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Cherishing First Time

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अपनी कहानिया भेजे पर ओर पैसे क्माए

Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself, I am Shravan, am 25 years old, pursuing medicine and always love to have lots of dependable friends and companions, who give a whole lot of meaning to fun. In this story I will be sharing my long awaited moments with a special friend who I accidentally met after many long years.

So, getting started with the story, a long story, right away, I had just joined college. With all the fears a first year student is supposed to have, weeks rolled by and I was getting along quite comfortably. On weekends I use to call my friends in other places and spend some time with them on phone and catch up with their stories and life. One such friend was Rohini, we both studied together in our primary grades in an convent at a hill station.

She is very good friend of mine, jovial and open kinda person. She was in a relationship with one her classmates and obviously I had tonnes of stories to listen to her. On one such weekend, she asked if I am in touch with one of our other classmates from the convent, a girl named Deepti. I said no, so she forwarded me the contact details. She also informed that she was also a doc at a college in the nearby city and asked me to catch up with her. I was excited, after few minutes I first sent her a text message rather than calling as it felt more comfortable. Let me put the conversation below as it happened:

S : hey deepti.. :)

D : hi, sorry who s this?

S : I dont mean to be flirting but I was your prince charming a long time ago

D : what? Not that I know of..

S: are you sure?

D : yes, I am. Who are u?

S: in the middle of the forest, surrounded by all the animals in the jungle, you lay their in my hands, all I had to to do bring you back to life was, to kiss you, which I tried and tried and did it reluctantly on the sixth attempt after miss Sonia scolded me..

D : hey shravan..? :)

S : yup, its me.. Rohini gave me your contact

D : so happy to hear from you.. And I was like, ‘oh kiss me already!’

S : yeah..;)

D : how are u? Its been what.. 7 years.. How are all at home?

S : am gr8, all are fine. Hoping the same. So, you are a doc…

D : yeah, they are. Yay.. Yes I am, even I cant believe it.. ;)

S : me too

D : wow.. you are Dr.Charming now.. ;)

Then we exchanged details of our colleges and promised to meet over the next weekend. A week had never been slower in my life. It was saturday mrg, I began and reached at a restaurant by early noon where we had agreed to meet. I was early, nervous and waiting. I was in my best attire possible and this was all because she was my first little ‘crush’. After some time, she came, all grown up, dressed in a peach green salwar outfit. She looked incredibly amazing.

I somehow manged to hide my super enthusiasm and waved her ‘hi’. About her, she’s an inch or two shorter than me, ample bosom, amazing hair with french braids & gr8 dressing sense. She had come with few of her friends. I was alone, that made me slightly uncomfortable. But soon understanding it, she convinced her friends to sit at another table. We had lunch and did years of catching up. They had booked a movie, she insisted me to come along. Even before I could say ‘sure’ my head was nodding ‘yesss’.

We sat next to each other. It was an animated film. After the movie I bid her good bye and came back to hostel. I literally couldn’t sleep, I wasn’t aware of what was happening during the week days. It was like as if I was in hibernation.

Then after two weeks, we met again, talked and laughed together, shared our college stories, in all these times, I couldn’t get my eyes off of her, I knew I was falling in love with her.. I was scared at the same time.

On a Wednesday night she called me asking if I could do her a favour. I said yes. If I had thought it was about academics, I would have looked so dumb, because she was a brilliant girl herself. She wanted to book a tatkal ticket at a station that is close to my city where crowd would be minimal always & give it to her the very next day. Obviously I said no problem, booked it the next day, carried it to her.

She apologized for it and asked me if I had missed any important classes. Actually I missed a weekly test and thanked her because I hadn’t prepared well for it thinking about her. She felt terrible, I somehow convinced her and on departing, after seven long years, she hugged me, nice and slow and gave me the deepest look I had ever seen. I knew she was into me as well but didn’t do anything stupid to spoil the moment.

Weeks, months passed & 2nd year was coming to an end. The week after our exams, I called her to tell about me leaving for home.. But she asked me to stay till that weekend and then go.

