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Sexy cousin in frock part 2

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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi again from this side who had submitted his story relating to his sexy cousin in frock.

We lay on the bed for half an hour naked where my cock was in her cunt hole. I asked how her friend mom will come to me in my bed. She thought for a moment and said now we will go to her house and me and her friend hema will take tuition in her house. I said OK and kissed her lips and went away.

Next day we went to her friend’s house which was near to her house. We met her mom and hema and her mom Shanti took us to their drawing room and left us to study. Now let me tell u about shanty she is 42 yrs old with a fig of 42 34 40 and a fair complexion her long hair were normally tied in a bun .To summarize she was hot and sexy. She usually remained in a saree or a loose maxi. I guarantee that any cock will rise in pride on looking at her sexy body. She had big eyes and wore a big bindi on her fore head.

So after half an hour she came with 4 cups of tea and sat down on the sofa near by and we started to talk about her husband who remained on job trips for 20 days in a month. My cousin sarika and her friend hema were doing there work silently. All of a sudden Shanti’s pallu slipped down and my goodness what a feast for my eyes she saw me peeking me at her melons and smiled back while adjusting her pallu and went away with the empty cups. It took 5 minutes for my cock to calm down. Once she went away I asked hema to stand up and my goodness again she was in an old frock which were covering her upper thighs only and few hooks at the back were absent to make her bare back visible she had small but hard tits and strong thighs and hairless and smooth legs. She was standing near to my face where I smelled her body perfume and again my cock started to respond but I did not advance as my priority was her mom. After an hour I said good bye to them and left for my room and straight away went to bathroom to beat my meat and wowoooo I spilled my beans a meter away on the floor.

Thus days went by and my closeness with shanti aunty came near by she used to call me bhaiya and I started calling her didi. Once she told me to start giving tuition at 7 pm so that I could take dinner with all of them. I used to stay in there house after tuition for an hour daily and most of the time me and didi shanti were alone as sarika used to take hema along to her house. During dinner shanti used to wear sleeveless nighties and I used to enjoy a lot of those melons. Once having dinner she went to her store room and called me bahiya pls help me in taking out a cloth which had fallen between the wall and the big trunk. The room was a narrow one she was bending on the trunk making her upper legs visible. I quickly stood behind her and touched my chest on her back. Ummph the sound came from her mouth she looked back and smiled and said pls hold me so that she can bend forward to take out the cloth I was more eager to do that and placed myself right behind her bak and held her wide waist and pressed my hips on her ass and my 9 inches cock was hard as an iron and I think she also felt it and pushed me back and said it is ok I will take it out tomorrow she also stood up and peaked on my cock which was making a tent in my pants. I said good night and left and cursed my luck as she did not encourage me to fuck her.

For the next three days I did not go there and finally she rang me up and said bhaiya kiya hua I told her I am embarrassed and too shy to face her to which she laughed and said nothing to worry about and she told me that she will not complaint about it but I should not dare to do this again. I said ok and went to her house next day where I was not able to look into her eyes nor did we speak I finished the tuition and went away without having dinner. When I reached my home she called me on the mobile and said bhaiya u should not be so rude by not taking dinner and I told her I am sorry as I was upset.

Days rolled by and my lust for her grew day by day I just wanted her badly but had to satisfy my urge by fucking my cousin sarika. One fine evening after teaching her child and sarika I was waiting for dinner. Sarika came and asked Shanti didi…aunty can hema sleep in her house tonight as her parents are away to their village. Shanti agreed and hema went with sarika after having dinner while they were moving out I thanked sarika for leaving us alone and she said all the best and pressed my cock and whispered in my ear Bhaiya this is a real chance don’t miss it and fuck her and then we will make hema ready for us. After there departure I was watching TV in her bed room and shanty was in the kitchen doing with the plates. At 9 pm it started to rain outside I was happy that on this rainy night I will rain in her choot. I said didi I have to go and she said ok but take a rain coat. Oh no I murmured in my mind and she took me to the same old store for the rain coat the moment we entered she smiled at me and told me stay out and she started looking for the rain coat but could not find it. She said bhaiya I am sorry it is not here u will have to wait for the rain to stop. I thanked her and sat in front of the TV. By now the rain was lashing against the window panes and water was seeping in the house. She cursed the rain and went to change her dress.

