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Married To African For A Project – Part 3

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Added : 2016-03-22 00:21:41
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

nches and he looked at me ,my heart started to beat faster I thought in my mind this one night is going to change my life and I will be not virgin anymore but I am not able to do anything ,

I am watching him approaching me in a dim light of the lamp he came here and sat beside me and he put his hand on my stomach and rubbed for few seconds then he slowly came and lay on me the first thing which touch my body is his stomach he started kissing me but he didn’t kiss on my lips he fondled my boobs he also started playing with my vagina after sometime he came between my legs and positioned himself and placed his penis in front of my vagina

Then he looked at me and he started to enter in me ,starting there is nothing but later he gave an gentle stroke where is his penis buried in my vagina I felt a little bit of pain then he kissed on my cheek and fore head then he started to fuck me while he was fucking me I’m in a different world and having a new experience he was not in hurry he is giving me a gentle strokes i’m getting out of control and I hugged him for the first time mean while he is kissing me and playing with my breasts due to heat we both are sweating a lot , later he increased the pace I feel amazed even his penis is in medium size the power or stamina of berko is amazing after few minutes I am getting my first organism by sex ,

I hugged him tight and I kissed him for the first time I have my organism after my organism I came back to my senses I looked at him he gave a small smile but he is still fucking me after a couple of minutes he also have an organism and he collapsed on me we stayed a couple of minutes like that his face is on my boobs ,his limped dick came out of my vagina

We are in full sweat then he kissed my boobs and rolled out from me and we both stayed like that for few minutes and I look both of our naked bodies in lamp light at that time I felt both guilty and happiness suddenly a thought in my mind that we had unprotected sex, I am afraid of being pregnant and also STDs, when I was thinking then suddenly berko stood up and tied his cloth around his waist and went out of the hut

Then I sat on the floor and searched for my dress I found it at the corner of the hut I took it and ware it, I slept back on the floor there are so many feelings in my heart they are mixed feelings , while I was thinking berko came and looked at me and brought a plate near to me and asked me to eat I nodded my head as no and he signed me to eat I have no mood to eat so I said no

Then he took away the plate then he came with a blanket and sat beside me I didn’t even look at him then he put his hand on my boob and pressed a little I am shocked with this sudden moment, he looked at me and smiled I kept my hand in between to stop him but he ignored it and started pressing I didn’t know what to do I understand that he’s preparing for another session but this time I am really feeling tensed I don’t know why I feeling so much tensed even he is pressing my boobs I cannot feel anything then he kept his hand on my thighs and moved to shoulders

Then he came close to me and kissed my shoulders and started to feel body (pressing my boobs, touching my neck thighs and vagina in between) then he started to open my dress from front but he can’t , I told to stop him but he is not even listening he tried hard the dress torn little bit then it became easy for him to remove my dress from shoulders

Now I am topless he saw my boobs with in no time he started sucking my boobs and chewing my nipples I am feeling so disgusting I don’t want to do it but he is not listening to me I saw his saliva on my breasts then he grabbed me and hugged ,i felt my breasts are crushed by his bear chest, he started to kiss me on my face then he slowly kept me on ground and he slept on me and started to rub my vagina through dress but I not feeling any thing this time I only felt that his stomach because it is little bit big

Then he started to remove my dress but this time I hold it tightly he tried but I did not let him then he stopped and slept back on me and started to play with my boobs I want to stop him but don’t know how ,then he slowly raised my dress, I felt his erect penis on my thigh I don’t know when he taken his cloth which is tied around his waist and became naked he is trying to come in between my leg but I am trying hard to resist him but he is ignoring and somehow came in between my legs

Then I said stop him in serious voice he looked at me ,smiled and said I am his wife I said its just an arrangement for couple of months he said it may be for arrangement but according to village tradition after sex they are treated as husband and wife or there will be punished but I said no problem I can handle it mean while he is rubbing his penis to my vagina

He is silent for couple of seconds and told me that you are my wife from today, we have committed sin by having sex and continued to do it and kissing me, I am thinking how to stop him while I was thinking he adjusted himself looked into my face and gave a small smile

I looked at him then he raised his hip and then he looked at my vagina I to looked there then I noticed that he is ready to penetrate me,when I was about to say something his penis is entering into my vagina ,

When I was looking ,his penis disappeared into my vagina then berko waited for few seconds and kissed me and again he looked there I too looked down there then he raised his hip then I saw his penis coming out of my vagina and again he gave a gentle stroke and he started to fuck me ,he also pressing and kissing my boobs while he was fucking me I am also getting aroused but kept silent I think he was good enough to please women, he was taking his own time and giving a gentle strokes

I was feeling that his penis is getting more free due to the moist we had ,he is kissing and pressing my boobs after few minutes he is giving hard strokes I was waiting him to finish even though I was aroused I am not able to accept the situation so I was in mood off ,

After 12-15minutes of fucking session came to end ,finally he came in my vagina and rolled out from me and slept beside me looking at me with heavy breath ,after relaxing for couple of minutes he took the blanket which is brought by him earlier and he covered both of us under blanket naked

Hi friends this is end of part 2-second session I hope you enjoyed it there are few more parts are coming for you for any suggestions mail me to

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