She asked me to come on Saturday evening. I was confused but agreed anyway. I reached at our restaurant on sat evening, finished our dinner and went to her campus. Dropped her at her hostel & then to my surprise, she invited me to stay over. Inside my mind I was jumping on a frigging trampoline. Reluctantly I said no. She stood there with her dark brown dovey eyes looking at me like ‘pleasee’. I fell for it. She was all smiles, so was i. Her friends had already left for home, only few rooms were lit up in that big hostel.

We both entered her room, it was a typical pinky, kitty, girly kinda room. There was a johny depp poster on the wall, the moment I spotted it, she said, “that’s not mine, its shilpa’s!” her other room mate. We put both the beds together. We both were tired, leaning over one of the walls opened up the ice creams we had bought and starting having it.

She had hugged me earlier, so obviously I felt the pressure to make a move tonight. She was on my left. Halfway through our ice creams, I turned & looked at her without batting my eyelids. She stopped eating and looked straight into my eyes. I could see the ice cream going doing her throat. My heart raced but I panicked, turned around & started eating mine disappointingly. After few seconds I decided and kept my hand palm up on her thigh asking for her hand. Her warm fingers intertwined with mine in no time. I was happy and smiled. I said, “thank you for letting me stay over”. She said, “no problem”.

Then I confessed to her, “i like you a lot deepti” and proposed saying “its possible that I might be..” now she tightened her grip on my hand, “in love with u” she took my hand close to her heart and held it very tightly. She said, ”i wanted you to say this months ago, at last thank god I wasnt hoping wrong”. I was delighted to hear this. I kissed her hand. She hugged me close for about a minute or so. She excused herself and dimmed the lights. She came close to me and sat near me. I was elated, I pulled her onto me gave her the slightest peck on her left cheek.

She turned her head as if asking for the right cheek, I happily obliged. I took a deep breath, moistened my lips and kissed her, the real kiss. Her room was air conditioned, so it was damn quiet and chill. After a few seconds we parted our pasted lips slowly that made a very erotic sound, which only forced us to get into another liplock right away.. We both were panting for breath, kissing hastily, tasting each other, exchanging the heat. Now I let her have some of my tongue, the feel when she sucked at it.. Omg, very intense. She gave hers too..

Then I kissed her all over her face and went down her beautiful long wheat neck. Her sternomastoids was so prominent, that I sucked at each of them. Meanwhile she started unbuttoning my shirt, removed it and started kissing me on my chest. She pushed me back a little her back was open for me to explore. I ran my hands over her back as she was raining kisses on me. Then I lowered my hands until I could feel her soft ass cheeks through the salwar and gave them a slow tight squeeze. Pushing her ass towards me I forced her to come close to me which made her fall on my chest crushing her super soft boobs. She let her hair free and threw away the clip. I excused myself and freshened up. She went after me.

As soon as I was back I lifted her kameez, started revealing her glistening body. Sitting on top of me with her polka dotted bra and loose hair, in that dim light, she winked at me naughtily, my good heavens, I was super hard by now. As soon as she did that I rode a motor between her boobs, to which she laughed pretty loud, so I shushed by her giving her my tongue to suck on, which she did in a fantastic way. Then she rolled me over, made me stand up, unbuckled my belt and let my levis to a free fall while my hand was busy trying to unhook her polka, she succeeded before me. From beneath my undies came a big salute for deepti. She looked up and smiled, gave a kiss on my navel and with her right hand was rubbing my crotch.

By now, I freed her boobs and was milking the hell out of her. She let out moans. She liked it very much. I tried to kneel down to eat her boobies but she wouldn’t let me. She was so much turned on and very eager to see the saluting soldier. She slipped my undies down, springing my cock out. In no time, a strong sensation was running up my spine by the touch of her warm moist lips on the redhead. I was ecstatic.

She then put her tongue out and licked the very tip and circled the rim of my cock very slowly..Then she took it in her mouth closed her lips around the full girth of it & started to fast lick with her tongue inside her mouth. I was in heaven. Then she removed it slowly making a very erotic slurpy sound. Mine was getting super super hard. She licked along the entire length of my cock and went down to my balls. Using her tongue, she teased them both for a while and came back up another slurpy session.

Now it was her turn to be in heavens, I took her right boob into my mouth and squeezed her left boob. She wanted more, so she pressed my hand over boob. I squeezed those juice boxes and bit her erect nipples slightly. She started to moan my name.. I shushed her my giving her a finger to suck on. Then I removed her salwar and panties in a swift and knelt down. I kissed her toes, sucked on them a little, moved slowly up her slender, smooth legs, her thighs were so soft that I left her so many hickies on them.

