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Bus Fortune – 1

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Added : 2016-01-29 03:27:47
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Hi to all ISS readers, this is Sameer again from kolkata with a new experience. But first of all let me thank to all who wrote me and acknowledged my last incident. Few had asked me about the aunty with whom I had sex last time and who is now in England. But dear friends something should be kept confidential she is not a slut, she was just unsatisfied women at that time. So pls don’t ask me about that woman again.

Now after getting taste of cunt I was just like a hungry tiger and I was searching for a woman to enjoy eagerly. Many times I got chances to press boobs, ass and cunt in our favorite kolkata’s private bus service especially mini buses in office times.

This incident also happened in mini bus which was bound to Behala from B.B.D bag. After finishing my office as usual I was waiting for my bus in a queue. In that queue a love looking lady also there. I thought to take chance with her. She was of age about 30 years and statistics are 36-30-36 and she was wearing a black saree with golden border and a sleeveless blouse if you can imagine how sexy she was looking at that time.

When our bus arrived we entered in that and I purposely sat besides her. Then bus started and it is running towards esplanade , she was free in nature I asked her name she told me her name as shalini I asked her where she works she told me in a multinational bank (name withheld) then while talking to her I started to touch her thighs at the same time I was looking her reaction also , she was normal at that time , I enquired about her life she told me that she is married to a businessman and when asked about her hubby she told me that he’s out for approx 20 days a month for tour, listening this I thought there might be a chance here , then with sympathy I put my hand on her thigh, she looked at me. By gather some courage I asked her about her married life, she remained silent and bend her head downwards, I asked her again she just looked at me and said I am lonely, that’s the chance I was waiting for, I asked her can I help u to remove your loneliness, she glanced at me and nod her head in agreement. It was about 6:30 pm and we are near Victoria Memorial hall in kolkata I asked her to get down the bus and we moved in to Victoria hall’s garden we discovered a vacant and isolated bench there and we sat down without wasting a min I hugged her passionately and planted a French kiss on her lips. She too responded like a horny babe and started to lick my tongue and I was licking her too.

I asked her “tomar bor koto din aagey tomake lagiye chilo?” she replied “one and half month’s aagey”.

Then she replied “aaj ami khub anondo pacchi pls aaro ador koro amake ami tomar kole hariye jete chai” I was on seventh heaven after hearing this I started to press her boobs vigorously she was moaning very slowly aaah hhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aarooooo jooooreeee plsssssssssss kheye phalooooo aaj amar maaaiiiii er bota gulo chide pahlo. Listening to this I lifted her blouse and black bra and I gave a bite on her nipples this time she shouted “AAAAAAHHH ki korcho ektu dhire aase paase sob sunte pawa jacche” I realized that she was right. Then I started to bite slowly and started chewing her nipples she was enjoying every moment and moaning lightly “aahhhh uuuu uuuhuuuhuhhhh, aaah koto din pore ii anondo ta pacchi aaaaahhhhhhhh, tomar saathe aagey dekha holo naaaaaaaaaaa kkkkannnno aaaaaaaaaaahhh.” Eorm bor pele to kono meye ii bichana theke uthbe naa sob somay bara haath edhore bose thakbe bore r. aahhhhh jore aaro joreeeeeeeeeeee. I was listening every word of her which was making me more and more horny in the mean time I entered my hand in her panty and it was amazing to observe the softness of her skin inside her saaree she was simply superb. I observed that her cunt juices are started oozing from her cunt and drenching her panty as I like to lick cunt but the situation is not favorable so I just entered my finger in her cunt and tasted her juice and in the mean time my prick was also in her hand she was vigorously stroking it after few min I cummed on her hand an she wiped my cum with bottom of her saree and same time she unloaded a huge orgasm on my hand and in her panty , I wiped my hand with bottom of her saree.

She was looking quite happy and she asked me about my life I told her that I was unmarried and looking for one she told me that “aaaah tomar saathe ek bochor aagey dekha hole aaj erom lukiye lukiye anondo korar dorkaar hoto naa, amara amader bed e ei sob kapod khule adam and eve er moton prem korte paartaam.” I told her “amara ekhono erom adam and eve er moton korte paari jodi tumi chao, she replied how? I told her “tomar bore r absence e to amara prem korte paari, bolo kobe aasi tomar barite, she got little bit afraid and told me that it is not possible.

I asked her why she replied amar sasur sasudi aache barite, amader enjoy korte hole erom bhabe ii korte hobe ba kono hotel e room niye …..I said ok. Then we went out of Victoria memorial and caught the behala bus and I left the bus in alipur and she proceeded to sakher bazaar. Then few days we used to return in the same bus and start repeating our play for half an hour and then again back to our home.

After a month or so she called me and said to me that she is now all alone for one week as her father in law and mother in law went to their daughter’s house. It was a gr8 news for me and we had enjoyed for a week, but that’s another story I’ll tell u in next part.

So guys and gals send me feedback about my stories and Any sexually frustrated / unsatisfied Aunty, Bhabhi or Girls form Kolkata, Howrah or Hooghly district and from rest of India who want physical sex or exchange of erotic mails or sex chat feel free to contact me on my mail ID, everything would be kept confidential, My mail ID is kolkata_dick@yahoo.com and chat ID is “kolkata_dick”. So good bye and wait for my next part and till then enjoy sex and sexy stories on ISS.

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