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Love Making With A Friend In College

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Added : 2016-03-22 00:27:15
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hi everyone!!

Received a lot +ve responses for my first story posted earlier. Thanks a lot to all of them.

I am back to narrate my another experience which actually happened before the experience which I have already posted.

Any girl or married lady can mail me at and be assured of all the secrecy of all the things that happen later.

Lets start!!!

I live in this amazing city of Pune. I was doing my 3rd year engineering from a very reputed college in Pune back then when this incident happened. The girl of the story was my junior i.e. she was in 2nd year and in different branch. She was an ex-girlfriend of one of my buddies and trust me people she was smokin hot. A little short in height but a proud owner of a flawless body and never afraid to flaunt her assets. I knew that my friend and she did have physical relations even after their break up. In fact they used my home once when my parents were out of town.

As I mentioned in my previous story, I was into all these different committees and teams which organize different events in college.

I used to talk to her when she was new to the college. She was interested to join me in one of the committee but first year people were not allowed to do so. So I asked her to join me in her 2nd year. In the mean time we bonded well and started hanging out after college. I am highly interested in trekking and started to take her along with our group. She was a jolly and frank to speak girl. Our bonding went to a level where I could speak anything in front of her.

Once she had a fight with my friend and I consoled her while she was crying. She was crying like hell and that is when I came across her sensitive side. This only helped strengthen our bond. We were like besties now.

Then she was done with her 1st year and we went trekking, clubbing and shopping together along my group of friends in the holidays.

Then the college started and she reminded me to register her name in my committee. I did so and she was damn excited for this. Our team organized great events one after another. The fun during this time will be everlasting.

Once we were working for one such event after college hours. It was roughly around 9.30 pm and decoration work was going on. There was no one in the college except us. Our college hostel is outside the college campus. So except us 20 people and few security personnel there was no one in the entire college campus.

The venue for event was 5th floor of the main building. I needed a pair of scissors. To get them I needed to go to the office in basement. It was late enough and so the lift was shut. So I had to take the stairs. I asked the heroine of this story to come along me. She was resistant but I forced her to come with me. She was tired like hell. We got the scissors from the office but climbing 5 floors after all day’s work was the task ahead.

On the 1st floor itself she was like I can’t climb anymore. I jokingly said ‘chal teko uthake le chalta’. To my surprise she agreed to this. I decided to give it a try. She wrapped her hands to my neck from behind and with a small jump wrapped both her legs to my hip. I could sense her boobs on my back. I gripped her thighs and started climbing. She was enjoying this and said thank you.

By the time we reached 2nd floor I could feel her lips on the back of my neck. I continued climbing but realized that she is kissing at my neck. This started to give me a hard on. I started to press her thighs and she started to lick and kiss my neck.

The corridor on 3rd floor was completely dark. I unloaded her there and as soon as I put her down she hugged me really tight. Even I hugged her back and pressing her on me. She again started giving me those highly seductive wet kisses on my neck. This gave me the biggest hard on ever. I was in no mood to control now. I put my hand on her hips and her top was already lifted and I held her bare back inside her top. This sent chills to her body and she started to bite my shoulders. I felt her complete bare back inside her top.

I then hold her face in both my hands and initiated to kiss her. She straight away opened her mouth and started sucking my tongue.

I grabbed her ass and pressed it in my palms. That was fantastic. A perfect size ass in my palms. This made us wild. We went into the men’s washroom on 3rd floor and continued to kiss wildly and feel each other’s body.

She took my t-shirt off and I took her top off. She started to lick my bare chest and also bite it in between. Even I gave some wet kisses on her neck, shoulders and bare chest. I made her turn around and hugged her from behind. I grabbed her boobs which were fitting perfectly in my palms. I was simultaneously kissing and licking her neck.
She was pressing her ass on my erect dick and I started to rub her pussy over her jeans.

This made her wild and took off my jeans and underwear, went to her knees and started giving a blowjob. Damn her tongue on the tip of my dick was so erotic. It was a fantastic blowjob and I cummed on the floor.

It was my turn now. After another wild kiss I took her bra off and started playing with her boobs. Made circles around her nipples but didn’t touch it. She was pleading to suck it. I suddenly started to suck it wildly. She moaned out of delight. After sucking the boobs I took her jeans off. She laid down on floor and I was rubbing and kissing her inner thigh and occasionally rubbing her pussy.

I took her panty off and started to tickle her pussy with my tongue and suddenly started to suck it wildly. This very soon gave her an orgasm. She wasn’t satisfied yet. She came over me and started kissing me me again. Then she literally sat on my mouth. After few minutes of pussy eating she went into 69 position and again started blowing me. I came in loads and she also had another orgasm.

She then came over me and seductively kissed all over my body. I was hard again. She then guided my dick inside her and started to ride me.

After sometime I then took over in missionary position.

We had 2 rounds of sex that day and in most unbelievable circumstances.

We continued this whenever we got chance.

Any girl or married lady from Pune can mail me at

Be assured about the secrecy of this relation.

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