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In the class room

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Added : 2015-10-05 02:07:42
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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello friends, my name is Amit and my age is 23 and I am a gay. I would like tell you my first sex experience with my friend which I had in school classroom. I was 16 that time and I had little bit girly looks and I didn’t had any hairs on my body and even I had not started shaving as my face was all clean. Guys in school called me gals and some senior guy tried to pull on my pant and some time they caught my dick. The same thing happened at my house. There are few guys in my neighborhood; ones they taken me in corner and got me nude and tried to pull my dick and one guy was rubbing his dick against my ass. I was lucky that someone came there and all guys had left.

But, every time I was not so lucky. One day, one of my friends got the chance to fuck me. And, he played with my body well and fucked me hard. His name was Suresh and he was my senior. He was staying near to my house. One day, I have slept in classroom and my bus had left me in school itself. One of my teachers saw me and instructed Suresh to take me along. That day, He had some extra classes and he supposed to stay for 2 more hours. My principal called at my home and told the entire thing to my parents. I was in class itself; suddenly, Suresh came and closed the door. He came to me and gave some chocolates to me and asked me to do something. I read few sexy books and about masturbation but never done that.

He got nude and gave his dick in my hands and asked me to lick. I was scared, but he relaxed me and promised to give some gifts also. I had taken his dick in mouth. It was big and huge and my mouth was small. It was not going inside easily but Suresh was pushing it hard and he pulled my hair and started fucking my mouth hard. In same time, he made me nude and he was playing with my body and taken my small dick in his hands and started my masturbation. Initially, I was scared but after few minute; I was enjoying whole act. Then, he wet his finger with his Silva and pushing it inside my ass. My ass hole was small and his finger was big. It was not going inside my ass whole easily. Suresh has taken out his dick from my mouth and lays me opposite to floor. Then, he spited on my ass hole and made it wet enough. Then, he started rubbing his dick against my ass hole and trying to pushing it.

He was doing it very slowly and very patiently as it was day time and school was not completely empty. He was put a cloth in my mouth and tied my hands also. Then, he became hard and pushed his dick in my ass. My ass was small and it was huge when Suresh was pushing his dick hard. In 2-3 hard and fast pushes, his dick was in my ass and my ass was bleeding like hell and I wanted to shout but couldn’t do that. Suresh was on his faster move and he didn’t want to leave me in between. His dick was big and it was completely inside my ass and Suresh was pumping it fast.

My dick got small and didn’t have any kind of excitement anymore. In few minute, he started pushing his dick faster in my ass and a warn water pressure, I felt in my ass. It was giving me relax as it was warm. Suresh got discharged and took out his penis from my ass. It was good and he was feeling happy. I was lying on floor and it was huge pain in my ass. Suresh has given few gifts to me asked not to talk about all this to anyone. He dropped me at home and after that he started me fucking every week and then every day. That how, I turned up into a gay.

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