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Married To African For The Project – Part 2

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Added : 2016-03-17 01:49:58
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi guys, this is Sravya again hope you guys enjoyed my story and also thanks for your response if anyone missed my first part go through my story “married to African for project”coming back to the story when I wake up and went out side of the hut every one is busy with there work I sat and started watching them

After few minutes berko came and stand behind me and he gave me a small smile I smiled back later he called me to come with him and we both went to some place where 10 mins walk from hut and berko went to cattle and started to feed them after couple of minutes we moved and reached a small pond where everyone bathing and some are washing their clothes and children are swimming, berko told me to wash myself and freshen up

He went to other side where men are bathing I never freshened up before like this , I was wearing white color tank top and mini short and little hesitated to bath in pond in front of the people but at the same time I wanted to enjoy in the pondi went into the water ,i thought that the water would be cold but surprisingly its not I went into the deep into it and joined with other tribal women then I saw some women are topless and I am surprised that their breasts was very big , some are teens even they have big breasts where I met thaima a girl from same village she is 19 years old and married we played in the pond for some time and when we are about to come out of the pond I checked my dress due to wetness my dress is completely attached to my body the shape of my breast and my nipples are clearly visible through my tank top,

Thaima saw me and laughed and she compared my breast with her , my breast are very small when compared to her but her breasts loosened we both came out of the pond and started walking.berko seen us from far and came running from the pond he only had a small towel around his waist which is also wet he saw me and my dress and and gave me a small smile and started walking along with us,in the middle thaima husband also joined with us when we reached the village thaima and her husband went to their home me and berko went to our hut, I went in and started changing dress when I saw berko he is peeking through a door corner when he looked me

He smiled and turned away ,he also changed his dress and sat I asked him that I needed some equipment for the project where can I get it he said that I can find them in nearby town so we decided to go to the town ,we decided to eat there we went by walk for some distance and waited for truck after sometime truck came it is almost filled with some people and luggage, me and berko sat on top of the luggage and truck started , while travelling I saw many villages and beautiful places but at the same time the temperature is increasing and it’s very hot after a couple of hours journey

We reached town we got down and paid to the truck driver and left we went to electronic shop and bought some stuff like batteries lights(like lamps) and some more stuff after that we went to telephone shop and called my mom and dad spoke with them for couple of minutes but I didn’t inform anything happened here after that me and berko started looking for hotel and but there is no good hotel berko suggested me the place nearby to eat so we both went to that place I ordered for chicken and he ordered for beef soup as usual the food is not so good after completing the food we left the place, berko wants to buy some stuff for himself also he also bought some vegetables groceries and some kind of roots after completing the shopping we went for the truck

Berko told me about some place which is very beautiful that’s he want to show me the place so we decided to go there from there a couple of minutes by walk we reach there ,it is really beautiful its look like hills but more like canyons we sat there and we ate fruits and some roots which is brought by berko and also we talked about our families and also about the village and african culture while talking I felt good about him and also I noticed that he is looking me in a very different manner

After sometime we left the place because it’s getting dark and went back to the village I am really tired due to travelling and heat I sat in front of the hut berko gave me some water and went back due to darkness to light the lamp in the hut he told me to freshen up so I went to the bathroom I took off my all clothes and have a clean bath and I only ware tunics without any inners when I came back to the hut hey give me some fruits and roots to eat he felt sorry that he didn’t prepare dinner for night due to darkness I said ok

We both sad and started to eat in lamp light while eating berko started telling about his wife and how he loves her and how she died in between he also tried to flirt with me and also told me that he never saw a beautiful woman like me in the village after finishing eating ,

I took some of my clothes and folded and kept behind my head as a pillow and slept he came near to me and slept beside me and started talking after couple of minutes berko rolled towards me and sexy and on my stomach I looked at him but this time he didn’t take his hand and started talking this time I rolled away from him facing the wall but his hand is still on my stomach he came a bit closer to me I can feel his breath on my back when I felt his breath on my back I turned

He came very close to me and again gave a small smile this time he moved his hand little bit upper near my breast I am about to say to stop him he just hugged me I am bit shocked and want to move away but I couldn’t do it and I doesn’t know what happened to me but I am feeling good and new I am trying to resist him but he somehow catch my breast that’s it his hand magic works on me

I stayed silent he kissed on my breast through my dress and he kept his other hand on my thigh and started to raise my dress he raised till my hips and kept his hand below my hips and adjusted and pulled my dress upto my stomach and he placed his hand on my crotch and pressed a little, my body started to react because I think it was my first touch in my life then slowly he slide his hand under my dress and touched my naked boob I don’t know what happened to me now

I am completely under his control, due to tunics it became easier to him to remove my dress now I am completely naked then he started to touch my whole body then he came near my breast and kissed it and took my nipple in his mouth and started to play with my breast after sometime he exchange with other breast ,his hands are busy in feeling every part of my body then he suddenly stop and stood up, then at the time

I came back to my senses when I looked at him he is busy in untying the knot of the cloth around his waist I was looking all this in the light of the lamp which the brightness is very low ,i was lying naked on the floor and berko almost naked my mind is full of thoughts that I am going to have sex with this African short man who is around 35 to 40 years of age and I am 19, I just wanted to say no but not able to say a single word

To be continued

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