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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi all!

This is my first story in iss, about an incident that happened when I was in my college days.

First about myself. I’m a 23 yr old guy working in a big mnc, 5-6 moderately built but fair and with a look of innocence on my face. (which I sometimes took advantage of ;) before my intermediate I confess I was totally ignorant about sex. I used to think this was something really bad and I used to avoid people who used to speak anything related to it. Something happened then that would change my life forever, when I was studying intermediate my interest on this slowly increased and one day one of my friends took me to a net cafe. I knew this guy sees porn and all that stuff and I must say I wanted to see the same, but since I had this name of a ‘good guy’ in my friends circle I couldn’t tell him that openly but simply told him that I wanted to open an email account.

He opened yahoo mail and showed me how to open an account then he said

He wanted to check his mail first. Since we were sharing money for the net charge he wanted to complete it ASAP, after he finished checking his email account he chatted for some time (with all the stupid thing like how do u do, where r u ?, what r u and all that boring stuff). Soon the woman at the counter (a beautiful girl around 20 years) came to us and said that we have completed an hour (we asked her to remind us as we had a fixed pocket money). My fried immediately said ok and was about to rise, then I caught his hand and asked him to show some of the ‘hot’ things on the internet. He asked me if I was sure and after I replied yes, he immediately typed a few address and soon there were images of girls showing their stuff, holding and sucking dicks and all that stuff. After watching for another hour the girl came back to us saying that we spent two hours surfing, then immediately her gaze went to our monitor, first a surprised look then she looked at us and smiled. We both looked at each other and laughed; I was literally running away from there and couldn’t dare to see her face. After this I was feeling really sick, I cud see those images when I was studying also when I was looking at our teachers. I could not take my food properly and felt some kind of vomiting sensation in me.

I thought I will never do this again, but after a week I ended up at the same internet café looking at the same things. Those days I was taking tuitions. I used to take from 8th class to 10th class, in that locality people used to send their children to me as I was a school topper and had good knowledge of math and science. One girl sailaja (she was in the tenth class) used to attend the tuitions, she was fair and slim and was good at studies. Initially I had no bad feeling about her but after my recent ‘adventure’ I was feeling different about every girl/woman I saw. I used to take classes from 6 pm to 8 pm every day, there were only two girls in the batch, the rest were all boys, one day nobody turned up to tuition, after 6:30 sailaja came to my house. I asked her to study social (as he has a test the next day) and sat beside her on a sofa, she was sitting on the ground. I asked her where the others were, she replied saying that there was a cricket match and all the others have gone to attend it. I was angry at this and said I was going to teach them a lesson tomorrow. She was reading her notes, I was looking at her book for any mistakes that she wud have done while taking her notes suddenly my gaze went to her dress, I was seeing a nice pair of breasts, what raw luck! I turned my gaze away from it and after some time my eyes were returning to the same spot. A round set of tits, very fair and since she was not wearing any bra I could easily see her breasts, they were milky white and towards her nipple I could see that they were somewhat pink, my heart was pounding fast as I was dying to see her nipple and slowly as time passed I realized that it’s only a matter of time before I can see it. As if she heard my wish she bent down to rise (to ask a doubt) and lo! I could see what I was waiting for… A beautiful small thing and it was in pink! After I cleared her doubt my heart was thumping fast and I could see another glimpse of her nipple, this time the way she was seated was showing all her beauty with both her nipples very clearly. I felt I was in seventh heaven. I enjoyed this show for some time then she rose again asking some doubt. As she was asking the question I could see that her gaze was shuttling between my dick and my face. I felt embarrassed and asked her to study biology (as she had an exam the following day).she started studying it and after skimming through the topics she came to me asking me to explain this topic ‘human reproduction’ and told me she couldn’t understand anything and wanted me to tell ‘everything’ (I thought I’ll demonstrated this ;) I know I was a lamer in biology, nevertheless I started explaining things and she listened intently. After some time she asked me “I don’t understand what happens during sex, I mean what exactly does a boy and a girl do?”

Stammering I started like this – “well… Before starting sex, a boy’s penis grows big and he inserts it into the girl’s vagina”. She asked seriously “is it?”, “does a vagina develop after a girl becomes woman or is it present right from childhood?”

“damn!” I thought I know she knew this and was only teasing me, I realized I should cut this out. I understand that these things are generally asked to mothers by their daughters but I could understand her position as her mother was working in Dubai and only her father was living with her. So I immediately replied “actually I don’t know about these things, so I can’t tell you now. Maybe I can read some books and get back to you”.

She quipped “ok! But at least tell me about boys. How does the penis become as big as this diagram shows?”

“ok. Before starting sex a boy’s blood goes into it and it becomes big”. Before I realized what I was talking I said “I don’t know how this thing goes into a vagina”, she immediately replied “as it grows big in boys the hole in girl becomes big too! I was smiling; she immediately added “I can show it to you!” I said no. But deep in my heart I was dying for it!” I don’t know what the hell happened I immediately said “but for educational purposes…”

“ok.” she said. As she started removing her pant, I said “wait!” and closed all the doors and pulled on the curtains for the widows. My heart was pumping like mad as she slowly slid her pants and her underwear. Lo here is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen!

Before I examined her pussy, I told her “maybe you should lay down”, she replied “can I lie on the bed?”


She was lying on her bed and I was seeing her pussy. I slowly slid my fingers into her clit. She giggled and said “I feel tickling sensation. Now you must show me your penis.”

I was anyway about to remove it either way! I too removed my dress and stood naked before her. “wow! I didn’t realize that this can turn this big!” she exclaimed. I lay down beside her. She soon removed her top and I could see the things I was trying to see the whole time. I laid my hands her small (but perfect) tits and started caressing it. She giggled again. I asked “did u like it?” she replied “yes. Please do it again.” now I kissed her tits alternating between them she really liked it. Now I looked up at her. She was not giggling this time. She closed her eyes and seems to be in trans. Now I lay down beside her and turned her to my side and giver her tight hug. We were both rubbing each other and soon I realized we can make even more fun. At this I pusher her apart and took my dick which was rock hard and put it into her hole. “awwww” she moaned and with some effort I put my dick into her vagina slowly and steadily. She clasped the bed sheet and seemed to be in grate pain. Now most of my penis was in her hole. With one final jerk I pushed my entire dick into her pussy. “aaaa!” she screamed and immediately sat upright holding me very tight. I asked her “are you alright?” She was too exhausted to speak and continued moaning. I slowly laid her down and started moving my dick in her hole. Soon we reached climax and pumped my full into her pussy. We continued for another hour and I cummed several times into her. At last I lay down beside her and looked up at the clock. God! It was already 8:00 I looked at her and saw that she was sleeping. I woke her up and made her put on her dress. She was looking as if she was drunk to full and I had to wash her face to bring her back to this world. I seriously warned her that if anyone knows about this we will both be killed. She nodded her head

And left my hose.

I felt guilty after she left my house and it continued for a week or so. The next day she did not attend my ‘tuition’ was I was feeling afraid that she might have told her father. The next day she started coming to tuitions again and whenever we get a chance I used to ‘teach’ her biology :) but this time with a condom. We continued for a year or so till we moved to a new house. After a long time I met her day before yesterday at the entrance of our colony gate when I was passing from there. She immediately recognized me and greeted me with a big smile. I turned my bike back and spoke to her asking how she was doing and all that stuff. She was smiling all the time and soon I had to go as I was getting late to my office. I bid farewell to her and after some time I realized I didn’t take her contact number. Damn! I could have started again. Anyhow these days I’m moving in those areas so that I may meet her again, but this time I will get her number!

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