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Lovely Priya

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Added : 2016-02-14 14:25:24
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi to iss and iss fans. I am a very big fan of iss stories and its great fun to read every one’s sexperience. So I decided to share my sexperience with all iss fans.

Let me introduce myself first, my name is raj shah (unmarried) and I am a 27 year old Gujarati guy living in Mumbai. My physique is a bit muscular and I also have a good personality and looks. My cock is of full 7 inches and 2.5 wide and really turn hard like iron.

I am working in a multinational company. It all started with priya my boss’s wife. She is a gorgeous lady aged about 26 yrs with big bouncy breast and equally inviting ass. Any body will get hard seeing her but since she was the boss’s wife nobody dared to move forward. As fate would have it my boss was about 35 yrs old and certainly not in a position to handle this volcano called priya. I was very friendly with both my boss and priya.

Priya was also very frank and friendly. It was a party in one of the weekends in taj palace and my boss got drunk so much that he could not move so he asked me to drop priya home as he will come back after some time. The idea thrilled me as it might open a door of opportunity for me so I got priya in my car and we started homewards. Priya was sitting in the front seat wearing a ghagra choli she was sitting very close to gear bar and I could touch her thighs as I changed gear. Soon she came close to the gear bar and as I changed the gear a part of her ghagra came up to her knees. She held my hands and started rubbing it on her thighs I was shocked! I wanted this but didn’t know how to react. But I guess priya knew what she was doing she asked me to take her as soon as possible as she was getting very hot and horny. We reached her home and she almost dragged me to her bedroom and started violently kissing me all over I hold her and started kissing her wildly, soon our tongue meet each other and we could now taste each other saliva. I know that she was really horny slowly my hands move to her breasts which are covered by the thin material. Slowly I undress her, first I put off her dress and now she was just in her black bra and panty in which she just looks like a hot model standing nude in front of me. Then she helps me to put her bra off and wow what a scene, it was her nice, firm round shape boobs were visible by me and it made me really hot and horny. My eyes glitter with excitement while she was smiling and squeezing her boobs and giving invitation she told me pls suck my boobs and then after this, pls fuck me hard too, her voice was filled with lust. Again I hold her tight and kiss hungrily and her tongue is quick and eager in my mouth and her body was hot against mine.

Now she undresses me quickly and her cunt going was hot against mine. Now she undresses me quickly and her cunt going her hand down to my underwear fondle my swelling 8-inch long cock. Her finger coiled around the long serpent of my penis and in no time she was circling it with her tongue she started to take my dick in her mouth and started sucking it at the same time she fondled with my balls with her right hand and rubbing her pussy with her left. I was in heaven and moaned ahhhhhhhh….. She was watching me and getting aroused as well. She was giving me such a nice blow job that very soon I was about to cum I told her I am cumming priya she said “fill my mouth with it” soon I filled her with my cum she drank all of it and smiled at me you taste so good I then make her stand and took her to bed her panty was wet and white started licking her nipples and gently biting it she screamed kha jao inhe….. Don’t let them go I was sucking like mad she was moaning meri husband ne kabhi inhe nahin choosa choose dalo inhe……. I then sucked her like a dog and as I made my way down wards I kissed her beautiful naval and encircled it with my tongue at the same time I was rubbing her pussy from top of the panty which was wet and sticky. She took my head between her thighs started pressing it I gently bite her pussy and she was shivering uuuuuuhhhhhhh…….soon she was getting her orgasm and I could fell her love juices flowing I drank it up to the last drop and she was screaming apni land mere ander dal do phar dalo mujhe…… As my mouth had done its job I decided to put love rod in action so I lifted her legs in v shape and put my missile on her pussy lips she was clasping and begging me to put it inside. As I pushed my cock a bit she was howling ohhhh mar gayeeeeee….. Phar dala I was a bit surprised to encounter such a tight pussy since she was married but later I found that my boss had never been able to penetrate her.

Any ways I started to push my dick inside ignoring the screams of priya she was very tight but due to her multiple orgasms she is well lubricated I thrust myself in and slowly pumping my piston she was screaming jor se karo raj mujhe aaj phaar dalo soon I started pumping hard and she started playing with my balls occasionally squeezing them thereby delaying my orgasm I fucked her for about 15 min and she had cummed twice in between then she told me that she was about to cum for the third time I told her to wait as we will cum together after a few min we both cummed together and fell in each other’s arms. After a while she kissed me wildly and said her husband is never able to satisfy her either he is too drunk or too tired or she had to finger her cunt to satisfy her. Meanwhile she had started rubbing my dick again I told her priya let me give you another pleasure let me fuck your ass she hesitated but I was able to convince her and put some vaseline on her ass lips and some on my dick and I fucked her ass as well.

We had several opportunities to satisfy each other thereafter but about a year back my boss got transferred and she had to leave.

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From raj.

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