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Sex Life With My Chithi’s Daughter

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Added : 2016-03-27 01:18:40
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I am from Chennai. I am 23 male, tall and I have huge interest on women. But as I am working a lot I don’t have time for women but for my chithi’s daughter (my mom’s sister’s daughter). She is little plumpy. Her name is sushmitha. She has 34 d boobs and very nice ass. So me and her it started when she was in 12th STD. She used to come to my house regularly. My house used to be filled with people of my family. We used to meet in the late afternoon for a time of boob press and smooch.

I don’t know how she started to let me do all this to her but she gets horny whenever she sees me. So it all started when she was on a night stay and she slept under my bed. I saw her boobs as she was wearing night shirt. I was keep seeing g it and she saw that. She let me touch it all of a sudden and it all started there.

So it started when she was in high school. Now she finished college. So till 12th std I never used to go near her pussy. She never let me. I used to squeeze her boobs and boob fuck her.

Once in 12 th STD we had sometime in our house terrace where I saw her pussy for first time and touches it because she was so horny. But nothing much happened. After Someday everyone was out of house for some works and I had some 3 hours. She Came to my house all of a sudden a d we went to my room. I asked her to watch some porn. After sometime I went to drink water a d come back she had her boobs out.

I sucked both of them and I had by dick at full erection. She removed her full dress and mine too. She just blew me for couple of mins because it was the first time.

Then I started to pierce her which she needed and she got on top of me and fucked like mad. I was running in seconds and she did not stop. I did it inside her pussy and she turned to and said she want some more. She started sucking my dick and aroused me again. She stood up and bent to get fucked. She was saying all time vegama pannu (fuck me fast) and don’t stop.

After that first time fuck, once she was on periods and i was too horny to just fuck anyone. I went to her house where there was no one and I fucked her. She did not let me but I fucked when she was dripping with blood.

I fucked her long and I cummed like hell lot in her pussy. She slapped me and she never stopped fucking me. I cummed for second time after sometime. This happened on the first day of her periods. On the second day she came to my house and I tool her to washing area and made her sit on top of washing machine and fucked her with blood dripping. Again in cummed in her. The best part is she never got pregnant.

I even fucked her when I was working on my laptop and on the other side she was riding me. Once I even fucked her in swimming pool.

After the first three times we were caught by her mom and it become to be my big problem. There is also some ecstasy when we got caught. I was dogging her with boobs in my hand when her mom.came inside the room. I was about to come and she was also. My chithi shouted at us but I was like kanji varudhu di. She was like enakum. (I am about to cum and she was also) her mom was looking how I cummed in her and her scream filled in room.

My chithi went out of the room. She came in after 10 mins when we were still nude and the act of getting caught made an erection on me. My sister saw that and started to ride me and shouting ammaaaa. My chithi started abusing me which increased my mood to fuck her and tear her. She screamed a lot and I started to come to which her mom tool the dick out to have cum splashed in her blouse and hand. But my chithi could not say it out and I could not get to fuck my chithi.

And after that it started our wild adventures in bathroom and roofs when we even have 2 to 3 mins time. Till today I fuck her and I do have a girlfriend. My dream is to fuck her mom who is in late 30. She now blows me for even 30 mins continuous. Nowadays my house has no one n we fuck at every place in my house. If anyone has ideas how to fuck her mom you are welcome.

She used to be close with my house maid who is 21 years old girl from village with petite boobs. She shared our adventures to her and for which my maid had a deep feeling to fuck me. Even I fucked her but will explain it later based on the readers response. The best part is I fucked her in my room and my bathroom, in rooftop tank and in the kitchen. I even fucked my sister first and maid after 5 mins. Both did not know each other I am screwing both of them.

Anyone who is interested to swap sex partners please mail me. I can swap my sister for your partner. We can gang bang or anything

I have lot of adventures with her. I even got a chance to fuck her in my friends place for 3 hrs I will update about it later. If anyone interested to talk to me mail me at

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