saab Aap bada sunder hain,” fareed stammered. Shara collected her pallu and said “Do you want to see how beautiful I am Fareed? Then come on in,”

Fareed took a minute to understand and then he was on moon knowing that this beautiful sexy housewife was about to offer him something more interesting than a cup of tea. My wife turned and went in the guest room next to bedroom. Raju hurried after her.

In their hurry the door was left open so I followed cautiously and peeped inside. Shara was lying on her back on the single cot there and she was waiting for Fareed to undress. Her hands were working inside her saree to pull it out of her waist. Fareed while naked looked like a stone sculpture. He was hard even without Shara touching him once and he was certainly well endowed. His circumcised penis stood at about 8 inches and its skinned tip was glistening. The next minute Fareed mounted my wife and started to kiss her Shara responded to his kissed and put his hands on her breasts. Fareed started to knead them brutally and pulled her lips with his teeth. Shara cried out in pain as he must be hurting her bog boobs by his kneading.

“Saali kya maal hain, ya khyuda,” Fareed said as he tore the saree out of her waist and threw it away. Shara pulled the know of her petticoat and pulled it to her waist.

“Fareed push your big dick there,” Sahra implored him. From where I was standing I got a view of Shara’s almost virgin pussy and knew that in the next few minutes she was going to feel that pain for the first time in her life. I felt so happy and reaching inside my shorts I played with my small dick. Fareed pulled her petticoat up and kissed her thighs. Shara cried out in pain and pushed his head there. In another minute Shara’s black panties were off too. Fareed didn’t know how much his luck will last so he pushed her milky thighs apart and put them on his shoulders. Now my wife’s smooth pussy was in a cuplike position ready to catch semen. I knew this was the best position to get pregnant. Fareed played with his dick a little and started to push it inside.

“Oooooooohhhhh Fareed dard ho raha hain,” Shara cried.

“Kaise? Tum to married ho?” fareed asked struggling to push his dick deeper.

“Mere pati ko problem hain,”

“Accha tabhi main sochu tere jaise maal kaise mere jaise junglee ko mila,”

“Baat band karo aur dalo, agar main chillao to muh dabana,” Saying so Shara turned her

Face and bit the pillow to keep from crying out. Fareed happily moved back and forth till he got a better pose and then with a hug thrust he pushed his dick deep in Shara’s pussy.

Shara’s scream almost made me change my mind and enter but the next minute she turned her face to him and parted her lips for a kiss and I realized that the woman in Shara was getting a real man for the first time in her life and she was hungry to be ravaged and loved by this bull.

Fareed kneaded her smooth buttocks and kissed her hard. He was moving back and forth. From my vantage point I could see his dark buttocks moving in the grip of my wife’s white milky thighs and felt a deep happiness. Without being aware I was gently masturbating. Fareed took Shara’s pink nipple in between his teeth and bit on it. Shara cried but she implored him to go on. Her hips were raised and I could see his huge dick disappearing in her tight pussy. There was a trickle of blood as Shara’s tight chut was bleeding with this monster cock’s thrusts.

“Og Fareed oh maaa oh mar gayee aur.” Shara was hugging him tighter and tighter. Fareed’s big balls were slapping against her ass cheeks and she was going wild with excitement. As usual I came quickly but did not leave my place. I was enjoying the sight of black skin against white, sheer feminist against brutal masculinity and seeing Shara getting so thoroughly fucked was making me feel good. Fared was kneading her breasts and kissing her nipples alternately till she could stand it no longer. As he came close to climax he tried to pull himself out in time. But Shara did not allow that. She gripped his buttocks with her thighs and pulled him in to her. Fareed struggled for a minute but then could not control himself. With a grunt he started to shoot his load. He bit in Shara’s shoulder and squeezed her breasts so hard that Shara too cried out but she made sure that Fareed’s cum spilled in her pussy only.

They were lying exhausted in bed for some time and for all the punishment Shara was laying beneath that brute like his slave. I knew it was not a woman but a maadi submitting herself to her near. Fareed was calling her item, maal and randi but she did not mind that. In the last 30 minutes she was fucked thoroughly for the first time in her life and she was grateful for that. After some time Fareed got up and started to get dressed. Sahra was lying completely naked in the bed like a defeated maid. Her whole body was coated with Fareed’s juices his sweat and his cum. There was a small pool of blood beneath her ass cheeks.

“If you come at 11 tomorrow morning you can do me again,” Sahra said. Fareed after dressing went to her and squeezed her boobs once more while kissing her. Then he turned. I hurried back to my room and lay in bed. I got up again at 9 and found that Shara was ready with bed tea. She had bathed again and now she was wearing a blue shalwar kamis. But she was walking with her legs spread wide and she could not hide from me.

“I let Fareed do me Ranjit, I hated every minute of it but I had no choice,”

I knew she was lying since she too had obviously enjoyed the fuck but said nothing. I just made a mental note that I had to be ready to sneak back in the house tomorrow morning since I knew after I left for office my darling wife would prepare herself to be taken by this brute once again and this time they would have the complete day for it. What happened that day and how Shara got pregnant is a story for next time.

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