I pulled her closer to the side of the bed by holding at her waist. I rubbed my hands to make them warm enough and started to rub her down the navel. She had shaven, I licked her all the way from her navel and reached the love spot. First I used my hand rubbed and patted her pussy for a while, then parted her pussy lips just enough for the most flexible muscle to get in..

I put my tongue on top her pussy and licked all the down to as close to her asshole. Then went up the same route I came down. She started to arch her body already. Her pussy lips were slightly tight, I parted them with my tongue and I repeatedly licked the space between her labia majora & minora.. She started to ooze. Her aroma was intoxicating. Then I entered my tongue into her vagina slowly.

It was very warm, with increasing pace I was giving her what she deserved, nothing less. In between I teased her by rolling my tongue around and over her clitoris. She pushed my head down over high pussy saying, “ahh..Shravan you are killing me, lick it baby, mm.. Eat it baby, its all yours..” she was already dying to be fucked, I could tel from her body signs. To make it easier I finger fucked her for few minutes, she had her first orgasm, she was shivering like anything, to not lose the intensity I kept on doing that still she stopped and then stood up.. We both shared few seconds of silence staring into each other eyes, with naked bodies and the aroma of our love juices filling the room air,

Then I lifted her up, asked her to give a quickie on my cock.. She gulped it down like it was meant to be, like the ice cream, and when I was hard enough I asked her to lay down. She did and spread her legs, with her fingers she helped me enter by parting her pussy lips, I rubbed by penis head up and down and moistened it with her oozing juices, then slid it slowly into her warm hungry vagina, she closed her eyes, clenched the bed sheets and was panting.. I removed it a little and went it with bit more force, she moaned in pain..I was careful not to hurt her.. I did it slowly over few seconds, with increasing force.. She moaned my name with each entry, and when I was all the way in she had tears rolling down her cheeks, I leaned forward and kissed on her lips and wiped her tears away,

Then I slowly started my pace, sliding my cock back and forth, squeezing her dancing milky boobs, I could see she was begin to enjoy it. She was moving to my rhythm & we were in sync soon. It was like ‘i am a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I am wanted !’, with every thrust I made I crushed her ass cheeks making that ‘thud’ sound that still resonates in my ears. I told her I was about to cum, she wanted it inside her.. It felt like an honor.. With all my energy I came down on her releasing my load into her, she could sense it too, she smiled and said, “its warm shravan”. With all this act, by torso had formed sweat drops, she rose up and drew a heart on it..

I just clenched her head tight to my torso and kissed her on the forehead. She said, “shravan, I wanna taste and feel how warm it is, can i?” I took it out and gave it to her happily, my cock was still pulsating from the cumming and orgasm, she slurped like it was the last day on earth.. She dried my penis totally & when it became hard again in a few minutes, I held her by head by her ears and started to mouth fuck deepti. She was totally into it and did deep throats with every thrust all the while looking into my eyes, man, that was amazing..While she held onto my ass and started squeezing them soon, she wanted it to taste, so I released my cum load into her mouth and spilled some on her milk jugs..

I pushed her down on the bed and said, “let me taste now..” her pinkish heated pussy was dripping with our juices, I licked her clean with my tongue and continued until she had another load of orgasmic cum shooting all over my face.. I got up and rubbed my face in between her boobs and now those milkies were super smooth glistening bouncing balls.. I took almost whole of her boob and kept on eating at it… I fell upon her.. We both were tired, laughed together..She then lid her tongue into my left ear and teased me, then said, “am lucky to have mine popped by you shravan.” and of course I said,”pleasure’s mine” lip-locking with her..

Then I pranked by saying “lets sleep soon, tomorrow morning I have to leave” she was angry, rose from bed and got hold of my balls, squeezing them lightly, and shaking her boobs left and right in front of me she asked “oh really, tomorrow is Sunday and are you sure you dont wanna play with these? They ll miss u..” “ohhh deepti, I miss them already” and you all know what happened the next entire day..

This is my first time here, kindly excuse for the lengthy story but am sure you liked it and aroused your hormones, your compliments & criticisms are welcome at, thank you.

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