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Introduction Of A 7 Year In The World Of Sex – Recalling Past

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Added : 2016-03-22 01:49:50
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A very warm and cosy hello to all my dear readers!

I was introduced to the world of sex at a very early age, age when I was not even aware of what sex was? I belong to an upper middle class family where both my mom and dad were working, so a full time maid was appointed to look after us, me and my brother. Her name was Anitha, she was from a small village and from what I could remember, she was beauty, black beauty I will say !! With perfect boobs, ass and dark red pussy contrasting with black colour of her skin (this is the most alive memory of her in my mind which turns me on whenever I visualize it)

Things were normal initially and we used to call her Anitha di. She used to take care of us well. Routine was like we used to go to the school in the morning 7:30 and come back by around 11:30 AM. By this time mom and dad both used to leave for office and only Anitha was there at the home. She use to receive us , help us change our cloths and serve us lunch.

I was a joyful and playful kid compared to my brother, I used to play with Anitha, hang around with her and help her with small chores of house. (I think this was the time when our bonding grew). I started liking her company, and she used to kiss me in cheeks occasionally on lips (which at that time I used to hate because it felt wet). The bonding grew and we started spending more time with each other. For every afternoon nap she used to be with me, make me sleep above her, kissing / fondling my hair was usual affair for her, and I used to enjoy the affection I was receiving.

I never felt anything wrong in the way she behaved, but one fine day me and my brother was playing video game, I was waiting for my turn when all of a sudden Anitha came and took me to the kitchen, locked the door and started kissing me. I was not getting what was happening, so I resisted but she was in no mood to listen. She took my penis out and started rubbing it, this was the time I realised something good is happening. I surrendered myself to her, and was enjoying the rub on my penis.

I somehow re gained my senses and tried to ask her questions – why are you doing this ? What is this ? I am feeling good ! But before she could say anything somebody rang the door bell. And we immediately had to stop doing what we were doing. I was angry as I wanted the answers, but before parting she managed to say we will continue tomorrow, which brought a sense of excitement in me. I was curious, wanting to know more, unable to concentrate in school next day, I want to go home as soon as possible.

The time came, we reached home and I rushed to her asking for details. She winked, kissed and asked me to wait till we go for afternoon nap. I was doing things faster that day, I changed clothes had my lunch and was ready to go to bed.

That day she made my brother sleep first, I was waiting for her to come , she came took me to her room closed the door and kissed me, I responded with a kiss (this was the first time I had responded her with a kiss, I think it was hormones on work for a kid of 7 year of age). She took me above her kissed me on my neck and was whispering I love you (and I was so dumb I knew only I love you Rasna).

She lowered my pant took my penis out and started stroking it, I was feeling great when suddenly she came down took my small penis in her mouth and started blowing me, the warmness and wetness of her mouth was making me crazy !!

This went on for 5-10 minutes, then she stood up and said time for real game. She undressed me completely took her salwar (leggings) off (she was not wearing any panties) went to the bed and signalled me to come over her. I followed her, she spread her leg and that was the first time I was witnessing a vagina, it looked awesome as mentioned dark red inner walls of her vagina with her black skin contrasting with it.

She asked me to put my penis inside it, not knowing what to do I was looking here and there, that’s when she pulled me towards her guided my penis by holding it to her pussy. She taught me to how to do in and out and within mints I was doing it all correctly. She was enjoying the session so was I !!

After approx 15-20 mints of fucking I became tiered and tried to pull out penis but she was so horny she didn’t allowed me to take it out , but instead came above me and started riding me in full speed. This continued for an year, we used to fuck almost everyday, in all possible places may it be kitchen, terrace, under the bed. All without me knowing it was sex.

Then one day while I was sleeping above her after every one of our fucking session. she said she will leave in few days, I was heart broken. She said she will come back but she never came. This had a very deep impact on my life, I kept on thinking of what it was and ways to explore same thing, that’s when I started masturbating without knowing what actually masturbating was.

Gradually I came to know about sex and that was I time I stated relating things. Due to all this I feel my appetite for sex is slightly more than a normal human being. Today I am 25, living in Bangalore. This was my first story, write to me @ for appreciations and excuse me for my mistakes. Thanks for reading.

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