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Girls Are Wild And This One Is The Best

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Added : 2016-03-17 01:31:38
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi ISS readers. This is my second story here. I got very poor response for my first story though I feel that I narrated it perfectly :p However this story is going to be rough and wild unlike the first story which is very soft… this is also pretty long story, which this time I will narrate in a single part.

This is the story which describes how I have fucked an online chat friend, who turned out to be as wild as me in bed. The similarities doesn’t stop with sex, but continues till comics (Both of us love animated movies).

Getting back to the story, we met on an online adult chatting website. She was very frank, so was i. She told that she already had sex with 5 people and she likes sex. I asked her whether she feels like being used at time. The answer in her words “Sex is not a sin. It’s a pleasure if both the persons involved in sex are enjoying it. If only one person is enjoying, then it’s a rape, and becomes sin”. Keeping that apart, we exchanged our mobile numbers. We kept all the chats dedicated to sex. She used to share her fantasies like “trying anal sex” “Enjoying a threesome” “getting double penetrated (In her words ‘It feels good to have single dick inside, what will be the feeling if I have two ;)’)” etc etc..

She also told me that her favorite position is doggy style. Well, after knowing the interests of the partners, we were longing to meet and have sex in spite of the number of sex chats we did till that time…

Finally the day has come. Her parents and brother were supposed to go to a marriage (she has an younger brother) but she has to stay back because of her exams (She is a future doctor). Well, she called me and told the good news. We planned it in her house and told me the address. Trust me, it is not at all easy to do love making to someone whom you have never met before in life.

I wore a white tee shirt and blue jeans with a nice perfume and reached her home. The house is pretty big to be located in middle of Chennai (never before that I thought that they are rich, that topic never came before us). I rang the bell and waiting for the door to open. It is seconds before the door opened slowly and it seemed like ages. Neither she has seen me before nor have I seen her. I am an averaging looking guy with few extra pounds, have a little single pack body :p

When the door opened I saw an angel open the door. She was wearing a lose tee which is exactly tight as the right places (for slow understanding readers, she has big boobs :p) and a short which is revealing her milky white thighs. And she smells just greatt… I can smell her even at a distance of 3 feet. I was astonished by the beauty and glow of her and started starring at her without any shame that I felt till I rang the door bell. I don’t know how long I have been starring at her (generally people don’t carry watches to places like such, nor they don’t record time). I came to this world with a cough from her and she said “you can see more inside”(if anyone can get what she really meant ;)). I adjusted my ajar mouth and dropped jaw and followed her inside like a Hutch Dog and closed the door behind.

God….. she was wild, there are no words. As soon as I clicked the door and turned back she was onto me, I was taken aback and found the closed door. She was like a wild cat hungry for food from long time (we have been friends since 2 months, not a single day from last month went without multiple sex chats). Then she charged on to me, held my head by hair and started kissing. The rose I was holding in my hand fell down (forgot to tell you, you should always carry something to an occasion because it is more about memory).

She was kissing me wildly. My lower lip was being crushed in-between her lips. By that time I recovered from the shock and started responding.. I held her by waist and pulled her close to me and started reciprocating to the kiss. We have continued kissing madly like that. our saliva is getting exchanged, sometimes falling on our clothes. We kept on kissing. We were smooching for a lot of time. Finally she broke the kiss and asked me “How was it?” I said “Once more” and this time I put her to the side of the door and started kissing again. But this time both her hands were put up and I was holding her hands to the door and the gap between us reduced.

After sometime we started undressing ourselves. Her hands were help up and I pulled her tee upwards over her head to reveal her pink lacy bra. And she did the same to me except for that I am not wearing anything inside. Her fragrance made me crazy and I started kissing over her neck while caressing her back and finding the knots to lose to laces of the bra.

I slowly moved on to the lower neck area and by that time I was not able to find the knots, so I pulled the bra with all the might and it tore away and she giggled for that. that gave me the confidence to be rough (all these I thought rough is her fantasy and by seeing her I just didn’t wanna be rough, but the beast in me woke up by her giggle). Then I pushed her to the door and started pressing boobs her silky soft boobs very hardly.

I started pinching the nipples and pulling the nipples (which is very much fun to both when correct amount of pressure is applied). She gave a soft moan and it aroused me further. We were kissing very badly and I was pinching very hardly.

And suddenly my hand went to her pussy, which is naked (later she told that it requires some art to remove clothes without partner, but I felt that I am too dumb to recognize anything at that moment of ecstasy :p). anyway I found the naked pussy and inserted a finger in it, then two and then three. Her muffled moans increased over the kissing lips. Then we broke the kiss, I removed my pants and undid my undies. And I said lets play the game.

She said ‘Lets lubricate first’, by that she bent down and started sucking my dick (which is decent in size, don’t wanna brag about size). I couldn’t stop and said ‘Suck it you little nasty bitch’ she looked into my eyes and gave slutty smile which I cannot explain. Not only can I, no combination of ‘A-Z’ explain that slutty smile in her face. I was aroused further and was pushing the dick further into her mouth and her head was hitting the door sometimes. She was sucking like a pro and then I held her hair and pulled her up. ‘Enough lubrication bitch, let me fill the hole’ by that I turned her back towards me bent her down. She was holding the handle bar of the door as support and I started pushing my dick in doggy style.

With one push I was inside her and she gasped. I pulled all the length back and pushed it in again, I did it for three times more and she gasped every time I did it.

Then I slowly started giving strokes and she gave counter strokes to match the rhythm. We both fucked like that for five minutes. Then she said she was about to come. I said lets cum together baby and started fucking her at a rapid force that she lost the grip and now her hands were on floor and she bent a little more. I didnt decrease the force and in two minutes I was spurting my juices in her pussy right after she had an orgasm. I fell back wards after the fuck and she also leaned back and lying on me on the floor near the door…


If you want to know what happened next, please write responses properly. All the things that happened in this story are fiction and are yet to happen. All these are my fantasies I have developed on my real life incidents. Girls please feel free to contact me on Hangouts at “” or you can write a mail to the same address. Girls in Chennai can ask me out for a date. P.S : I don’t look hot, my brain does ;)

P.P.S : Don’t tell me if there are any errors, because I wrote it for 1 hour and that too at 12:30 in night. So, please just overlook the errors.

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