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Becoming gay

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Added : 2015-10-07 21:36:56
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My name is Nimit and I have done my schooling from boarding school. I am sharing my first sex experience; it was a gay sex when I was in my 10 class and my age was 16. It was the month of December and winder vacation was going on. Due to board exams, our class was on special study. I was totally untouched, fresh and never curious about sex. I was unaware that few of my classmates were gay and they do sexual encounter either in hostel bathroom or classroom after school. One day, one of them has approached me and casually said, “Today, weather is so cold, we should get something really hot”. I said, “Yes and stood to get some coal for fire”. He said, no I mean are feeling something hot inside you and he pinched on my body; I said, what do you mean? Then, he holds my hand got in into his pant. I was stocked after catching his penis. It was so hot and smooth. I was in heaven for 5 min. Suddenly, I realize that something was going wrong and pulled my hand back and said what are you doing?

He said, there is nothing wrong in it and it is natural process and he tried to catch my penis over the pent. I got one step behind and moved away from there without saying anything. It was evening time, so he didn’t said anything more. But, after our dinner, he came to me and asked to come with him on the roof of school. I denied but he forced me and then we both went to school roof. It was completely dark and abandon. Due to park lights, we could to see each other. Then, he took my hand and kept inside the pent. His penis was excited and became so big. I said you are huge but mine is very small. He asked me to remove his pent and got nude from lower. Then, he put off my pent; my dick was small but it was excited and erected.

Now, we both were nude and I was waiting for my next surprise. Then, he came close to me and almost hugged and started kissing my lips and from one hand started rubbing his penis against my penis. It was so good, I felt like superpower. As, he was rubbing his dick fast against my dick, I was feeling hot. We both were standing body to body and kissing each other madly; then, pulled his hand and start moving his body for rubbing cock. And kept his both hands on my hip and started pressing them. Suddenly, I felt something in my ass; my friend was entering his figure inside my ass. I shouted because of heavy pain. But, he didn’t stop and started rubbing his body as fast as he could. Then, we moved towards wall in the same position and he pull back his figure.

It was painful but I enjoyed.Then, he took out oil bottle from his pocket and asked me to stand against wall that mean my ass was in-front of his cock. I said, what are you going to do? He said, you will enjoy. So, trust me. He took some oil on his palm and massaged my ass hole with oil. Then, he asked me to caught wall tightly and took out my hips and kept his dick on my asshole. The, he pushed his dick very hard into my ass and I was almost faint. I felt like some hot iron rod was going in my ass. His dick was half outside and half inside as my ass was fresh and very tight. Then, again he pushed very hard and because of too much oil, it went completely inside.

I was crying due to pain and lots of blood was coming out from my ass. He had gone mad and fucking me fast. In the mean while, he caught my dick with his one hand and started masturbation. I was enjoying both. The, he got erected in my ass and I also got discharged first time in my life. My ass and dick were paining. He took me to bathroom and cleaned my ass and massaged by cream.Then, we came to room and slept. I was so tired and slept early. But, after that incident, I got converted into hardcore bottom gay.

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