In five minutes she came to me and wowoo my mouth watered by looking at her dress where she was dressed in a black petticoat and a sleeveless blouse only. She said bhaiya u sit here I am gonna wipe the wet floor and started doing her job I kept my eyes on her hips and ass. She was aware that I was watching her. After doing the task she called me to help her in adjusting the curtain I went near her and stood behind her and holded the curtain rod and she was adjusting the curtain in it I was so close to her that our hands were rubbing each other I was so near to her tight body again that my cock stood to its attention. After doing it she said hold me from back so that she will fix the curtain. I gripped her waist tightly she said ahhhh…and pushed me back with her ass but I stood still for a minute we were quite then I put my right hand on her right arm to which she pushed me and told me to go away. But I kept quite and stood still my cock was pressing her hard on her ass. Slowly I put my chin on her shoulders from back and said Shanti didi I love u and want to make love to you I had been dying to do this. She said please leave me this is wrong .I said please didi no one will come to know about this by now she started to walk away but I was clinched to her ass like a bull does while fucking. After a while we were standing her bed rooms window she was leaning outside the window looking at the thunder I again placed my cock on the crack of her ass and started to rub her bare belly,,,,,,,, after a minute I pressed her 42 d breast on top of her blouse and oh my good ness they were so tight I felt her nipple which were big and hard at the same time I was pressing my cock on her ass I could feel my pre cum oozing out. She said pls leave me but started kissing her wide back and unhooked her blouse from her back she was getting hot but kept on pleading not to do as I will not be fit for sex for her. I asked her why then she said even hema’s dad’s cock is 7.5 inches long then also he can’t satisfy her. I said didi not to worry every ones cock is not of the same size.

Shanti didi said I don’t want to commit a sin by having sex with u as u may have the same cock size. I smiled at her and said ok didi why don’t u measure my tool and if it is longer than ur husband” cock then u can allow me to fuck. She smiled and said that is a good idea and went to her drawing room and came back with a scale and told me to strip my pants down and happily agreed the moment it came out it began to harden more and my …..pre cum was dribbling from it to which shanty didi smiled and wiped my fore head with her petticoat then measured the length and wowoooo I was so excited by her bare hands touching my cock that I squeezed her breast. She holded the tip of my cock with her two fingers and measured with another hand. After measuring she shouted Ummmmmmmmmm it is 9.5 long wow u are the right person to fuck me I think I will be satisfied with this. I was also surprised as to from where did the extra half inch came from may be from excitement Any way she stood up smiled I pulled her towards me and smooched her lips for a minute and inserted my tongue in her mouth and she sucked it and this happened for 5 minutes .Now I wanted to see her nude I pulled her petticoat down to see her without her under wear on and saw her white creamy thighs her bush was neatly shaven I pulled her kissed her and pulled her blouse and bra off. Woowowowo again I was kissing now at the biggest pair of boobs I had ever seen I holded each with two hands and sucked her nipple she was moaning…ahhhh, shah, humane paneled yon naming kiya bhaiya hash Though she was old enough to be called aunty but I was enjoying calling her didi.

Shanti was nude and she was looking like an idol which u can find in big garments show rooms. I stood behind her back and touched her ass with my naked cock and rubbed my pre cum and she said ahhh bhaiya bahoot gilaa ho gaya hai tumhara lund she took my cock in her hands by bending it back and she also turned and looked down at my fair and a pink, clean and a big forehead cock. She took the pre cum between her fingers and played and said hai kitna thick pre cum hai and she bent down on her knees and engulfed my cock in her mouth she had to stretch her mouth very wide so as to fit it once she put it inside her mouth she was unable to move her mouth up and down as it was tightly fitted in her mouth I saw tears rolling down her eyes and I told her to get up and the moment she left my cock the mixture of her saliva and my pre cum trailed to her thighs and then to the floor.

