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Turning point – 2

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Added : 2016-02-09 00:12:44
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Hello dear readers,

This is shivani here. I wrote my turning point with the nick name prabhu. it was me only. I have received few of the responses so thought of writing you further and finish up with your anxiety.

So for the fresh readers let me brief that santosh a distant relative and two years younger to me became my helping hand after I lost my husband. he one day made me anxious about whisky as till that day I never ever had even a dream for hard drinks being from orthodox family.

So that day he made me drink whisky. I was in the seventh heaven after the first glass. he then started seducing me against my wish but the whisky poured in my tummy played its role and the body heat that developed after the touch of a man after three years of death of my husband provoked my senses. the act of santosh that initially I was resisting started liking after he pushed his index finger in my cunt. The six inch long dick of santosh made me out of control. He wanted me to lick his dick but my pussy was flowing vigorously and it was an uncontrollable situation. I held his dick in my hand and straight away guided the 11/2″ thick and six inch dick long dick in to my over wet pussy. first five minutes he gave his thrusts in standing position. I was moaning with pleasure. I whispered to him to make the thrust faster and with force. he then laid me on the bed and came on top giving faster and forceful thrust. I was now moaning oooh… hhhhh… aahhhhhhhh… with my hand holding him tight at his buttocks. this lasted for 10 more minutes. then his juices came out flushing my pussy well.

I went to bath and cleaned my pussy well. he did the same. I took my clothes and put them on. he did not allow me to wrap the saree. he put on his underwear only. now he poured the second glass. I was really feeling very shy and ashamed of my self. I denied for the second glass but he requested with such affection and more over I started liking also so did not resist much but took the second glass. during the drinking minutes I requested him to go back as soon as the glass is finished. I was little nervous if some sees him with me it will be difficult to stay in the building with my kids. The moment second glass was finished I told him to go. all though I was now under total effect of two glasses and had an urge of my hot body for the action replay with santosh, tried to control my mind and tried to hold the senses on. santosh got up from the bed and thought for a while. all of a sudden he again held me in his tight hand giving me a hug and again kissed me vivaciously on my lips. on one hand I was wanting this to happen again on other hand the two glasses of whisky were playing there role, I lost the control and responded him this time with a wild kiss. kissing him all over his face, lips, chest and demonstrating the buried desires.

My response made him very happy and more violent. this time he did not even wait to remove my clothes but just torn them of kissing all over my face, lips and the now open boobs. I was now mad with the lust and the burning desire to get fucked. whispered to press my boobs harder and lick them wildly. He started pinching my nipples with his fingers and with light bites on my nipple tips. I was now moaning heavily and my cunt was throbbing. this time I pushed him on the bed and held his dick tight in my hands. he liked this push and the grip on his now erect dick and shouted with pleasure “a… Hhhhh shivani. Marvelous! You are great! you are the real goddess of sex, suck my dick now. please… “I started licking his tip of the dick with my tongue slowly. that made him mad. his moaning became little louder. I requested him not to do so. then I put the whole length of dick in my mouth and started licking like an ice-cream cone. I put his dick balls in my mouth and started sucking. he started exclaiming his pleasures like excellent, you are my love, I want to fuck you, I will not leave you, be mine for ever and what not. he then got up and pushed me on the bed and started licking my all ready wet pussy. his tongue was teasing my clitoris the love mount of my cunt. now he entered his tongue in my highly flowing wet pussy. I was moaning….h! Santosh. put your finger and give me the pleasure.” he did it for me with all pleasure. this went on for all most 20 minutes. I had all most seven orgasms in this time of fore play. now he put me in doggy style and inserted his erect dick in my cunt with a jerk. it was a moment I was looking for so long. I shouted with pleasure “aa……..uch………ch…..” I told santosh yes dear fuck me, fuck me. with every thrust of his dick I was telling fuck me…..fuck…he the laid him self on bed and instructed me to sit on his dick. I did it with pleasure. I buried his dick in my flowing pussy and also told santosh that my flow is constant. I was achieving orgasms constantly. then I started jumping on his dick allowing his dick to make to and from movements in my cunt. with every jump my 36d boobs were jumping too. my open hair were covering my face some times my boobs and santosh was enjoying all this jerks on his dick.

After about 20 minutes I got my orgasm and his dick also spitted out with his juices. he was exhausted and me as well. Now I got up from the bed but could not stand straight. Santosh was a regular drinker and so two glasses of whisky were not at all troublesome. he held me and guides me to the bathroom. I set in the bathroom to wash but could not sit and just slept in the bathroom itself. I do not remember how much time had gone but I felt falling of warm liquid exactly on my clitoris. I opened my eyes and saw santosh pissing on my love mount. His pissing straight on my love mount gave me great pleasure and then he diverted his dick water on my nipples. it was a great moment and I told “you are great santosh darling. please give me such pleasures all ways.” we then had a good bath to gather.

All my readers male or female if you have liked my experience please send me your views and comments on shivansur@yahoo.co.in

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