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Pleasure Of Love Making To An Angel

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Added : 2016-03-17 01:46:02
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Hi friends it’s me Maddy back with my new story those who all don’t know me I will introduce myself I am Maddy from Hyderabad aged 19 height 5’10 and having a well grown dick. After writing my story in ISS I encountered sex affairs with some other people I want to share one of them with you all.

I met a married girl around my area through Gmail id and I chatted with her for some days our chatting started when she read my story. She liked it and sent me a message I replied to it. And daily we used to chat like that.

We used to sex chat whenever we feel horny. One day I asked her when we can meet for the dream night for that she said we can meet but told me that she will inform me when she is going to meet me I said okay. And that day evening only she messaged me that I can meet her that night. I said I can’t meet her night so I asked whether I can come the next morning she said okay and I asked where I can meet her.

She said me address and told me to wait there at morning 10 am and she will meet me there. I said okay and next day morning I went to that address 20 min late because of traffic and she was waiting at some distance( when I was going to that place I saw a lady but I ignored later when I met her I came to know that she is waiting for me only at some distance).

She asked me my name and I told that it’s me only and she gave a smile and called a cab. Let me describe her. Her name is Rajitha which I came to know on our bed and she is fair white with brown eyes and silky hair hot strawberry flavored lips and her shapes her around 35-28-34 with 5’7 or 5’8 height. She is so gorgeous we went to her home and she made me to sit in the hall she offered me real fruit juice and asked me what am I studying and I look thin.

I answered her and said that personality is not so matter for our dream project. She laughed and said that she will see my stamina. She was looking such hot I don’t know for what reason I am maintaining distance for that much time. I didn’t wasted time no more I went to her and I inserted my hands in her hair and gave a lip lock I was taste her lips completely. I can feel hotness in her she placed her hands in my hair and massaging my head I took her tongue in my mouth and licking it softly. I gave a small bite on her sweet lips and she was enjoying my acts.

I slowly removed her sari and blouse. She was wearing blue bra matching her sari her bra is transparent at its end I was playing with her boobs biting them on bra. She was giving moans and me catching her waist moved her up for that she jerked and I was kissing her neck and caressing her she was enjoying my every bit and I removed her bra she has round boobs and brown nipple I was biting her nipples and enjoying those sweet mangoes like a baby. She’s pressing me to her breast and moaning.

I removed her sari completely and she was wearing a blue transparent panty. And I slowly removed her panty and I can see her wet love hole she was covering I pushed her on sofa and made her to spread her legs wide I placed my tongue on her pussy lips she jerked and I caught her waist and started licking her love hole her moans increased and she was pressing me to her love hole. I parted her pussy lips and licked her inner lips she was moaning loudly and asked me to eat her pussy. She was shouting to fuck her she was increasing her moans for the every act done by me.

After some time of hungry session of mine she stopped me and undressed me she hold my cock and kissed it and licking my dick head she’s playing her tongue on my dick head my horny feeling increased I placed her on sofa and tried to insert my chocolate into her love hole she stopped me and said to wait she took her bag and removed a condom packet and inserted condom on my chocolate and said I want to be pregnant for my husband cause only. I laughed and asked her then why she’s not pregnant yet. She smiled and said that her husband doesn’t get time to satisfy her completely.

She asked me whether I am going to fuck her or not. I said her I am thinking how to make her pregnant while using condom. She laughed and pulled me on her I kissed her lips neck and bite her mangoes I started to dig her love hole its little tight she started to moan loudly I increased my speed and her moans too. she is moaning like anything to fuck her more I bent her legs completely and inserted deep into her now she is moaning on such a way that whole room is liking echoing she is enjoying that position after 5 min of fucking she released her love juice and told me to give her rest. I said okay and told her to have some energy drink or fruit juices.

She said okay and brought some juice. We both had it she said that she will fresh and come I said her I want to see how she will be doing that. She said no and went to wash room and locked it I am resting on her bed and after five mins she came back with white towel she is looking like an angel I immediately went to her and kissed her lips I was kissing her so deep and placed my right hand on her breast and my right thumb on her nipple catching her head with my left.

I pulled her towel and really I can’t explain that structure she is looking like anything at that moment. I being naked hugged her tightly our naked bodies touching each other she too hugged me and we slowly moved on to bed in she parted and started kissing me she kissed my forehead, lips, chest her boobs where rubbing my body she took my cock and inserted in her love hole I said her that there’s no condom on my cock she said that’s okay s I am giving you chance to make me pregnant and laughed.

She was jumping on me and her boobs where bouncing I caught them and playing with them I am feeling the pleasure and I was about to cum she said to cum inside I smiled and released in her I was exhausted and resting on her breast. Like that we had our fucking session for 1 and half our she gave me some money and asked me not to meet her again in life I asked her why she didn’t say any reason but told me to leave I left her house and she didn’t messaged me for three four days after that she again called me and asked whether am free or not I said am free she asked to come to her home.

I went and this time she was prepared for everything she made it planned. This time she is obeying my every word she allowed me to see her bathing and we both together took bath she prepared lunch for me and in between our fuck sessions she used to bring juices and energy drinks and she never asked me to wear condom during our hot sessions she is totally free with me like that we spent our free time and hot time.

I hope you all enjoyed my story comments and suggestions are mostly welcome my email id New friendship relationship is also welcome but please don’t ask for any phone numbers and addresses as it is a matter of secrecy thanks for reading my story enjoy masturbating.

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