I took her to her bed room and made lie down on the bed on her back and inserted two fingers in her cunt any my…….it was tight wet and hot ..I said didi itni tight hai??? she said hema’s dad has not fucked her from last 6 months. But today she need s a cock from me and requested to satisfy her hunger and I can demand anything from her. I smiled back and said if u gets satisfaction then I will certainly ask from u but after sex.

I lowered my tongue to her shaven cunt and licked the upper lips she squeezed her lips due to excitement and was gripping the bed sheets with her hands her hairs were sprayed on the bed all over. She was looking at me and making sounds, hash mar gayeee uhhh aur chatooo achaa lag raha hai, mera pani chato naa, andar bhi chatoo and main abhi jharna naming chahti hun jitney time lage lagaoooo… I spread her lips with my fingers and inserted my tongue and my ….all of a sudden a warm river of white fluid followed out of her lips she jumped up from her bed to half a feet from excitement and said wahhhhh… umphhhhhh tumne to saraa pani nikal diya hai sach bataoon too paheli bar mujhe pata laga ki sex kiya hota hai. I said meri jaan abhi to main bhi chodunga to pata lagega ki aur kiya hai. She closed her eyes and said wipe the cum from her thighs and start but I said nahi didi I like to fuck in this wetness only and I pulled her on top of my flat stomach and kissed her cheeks and my… she was still dripping cum from her pussy and made my stomach wet I placed my hands on her ass and rubbed it hard trying to arouse her again.

After 10 minutes ahe said bhaiya abb suru kkaroo and lied down and I placed my cock on the opening of her cunt lips I inserted an inch only and remained still so that her pussy gets time to prepare her to welcome the king. Shanti said bhaiyaa pura ghusaoo na phikar maat karoo main dard bardast kar loongi and then I pushed with full force till her last wall and she shouted ahhhhhh ma ……I said didi kiya hua she regained and smiled and said tumne to jaan hi nikal di thi meri par abb chalooo karo I started fucking her like a piston and the room was full with the noise of puchak..puchak…puch…puchh. She lifted her meaty thighs and gripped my back and started lifting her ass to crush her choot on my body she said bhaiya wahhhhhhh main to jharnee wali hoon par tum apna pani bahar giranaa maine kahan kosis karta hunn and squeezed her breast we were in seventh heaven. I said didi…ahhh…uuuu…uuuu…mmmm…mmmm…ahhhh main bhi jharne wala hun she said main bhi and tightly gripped me with her full strength and my cock felt the warmth of her warm fluid…….and I said didi I love you and put my mouth on her shoulders and tugged my teeth and wowowowowowo I spurted in her while biting her shoulders very hard due to pleasure she tried to push me away and said saleeeee haram khor andar mat girana but I did not obey her and was on top of her and my good ness I was still cumming and I think I kept on cumming for 30 seconds without a break…and ahhhhhhhhh I dismounted the wild sexy horse and lay beside her and was feeling as if I was totally drained out.

Shanti didi said thank you very much for this pleasure and stood up and our cum started flowing out from her hole to her thighs to her knees to her ankle and finally to her bed sheet. Her body had turned red hot by now like an apple. She went to the bath room and came back with a towel around her breast and said bhaiya you must leave now or else my neighbor Mrs. Sharma (her elder sister) will ask why I was here to which I said didi meri baat kara do na unsee but she said no I will not help butjot um kar sakte ho wo karma. Par meri aur tumhari baat kisi ko pata naming batana hai. I promised her and came out of her house in the rain to my car and did not mind to get drenched in the rain as I had also rained in some hot wet and tight cunt hole.

Dear male and female readers I hope your pre cum would also have forced its way out to the tip of your penis and cunt holes. So please take out a sexy picture of whom you fantasize and masturbate and who so ever cums very hard will signify that they have enjoyed the story. Do mail me your response at so that I can submit the other part of the story.

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